Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valetine II (more roses)

Betsy in TN, Joyful Reflections asked me yesterday how I got the name MadSnapper and who is Mr and Mrs Snapper IIMr. and Mrs. Snapper II are my friends in Georgia.

I told the story of how I got the name MadSnapper in my 2nd blog in may of 09. I created this blog in August of 08, did one post and never touched it again until May of 09. you will notice I did not even title the post, I had no idea what I was doing.
Click here for the story.

When I signed up on Blogger, MadSnapper was taken as was Snapper I, I had to sign up as snapperone. that is why in some places you see all three. My true name is MadSnapper.

the reason for the name is obvious from this  post. I took over 200 photos of one rose. If you look at yesterday post and today, it is the same rose, some outside by the pool, some in the kitchen. I moved the one rose to many different  places and light and it changes the way it looks.

When I started madly snapping the rose, my husband laughed long and hard. he knows I can't help it. I even had to charge the camera battery from so many flashes.

You can see how different light changes the rose and close up and far away and one of these I sat the vase on the floor and took it from above. that would be the second photo of today, if you look closely you can see the grout in the tile.

I am truly a MadSnapper and my friend is truly a Snapper II.
Happy Valentines Day Again!

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Mrs. Snapper II said...

I am first! I am flattered that we made your blog today. Me and Snapper II. I was wondering if that was the same rose and you answered that for me. It is so beautiful and so different in different locations and lights. It's amazing. Good blog.
Happy Valentine's Day.

Ginny said...

A Beautiful post! The first picture is my favorite. See, I never would have thought to move the rose around like that, but now I am going to be even worse! I can see where you could take so many pictures of it, though. But only camera addicted people would understand. I did go back and look at your old untitled post, and wow! You had not quite blossomed in your writing yet, but boy have you come a long way! It seemed like you were kind of unsure and not letting your own voice be heard. I'm glad you loosened up! I actually never cared much for roses, and other pampered hothouse type flowers. As a little girl, my family had lots of roses all around the yard, and being so clumsy, I was always sticking myself with thorns. I prefer wildflowers and ones that don't need lots of care. But bloggin friends are posting so many beautiful roses, that I am changing my mind and have to admit that yes, they're just BEAUTIFUL.

Anonymous said...

That rose is truly beautiful and you have a great eye for photography. Keep snapping madly :o)

Snapper II said...

Great Blog, red roses are a fitting subject for Valentine.
I get the urge to snap sometime. Uncontrolable, madness. Today I snapped pics of my neighbor smoking meat for Jerky. I sampled some when they finished. It was good.

SquirrelQueen said...

Love the rose photos. You are not alone in your photographing habits. It is not unusual for me to take dozens of photos of the same flower under different light sources. I have even waited for the sun to get in the right spot just to get the lighting I wanted.

If you aren't using them already already try Lithium batteries, they are expensive but last so much longer.

MedaM said...

This post made me smile because I recognize myself in your story. LOL
I love all your photos and a rose is really gorgeous.

Stacey Dawn at "Addicted to The Click" said...

Gorgeous rose and your header is outstanding - what a fun picture!