Saturday, January 30, 2010

North Meets South!

I am a 7th generation Sourthern Born Rebel on my Fathers side with one Great Great Great Grandfather from Scotland on my mothers side and the rest of the ancestors were all from the South. Nary a yankee among us.

What is more Southern than Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Icing and Fresh Strawberries?

The War Between The States, also called The Civil War, ended in 1865. My Dad's Grandfather died at Shiloh. You might say I was raised in Dixie and no one in my family ever forgot The War. When I was 17, I dated a boy from Connecticut and my grand mother  had a hissy fit . That is Southern Talk for very upset.
In 1985 I married a Yankee from Pennsylvania. We have over the last 25 years had many an argument over sayings and words. some of you will remember the  Rock, Stone, Pebble post from Nov 09.

I say the road is Blacktop, he says it is Macadam
I say the bug is a Doodle Bug or Roly Poly, he says it is a Pill Bug
I say I have a stitch in my side when I run (if I run, ha ha) he says he has a sticker in his side.
A sticker to me is a little piece of something in my foot that daddy had to dig out because I would not wear my shoes.

my inspiration for this post today came when I found this test on-line.

"Are you a Rebel or a Yankee Test" (take if and see what you are if you dare) if you are from another country, take it any way and see what it says about you. let me know what you are. Note: I also took The Advanced Test.

My test said:
"you are 96 % Dixie Rebel. Is General Lee your grandfather?"
Bobs test said
"you are 17% Dixie Rebel. Wow! you are a duke of Yankdom."

this means I am rubbing off on him and he is now only 83 % Yankee! it took 25 years to do that, so how many years will it take to make him a Dixie Rebel? you do the math.
PS.... more to follow on Southern Stuff! PSS... Remember this is all in FUN


Ginny said...

Whose hands are that cutting the cake? I'm not thinking yours because they look like a 20 year old. I love your post!! We are the same, but reversed! My family from Pa., Phil a southerner. What a confusion we still have over dinner and supper!! Since Bob is from Pa. as well, ask him what it means to "read something out", read to rhyme with dead. Seems like only Pa. natives say that. This all tickles me, do another post like this. From now on, I'm calling you Erma.

Beverly said...

My grandpa talked about the full-bloodede Yankees.

Lovely post. The cake looks really good.

Alice said...

The cake looks absolutely delicious!! Hope you got a piece! I am originally from Virginia... some say that's not the south...I beg to differ! We always drank sweet tea, ate grits and fried chicken. Our vocabulary includes "fixin' to do something, plenty of "y'all this" and "y'all that" and,of course, "bless your heart!" Thanks for a funny blog!

Sandra said...

fixin to do is on the TEST, be sure to take it everybody. bless your heart is really southern and I say supper HE says dinner, dinner for me is mid day, lunch is his word

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Sandra, I scored 84% Dixie and George scored 65% Dixie... He was proud of himself for scoring THAT high --since he was born and raised in Indiana.

One of our differences is the topping on a cake. I say Icing. He says frosting.

Cute test. Thanks!!!

Madeline said...

Good blog! Of course you know I am a "full-blooded southerner!" I took both tests and if there was any doubt, the tests confirmed it for sure! The 1st test - I scored 87 and the comment was, do you use confederate money? The 2nd test - I scored 76 and the comment was, I think your neck is a little rosey. I beg to differ! I may be a stomp-down southerner, but I am definitely NOT a red neck. I have red necks all around me down here and that is not a complement, believe me! The test was fun!

SquirrelQueen said...

OMG! I scored 98% and I haven't lived in the South in twenty year! I am Southern born and bred. My daddy's ancestor's were English and mom's were Scottish/Irish going back to the 1600's. On my father's side our ancestors were in the Revolutionary War and both sides of the family fought in the War between the states. Ya'll think I might be Southern. Like Madeline that does not make me a Redneck, but I have met plenty of them here on the West Coast.
I'll come back and do the Advanced.