Sunday, November 22, 2009

Canine Christmas Festival @ S.P.C.A

Yesterday I attended the annual fundraiser Canine Christmas Festival.

this canine Elf is Virginia, better known as V.....she was highly indignant when Mommy put her collar on. She is my friend Shirley's Grand Dog.

V up close and personal

This small elf is V's baby brother Cowboy. He does not know he is the baby brother.

Not all the dogs wore costumes, would you want to be the one to  put a santa suit on this little guy? Just kidding, he was so friendly and cuddly. I got enough hugs to last a long time.
The Event was held at the Bishop Animal Shelter SPCA.

Bishop Animal Shelter is a privately run non-profit animal adoption shelter founded in 1958 by two special people - Edward E. and Lillian H. Bishop. Their love and caring for animals resulted in their establishing the Bishop Animal Shelter. The land comprising almost 40 acres was formerly a citrus grove owned by the family. This little guy is a homeless Kangaroo baby.

Not everyone who attended fit the descripiton of Canine. this little goat had fun butting his head against the fence and scaring the dogs. We  are blessed to have Bishop Animal Shelter although I wish we had no need for it. The building sits on 40 lovely and shaded acres and was designed specifically for unwanted, stray and abandoned animals. Funding for the building and operation of the Shelter comes through a Foundation endowed by the Bishops. No city, county, state or federal funding is involved in its operation.

This Santa sat in the blazing sun all day, while children and pets had their pictures made for 5.00. All funds went to the SPCA.

This greyhound rescue was the hit of the party. Her name is Spot. Here in Florida, almost everywhere you go, you will find many of these wonderful dogs.

Click here for rescue site

this sweet litle elf gave me a big laugh. guess what he was smelling when I aimed the camera at him. All dogs do it. He dropped his head before I clicked.

If you have a few minutes and love/care for dogs, watch this movie on these greyhounds. They make wonderful pets and it takes them from a life of hard work.


Sunny said...

What a festive bunch! Very cute animals, love the baby Kangaroo.
Sunny :)

Beverly said...

Love your photos. Dogs are indeed wonderful friends, aren't they.

Ginny said...

Great photos! I especially like the cute one of the goat. What a wonderful place that is! The poor Santa must be a devoted animal lover.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

What a neat fundraiser for the SPCA.... Pictures with Santa and kids/pets is really a great way for them to make money. Love all of the doggie elves. CUTE...

My son and daughter-in-law rescued a greyhound once, and other than being so big, that dog was as gentle as one can imagine. They do make great pets. We have some neighbors not far from us who have THREE greyhounds.