Monday, November 23, 2009

Canine Christmas - Better Than Rudolphs Nose

Disaster strikes. An earthquake rumbles, an avalanche roars, a building collapses, a tornado roars through a Midwestern town, a hurricane brings destruction to the Gulf Coast or eastern seaboard, a bomb reduces a federal building to rubble.
Almost before the dust settles, the dog and handler teams are there, searching for victims alive and dead.
        They follow their noses to lost and injured or deceased humans

I spent 20 minutes with this Search and Rescue Dog and her handler at the Canine Christmas Festival 2009. As I petted and talked to her, she would put her paw up and wave it at me if I stopped stroking her. Her handler told me they had been to Chilie and many other countries and to Katrina in our country. I asked how they transport to other countries. She said they use military troop transport planes and the dogs fly sitting next to their handlers.  CLICK ON EACH PICTURE FOR DETAIL VIEWS

A little girl came and wanted to pet her, the handler led her down and to the little girl. the little girl was a little nervous at first, the trainer had the dog lie down.

As you can see, the child and the dog enjoyed kisses and huggs. I enjoyed my kisses and huggs also.
With a sense of smell far more powerful than man’s and an ability to probe nooks and crannies that humans cannot penetrate, these dogs save lives and bring comfort to the families whose friends and relatives succumbed in the tragedy.

Search and rescue dogs are the hard-working heroes of disaster relief, but it’s all a game to these talented canines. Finding a victim brings a reward – a hug, a treat, a tussle with a favorite toy. The dogs live for the praise, even though it must sometimes be muted in deference to grief

As I walked away from the working dog, I found one that could work as a horse/reindeer. HA HA. Romeo is a Great Dane and what a friendly and funny dog.

See what I mean about riding him? He could also help Rudoph pull a sleigh with no problem.
Romeo was the funniest of the Santa Shots that I watched that day. He just did not FIT on her lap.

Santa Romeo was the funniest part of my day, was this owner trying to get him on her lap

As Good As It Gets....................


Ginny said...

What a beautiful, noble looking rescue dog. And the Santa/Romeo pictures are quite funny! Very interesting stuff.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

How funny, Sandra.... That Great Dane is one BIG dog... I'm not sure he could have gotten on her lap or on Santa's. FUNNY!!!!!

The rescue dogs are so special. They do so much to help in times of need. AND--they are trained to be so gentle. When it comes to dogs, it's all about the training.

I hate unruly dogs just like I do unruly kids... Dogs (and kids) need rules and boundaries.

You have some great pictures, Sandra.

By the way, are you my SISTER? Everytime I read something about you, I think I may have a twin in this world. We do seem to have alot in common!!!!


Snapper II said...

Santa has no trouble handeling those big dogs but He can't handel my grandson Henry He he he he he

Beverly said...

Wonderful, wonderful dogs.