Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Macro Challenge

My new found BF, Blog Friend, Ginny has been posting macro challenge of what is it the last 2 days. I join her today. check her blog out at Let Your Light Shine.

What is this? Clue: size of a 50 cent piece

Duh! you might be saying, this is easy. but what is it ON? it is very small, 1/2 inch in size

See the pool thorough the holes? what did i shoot through. Clue is smaller than a bread box.
Tomorrow I will post the answer on this same post below each item.


Sunny said...

Okay, I know I'm so wrong but here goes.
1) A hole insert for a 45 record.
2) Readout on a digital clock radio.
3) A piece of peg board.
Now please stop laughing at my ridiculous answers! LOL
Sunny :)

Ginny said...

My husband and I both have our brains smoking at this point! This is as hard as mine was, but I love it! We just can't figure it out. I will say that the middle one, being so small, could be an LCD on a keychain. The top one is the most intriguing, as the radiating lines don't go all the way around.I await the morning revelation.

Snapper II said...

The photo of the pool was taken through a collendar or strainer.

I have no idea what the second one is. Now, where is my prize.