Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Five US Marshals & a Lady

As we waited to board the Steam engine train, several men in black appeared in front of the jail. Of course I went to talk and Madly Snap! I said to the man standing in front of the jail:
"Are you the sheriff that will protect us from the train robbers?" his reply:
"No, but  I am a US Marshal and I can ARREST a sheriff, and yes we are here to protect you"  WHAT FUN!

We all boarded the train and walking with us were not one but FIVE US Marshals, I figured it would be a really bad gang that would try to rob us with that many  gunfighters on board. they were all heavily armed, shotguns and pistols. I might mention here my fetish for guns. I told you I love Westerns and Lawmen but did not mention my love for guns. I learned to shoot a rifle at age 8.

We all found our seats and the train started rockin and rollin and the Marshals filled the aisles walking up and down and chatting with us.

Enter this Marshal and his Lady. (they are married in their for real life) are you asking yourself how I know that? well, of course I talked with them and questioned them. I even found out she was usually a saloon girl but due to our COLD SNAP he had to buy her the velvet dress and let her ride the train to keep warm(she said she refused to play unless he got her something warm to wear). When you see the saloon in the next post, you will understand this comment.

More Fun! every where we looked we saw our protectors and as we rode the rails suspense built!
Let me plug one of my favorite USA shows IN PLAIN SIGHT
The show is about Mary Shannon and Marshall Mann, US Marshals putting people into the witness protection program.
They don't look like these marshals, but I do love them anyway

You might notice below here that my camera kept following the one with the most guns and ammo belt, his rife had feathers hanging on it and he let me examine it.

Below is a close up of the rifle with the feathers.

*** I recieved a note through email that I am posting After the  Post so to speak. My friend has a son who is a Deputy U S Marshal and I am stating now My Post is on Deputy U S Marshals, but it is to hard to correct all above but you need to know:
These are Deputy U S Marshals. The Marshal is the one in charge of each district and is appointed by the President. Their appointment fluctuates with each Presidential election.... when a new President is elected they usually appoint a new Marshall for most districts. I placed this under True Facts. Thanks Carole
The United States Marshals Service (USMS) is a United States federal law enforcement agency within the United States Department of Justice  and is the oldest federal law enforcement agency in the United States

U.S. marshals and deputy marshals provide the Federal courts with protection while making sure the judicial system operates correctly. Their job description includes shielding Federal witnesses, transferring Federal prisoners, providing security for Federal judiciary, and supervising criminal enterprise assets in custody. They have the broadest range of authority of all Federal law enforcement agencies and work in virtually every Federal law enforcement endeavor. U.S. marshals also track and apprehend Federal fugitives.

U.S. Marshals are responsible for arresting over 55% of federal fugitives, more than all the other federal agencies combined.


Stacey Dawn at "Addicted to The Click" said...

Wow - what fun... great shots, too!

Anonymous said...

Great shots. They tell a wonderful story of the train ride. Can't wait for the rest of the story.

Catherine said...

What a fun day - great photos - great stories. Thanks for the info on US Marshall Service.

Ginny said...

Very good pictures. O.K. you know me, so get ready for the questions! Did robbers ever come? If so, will that be a separate post? Were these men really Marshalls, or actors? I was not at all surprised that you knew all about that Marshalls wife, because I knew that, like me, you would have chatted her up! But my, It's hard to believe that all this was free!!

DawnTreader said...

I've been on a number of steam trains in Sweden and Britain, but none of them had marshalls and robbers! ;) Only seen those in American movies!
Great pictures.

Tipper said...

What fun! I love all the costumes-and all the info too. Man I would love to ride that train!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Sandra, Just letting you know that I am SO enjoying all of your train ride posts...What fun that must have been!!!! My Dad used to work for the railroad --so when I was a little girl, I would go to work with him sometimes and he would get the engineer to take me for a ride with him in the steam engine... SO much fun and great memories...

I am having a wonderful time in Arkansas --and taking tons of pictures .... Guess I'll be MadSnapper III. ha ha


Madeline said...

Good blog! I know you had a blast on the train ride. I would have enjoyed that too. Interesting about the U.S. Marshalls. Anxiously awaiting more about your train ride.

SquirrelQueen said...

Very interesting information about the US Marshalls, I didn't realize they had that much responsibility.

Great photos. It would have been like a time machine back to the old west. I love to see all the guns too. My dad taught me to shoot when I was in my teens.