Monday, February 22, 2010

The Train We Rode In On!

I love Trains and all things Western. Saturday morning I enjoyed both.
When I saw in the paper the Steam train at Florida Gulfcoast Museum was running and they expected the Hole In the Head Gang to visit, I knew I had to go
Don't forget to click on the photo to see the details enlarged.

Floridas Railroad Museum is located in Parrish, Florida only a 30 minute drive from my home. the train runs on weekends and the train IS the museum. I have loved trains my whole life . Click on Ridin The Rails to see why my archived post on why I love trains.

the month of February is Steam Engine month and for 2 days only, the word was out the train would be visited by The Hole In The Head Gang and that 5 US Marshals would be aboard the train. Saturday I picked up my friend Barbara and we headed out to ride the train and unknown adventures

As far back as I have memories, I have been an Avid Fan Of All Things Western. I devoured Zane Gray and Louis Lamour as fast as they came into the library. I am sure over my lifetime I have read thousands of westerns and watched hundreds of western movies.

for the next few post, I will share the ride, the train robbers, and of course The US Marshals (they will recieve their own post).

Above is inside of one of the cars, there were two open and two closed. NO AC or Heat in these cars. who cares? not me. Below is the outside view.

One of my fondest memories comes from Six Gun Territory, Ocala Florida. Mother took us there several times when we were growing up, even in my late teens, I still loved it, hokey though it was and since this made me think of it and the fact it closed in the 80's, I searched and found a clip of Six Gun, this will give you and idea of what we saw Saturday. 

Coming Soon to a blog near YOU... Gunfight at Periwinkle Junction


Sunny said...

I love old steam trains, what a great place to visit. I look forward to more.
Sunny :)

Anonymous said...

What fabulous old trains. Glad you had such a good time. I used to love the old Westerns when I was a kid - they used to show them all the time on TV in the 70s - you never see any now.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog.... wish I could have been there too. I made several train trips between Milwaukee and Savannah. Caring for 2 babies on them was not a fond memory though.

Snapper II said...

I like the old trains to. It is a tribute to those who support and maintain them, as well as our history.

Ginny said...

What a post! So odd, because right before seeing this, I wrote down on my notepad to do a post on train whistles and tracks! Yes, the mournful whistles,oh my! Almost more mournful than bagpipes at a funeral. I did read your previous post, and felt extremly sad about your grandmother and the last ride. My great uncle worked on a train...more about that in a post. I am also looking forward to your post about the U.S. Marshalls, because am I wrong in thinking that they are kind of their own thing, and above the law and the F.B.I.? At least it seems that way on T.V. shows. But what on earth is your header? It's certainly striking. I thought it was a picture you took of one of the open museum cars with the people riding in it, but then it's on your old post from July, as well. The little fan on the train car ceiling creaked me up! It sounds like you had a splendid day, that also brought back many poignant, happy and sorrowful memories. We're not daredevils. But to be somewhere and let ourselves feel all of those emotions at their highest,THAT'S living life to the fullest!

Ginny said...

Little Ella watched your train video with me and was excited watching it take off. She really enjoyed it. She said "I love it, but it's very trainy!!"

Snapper II said...

I really like the header, almost looks like the over head of an air liner to day, clean, and a great idea. Everyone loves the rail road, and a train ride apeals to our pioneer spirit. Thats why you are my Hero, You are an endless spring of ideas.

SquirrelQueen said...

What fun, I love those old trains. Your header and the photos on the sidebar are like coming attractions. I love the gunfight.

Tipper said...

Your photos of the trains are really good : )

Krista said...

Sandra these are really, truly awesome photos. What a nostalgic feeling I get when I hear that steam whistle. It gives me goosebumps and takes me back through time and history! Thanks for sending me the link to this post! :o)