Monday, May 24, 2010

Orange Hibicus

Ginny has requested to see more hibiscus flowers. If you want to complain about several posts of flowers, go to her sight, Let Your Light Shine.

Our back yard has 9 hisbicus, 3 Pink, 5 Red and 1 Orange

Today's post are all from the same bush, Orange. The difference is lighting, time of day and time of year (cold makes them lighter and not as full) because the bloom year round.

the Orange Hibiscus is a natural attractant to birds and butterflies so this plant makes an excellent addition to your outdoor area but it can also be grown indoors.

This doulbe hybrid needs half and half shade/sun. It naturally fights off most insects and needs to be pruned each year. Ours has been as tall as 10 feet, but is now about 7 feet tall

There are people who eat the flowers and leaves, but we do not

We bought this one at a flea market because we loved the color and the double blooms,
Propagation Methods: From woody stem cuttings From softwood cuttings By grafting


This little guy grew up in the cold weather and did not get its double bloom.

Coming Soon to a Blog near YOU
Red and Pink Hibiscus


Tipper said...

Wow they are all so pretty! I've never seen hibicus in those colors-the only one I have is the old fashioned dark pink one. I like yours much better : )

DawnTreader said...

They are beautiful. No complaints! ;)

Sunny said...

So beautiful and delicate they look like they're made of tissue paper.
Your pineapple is looking great!
☼ Sunny

KleinsteMotte said...

I am always in awe of the pics you take of such delicate flowers. The one that remained single has captured my heart! Thanks.

George said...

I certainly am not going to complain about seeing more beautiful flowers. I definitely like this orange hibiscus.

Ginny said...

Thanks for more Hibiscus!! These are just stunning, and look completly different in most of the pictures. They do look like crepe paper! I can't believe you have so many of these things growing in your yard, and blooms all year!!! It must be like a Paradise! I love the shots you got of the stamens inside. Interesting that cold makes them paler, one would think that sun would make them paler by kind of bleaching them out. But I guess they need the sun to produce the deep color. I don't think we have any in the whole area, or surely I would have seen them? Now I want to search for a live one, perhaps when I go to the botanical garden, If they even grow in Va. Thanks for plugging my blog!!

Kilauea Poetry said...

Glad she suggested it..I love them and your right, they make a tea too! This is a preety series..different and very healthy looking I must say. I like your web page- nice job!

SquirrelQueen said...

You will never hear me complain about beautiful flowers, post them all. This is a beautiful color of hibiscus, one I have never seen before.

MedaM said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous flowers. Wonderful photos!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, What is the latest on your computer problems???? Hope all is fixed!!!

I won't fuss at all... Seeing your flowers --especially all of the hibiscus blooms is WONDERFUL...

Love all of the colors.