Sunday, April 18, 2010

Blue Skies

Blue Skies are hovering over The MadSnapper today. My computer is 95 percent back to where it was when it crashed, not without pain and agony on my part. I thought I would show blue skies over our trees and a few photos of the beach that is no more, washed away forever into the gulf.

Beer Can Island before it disapearred, it had the most beautiful driftwood

Previously on 48 hours (if you missed the story click here) I told the story of The Malicious Malware attack on my computer.

Good News: computer was ready for pickup in 28 hours
Bad News: It took me 2 days to get it up and running in its proper manner ( could this be user error?)

More Beer Can Island

Step 1: plug in gazillion wires to put  first things first Monitor and Mouse (if only I were telepathic and did not need them) I tried 4 ports for the thingagig that makes the mouse work, NOTHING, ok stop laughing, it needed batteries.
Step 2: Access to Internet, my desktop PC is Wireless because there is no outlet in this room. Tech/Geeks said I needed to upgrade my wireless, I spend 200.00 and buy Cisco Valet (even a grandma can install he said) You guessed it, followed 3 simple steps and up pops message, you must have Service pack 3 to install.
I go into venting mode. Geek said he would install all updates and DID NOT.

Beach on the walk to beer can Island

Storm clouds hover over my computer and my voice is thundering. the problem IS I can't get to the internet without the wireless to download the service pack. this means undo the new wireless, dig out the four year old wireless, hook it up and finally get to the internet. (bob says, if this one works why did you buy the new one, We will not go there)
Step 3: Download Updates (1 hour, there were almost 200 of them) now I can blog but first is
Step 4: EMAIL. I have access to my email on the provider website, but I like my outlook. no problem I think.just click on the icon, Yikes! it's not in the computer, outlook I mean.
Step 5: install software Microsoft office and there it is
Step 6: set up email, this is easy, i pop the pop  server in its slot, pop the stmp in its slot, bingo NO email. fight with it for 20 minutes, call internet provider, fight my way through voice prompts

Are you ready???? it was simply the fact I popped the pops in backwards, I switch them, apolgize to the tech and I have email
there were various things that went wrong but this is enough for your eyes, suffice it to say, I am 95 % back to where I was last Wedneday and happy to be here.

coming soon to a blog near you...... Jinx?


Stacey Dawn said...

I'm laughing - but only because I've been through a lot of what you've been going through. I am sorry for all the struggle - oh boy - the hassles of wires and voice prompts and such. I was trying to get a router and was told I could only order it ONLINE - the problem was I couldn't GET online to order it!! Funny? NO! Beautiful Beer Island.. lovely!

George said...

I'm not laughing because I know how frustrating all of this can be. When I was working we would have periodic computer crashes that brought everything to a grinding halt. Fortunately have not had any major problems with home computers. But as sad as the computer story is, the fact that Beer Can Island is no more is even sadder.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sounds like such a hastle, Sandra... I'm so very sorry... Hope things gradually get fixed the way you want them to.

Sorry about Beer Can Island.... Darn!!!!


Catherine said...

You have really been through it. But you made it!!! Good for you.

I still have to disconnect everything from my CPU except the monitor, keyboard & mouse & one by one reconnect & turn it off & see if it comes back on. If I try to turn it on with everything connected, it doesn't come on, so have to see what the culprit is, whether it's the device or port. Not looking forward to that - that's why I haven't shut it off in days!

Madeline said...

I finally made it to your blog. Don't know what was going on. Beautiful pics. Keep on keeping on, you are going to get it1

Ginny said...

These are beautiful pictures, but what a nightmare!! I can barely follow it! Plus $200.00, yikes!!! But you are computer savvy enough to do this, I would not even be able to do it; or to know which people to call or anything!

Snapper II said...

Glad you are up and running, now I will know for sure that we are getting our proper amount of e-mail
he he he he hje.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Well looks like your pretty much there already..and at least your navigating around! That plug in backwards thing is quite common I'm sure! The pictures are beautiful..sad -but that third one down is incredible! I love that!!

Stacey Dawn said...

Hey you ever check out Scott Kelby's blog? Your hubby might like today's post - it's got airplanes in it. The link is on my blog...not sure how to put it here! Thought I'd let you/him know!

SquirrelQueen said...

Goodness Sandra, you have had more than your share of computer woes lately. We recently upgraded our wireless but it's trough the cable company so it was easy and they furnished the router.

I hate cords, my mouse has none. Check out the usb mouse, they work great.