Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Periwinkle Junction Train Robbery

As we pulled into the small town of Periwinkle Junction, it looked very peaceful.

The peace did not last for long!

Gunfire, Robbers approached the Train climbed aboard and toted off the gold.

More Outlaws appeared in the streets

The outlaw leader in red, gave a command the other outlaw did not understand.

He acted peaceful

This marshal new better

Soon the Leader of the Outlaws lay sprawled in the streets of Periwinkle Junction

The Marshals herded the outlaws back to the train, forcing them to return the gold where they found it

Guess who was hanging over the side of the train Madly Snapping?

More proof of who was hanging over the side of the train, I Madly Snapped hanging off the side of the train for the whole gunfight

I concocted a lil ole slide show to share with you all and heh it is in all its glory.
turn yur sound up iffin you like gunfire. HA HA from MadSnapper


Catherine said...

Great picture, great slide show, great sound effects. I'll bet those who put this on would love a copy of your pictures!

photowannabe said...

What great pictures and slide show Sandra. It looks like you had a delightful trip.

Ginny said...

I must admit this is the craziest, wildest post I've ever seen!! My favorite is the "Gunsmith & Undertaking" sign. That just cracked me up! The slide show was great, because it gave me a really good idea of what you saw. along with real smoke, gunfire, and falling bad men. Loved the Boot Hill burial! I suggested to Phil that our taxes would be less if he quit working part time! But right now,we really need the income. He is hoping to maybe quit in a year, when I will be able to get payments from his social security.

Anonymous said...

These historical reenactments are so brilliant. Love the photos :o)

MedaM said...

This is wonderful post as well as the previous ones. The photos and a slide show are great, fun and interesting. You really had a wonderful trip. thanks for sharing with us.

Madeline said...

Enjoyed the post. Did all the gun fire come from the scene or did you have to get it from somewhere else? You did a great job with the slide show. Good photos!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful story with pictures... love the gunfire....I can now understand why "the lady" wanted warmer clothes.

DawnTreader said...

Good show! :)
Impressed with the slideshow coordinated with sound effects - I never (yet) got as far as trying to figure out how to do that.
Funny signs - The Lonely Lady, and the Gunsmith & Undertaker... (All in all, it does not give the impression of a very friendly place to visit...)

SquirrelQueen said...

What fun you had on this trip. I love the photos and the slide show. The sounds of the gunfire really brought it to life, pun intended.