Sunday, January 31, 2010

Guessing Game + More Southern Talk

Can you guess what this is? Answer tomorrow Post.

Part two of guessing game " Southern Sayings"  Can you guess what they mean? answers tomorrow.

1. either fish or cut bait
2. fly off the handle
3. got your feathers ruffled
4. I do declare
5. in a coons age
6. go hog wild
7. go whole hog


Madeline said...

1. I would guess means fish or get our of the way
2. Get upset and fling a fit (how's that for Southern?)
3. Got upset about something
4. I learned something important
5. In a very long time
7. Go all the way....

Now you can check my answers and give me my grade.

What is the first picture? Is that a rock?

SquirrelQueen said...

1. Make up your mind, decide
2. jump to conclusion, hissy fit.
3. Get offended
4. Surprised, amazed
5. A long time ago, or at least six months
6. All out, party hard
7. nothing held back, all out, pedal to the metal.

Chittlins? very dry? or just pig skin, not a clue!

Ginny said...

1. Don't have a clue
2. Get real mad
3. Be disgruntled
4. My Gosh!
5. In a long time
6 & 7 I can't tell the difference between the two.

As to the picture, you picked a good one!! Extremly mysterious. Upon clicking, it has glitter on it! At first I thought it was made out of some kind of fabric, but after clicking, it looks kind of hard. I'd better write what Phil said, since last time I didn't, and he was right. He said the skin of a really old elephant! But where would you ever come across such a thing? But I'm thinking it's something southern, so maybe part of an old Civil War uniform, except for the glitter. How about part of a mask or costume?

Betsy from Tennessee said...

The first picture looks like sandstone...

!. Do something or quit talking about it
2. Show Anger quickly/immediately
3. someone does something to agitate you; It's like "Don't get your panties in a wad."
4. I remember my aunt saying that... "Well-Honey---I do declare"... kinda a surprise answer, almost questioning what was said...Sarcastic answer to something they really don't believe!
5. A long time ago or a 'far piece'
6. Be crazy like a fox
7. Do it ALL----finish it up---do it RIGHT...

Another fun post, Sandra..

Snapper II said...

Life is a gift. So true, "Choose Life" It is Gods gift and not mans.