Monday, February 1, 2010

Guessing Game Answers

Ginny's husband Phil came very close to getting the photo right. He guessed really old elephant skin. HA HA He He
I loved the chittlin, pig skin comment.
It is an elephant ear leaf that was killed by the cold?
Congrats Janice in Ohio, she guessed dead leaf. Janice sent me an email with the answer.
If you enlarge the photo below you can see all is not lost, there is a new leaf coming up out of the center of the ugly dead plant. Yes, I am going to trim it. Our newspaper said don't trim the dead leaves and limbs until you know what is left alive.

Below find answers to Southern Sayings from yesterday. More posts on Dixieland
in the future

1. either fish or cut bait ... make up your mind,decide
2. fly off the handle...angry and lashing out
3. got your feathers ruffled..upset and pouting
4. I do declare.. usually means nothing or anything (everyone got this one becuase it can and does mean whatever)
5. in a coons age.... been a long time
6. go hog wild ... have a good time
7. go whole hog... go for all of it

Squirrel Queen lives on the West Coast, but she is Southern to the Bone. she got the highest score on the Rebel/Yankee test, 98% and got 100% of the sayings right on the money. Proves you can take the southerner out of the South but you can't take the South out of the Southerner.

Mrs Snapper II , Madeline got 100% and I knew she would since we have been best friends since Jr. High, I knew she was Southern to the bone, she has lived her whole life in Savannah, so she does qualify.

 Betsy From Tennessee missed only 1, number 6

Ginny and Phil missed the last 2 so what this tells me is i have alot of blog friends that are mostly Southern.

You all get Kudos for playing my games the last two days.

PS.... at breakfast a few minutes ago, I spilled my whole cup of coffee on the cabinet and the stove (range if you are not southern) and it covered the cook top, ran down the cabinet front and puddled on the floor (we have to pull the stove out). how one cup could cover half the counter/stove/cabinet/floor I don't know. as I was mopping it up, I was muttering about losing my coffee.
My husband said: old Southern Saying. "don't cry over spilt coffee". I said HA HA.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed the contest of "sayings".... would you believe I knew them all.... my most favorite was not on there "hissy fit" although you did mention it previously. Good blog...

Sunny said...

Oh I missed your contest :( Yesterday was a crazy day! I think I would have gotten them all right.
Hope you had a good weekend.
Sunny :)

Ginny said...

Well, I just couldn't wait till this morning to see what that icky looking thing is. I love your picture guessing games! I DO declare, I never in a million years would have thought it was an elephant ear. I almost got a bad case of the vapors when I saw it, had to loosen my corset and have a mint julep! An elephant ear would look lovely on my veranda if I had a veranda. I had ruled out natural things because of the very straight lines on it. An enjoyable game with an interesting answer!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hey Girlie, I have a bone to pick... I didn't miss Number Six... My answer was "Crazy like a Fox"... That to me is having a good time.. That's what going hog wild means!!!! I truly knew that!!! Oh Well.. Maybe Crazy like a Fox is NOT a southern term!!!! ha ha

Sorry you spilled your coffee. AND--I never say 'cook top'..... Hmmmmmm.


Anonymous said...

I missed the competition :(

Those sayings are fab. We use 2, 3 and 7 in England as well.

SquirrelQueen said...

I would never have guessed a dead elephant ear, that is too cool. I figured since we were talking southern it would be related.

Speaking of which, what about all of our strange southern foods? All those goodies like poke salat, liver mush, grits, hominy, collard greens?

Can you tell I am enjoying your Southern series? I love it.