Friday, January 29, 2010

Mushroom or Toadstool?

How do you know when your garbage can is full of toadstools.
Because there isn't mushroom inside.
Is this a toadstool or a mushroom? This little guy was only 2 inches high and I had no idea it was pink until I looked at the photo.

this is the top view of the same toadstool. Or is it a mushroom?

Same group of toadstools or are they mushrooms? I think this one must have had a really heavy Toad sit on it.

Heard the one about the toadstool who loved to party? He was a fungi

Since I had no idea what the difference is between Mushroom/Toadstools, I used my google addiction. I thought the ones in the ground were toadstoods and the ones in the store were mushrooms and this funny looking earshaped thing growing on a tree was fungi.
Per WiseGeek here is the difference. seems there is NONE
1. Toadstools and mushrooms are the same and no scientific distinction exists between them.

2. You cannot define either by shape, color, or appearance since there is no standard differentiation between either.

3. Mushrooms aren’t fungi with caps and stems while toadstools lack caps and stems.

4. Toadstools and mushrooms are not defined by level of toxicity: anything classed as either may be nontoxic, mildly toxic, hallucinogenic or extremely poisonous.

Last  but not least:You should never consume anything classed as toadstool or mushroom without having it first examined by a professional mushroom hunter.

If you are not to tired from reading this long post, go to my July 27th Post for beautfiul photos and a good story.


Sunny said...

We have a lot of mushrooms, toadstools and fungi, none of which I would chance to eat. I purchase my mushrooms at the grocery store and hope the people picking and packing know what they're doing! LOL
Have a good weekend.
Sunny :)

Ginny said...

How I love this post! And the pictures and story (especially your wonderful story) from July 27th are delightful. I think these two are my favorites ever from you. For one thing, Phil and I were both absolutly shocked at no difference between toadstools and mushrooms. I really could hardly believe it. That's something I've always wondered about but just never think enough about to look it up. I have some good pictures of mushrooms from last year that I'm going to post sometime, but want to wait till I find more. It's really hard to find them around here for some reason. And I do so hate to tramp around the woods what with all the SPIDERS.

DawnTreader said...

In Swedish one words covers all three! ;) My impression is that fungus is the "overall" word, covering also such that cannot be seen. Toadstool or mushroom is the "fruit" of the fungi. The Swedish-English dictionary suggests mushroom as the best choice of word for edible fungi; and toadstool for poisonous ones.

Snapper II said...

I'll agree with Sunny. Buy them buggers in the store and hope I don't die.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, Just dropping by to say HI. We have snow-snow-snow today/tonight.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it... Can you just imagine how excited I am????

I call them YUKY... ha ha .. NO--I always use the word Mushrooms for all of those nasty things!!!


SD at "Addicted to The Click" said...

Interesting things, aren't they??

SquirrelQueen said...

Love your photos, I always thought of all of them as fungi. I thought a toadstool was a mushroom with a toad sitting on it, LOL. I'm like Sunny, I buy them in the grocery store and hope....


DawnTreader said...

Sandra, the Swedish word that covers fungus, mushroom and toadstool is "svamp". The same word is also used for sponge.

DawnTreader said...

Sandra, I sent this question on to a fellow blogling who I know likes both words and things of nature - Scriptor Senex. He has now given an extensive answer at his blog Words, Words, Words and Phrases

Anonymous said...

You know that I love the same weird things that you do. I love love love the mushrooms/toadstools! jlpros