Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanks You For The Memories Milly

We lost a dear friend last week. In Memory Of Millie, and to say thank you to the staff and residents of at Heritage Park Nursing and Rehab Center. I am truly thankful that God blessed me with their love and all the fun memories they create for me. And I am thankful I can be a part of creating memories for them.

YES, that is a helicopter she is sitting in, she was always up for anything fun.

And a big smile for the young and handsome helicopter pilot. He made me smile to. and we were all thankful he knew how to fly that thing.

Marissa, Activities Director doing an interview about the ride. do you think Milly loved that ride?
I am thankful to be a volunteer!
If your life is not full and you feel thankful for nothing, look around you and find someone to smile at, to talk to, make someone else thankful you are there. Let's forget ourselves and think of others and then they can say they are thankful for us.

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, Decide to make someone else thankful.
Volunteer and Make Others Thankful


Ginny said...

Wonderful, wonderful post! You are just so right. I wish I'd known Millie. You have done a beautiful tribute to her. In looking at your pictures, she looks like a strong woman who always remained cheerful, had a sence of humor, and was up for anything. Am I right?

Peggy said...

This is such a special post, a wonderful tribute to someone who clearly knew how to enjoy life. Good for Milly, and kudos to you for memorializing her here. Super, super post.

Sandra said...

yes,ginny you are right, she was so wonderful.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

What a fabulous post, Sandra. We doing just THIS for Thanksgiving this year. Since none of our kids will be here and since G's parents are in Tullahoma (we took them there today), we are driving to Kingsport (east of here about 3 hours) and picking up a friend --who is alone-- and taking her out to dinner. When I called her, she cried. I love doing something for someone like this. I hate thinking of people being alone on the holidays.

Have a great Thanksgiving. We'll be gone for a few days doing some hiking and waterfalling... We have to work off all of that turkey!!!!


Madeline said...

Wonderful post of Millie and a wonderful tribute to her. This is what makes you so beautiful in my eyes. You are one of a kind, Sandra! You give these folks beautiful memories and they give them back to you along with much joy. Keep up your ministery. God is certainly going to bless you for all that you give to others. Love ya Sista!

SquirrelQueen said...

Millie sounds like my kind of woman, she knew how to enjoy life and have fun. Your post is a wonderful tribute to her.