Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sweet Golden Pineapples

Click on play button NO IDEA why the movie is ot showing. first try IT WILL Play

The little one is our very own Sweet Golden Pineapple, growing every day. The Big Guy is one that is to be eaten this week......shhhhh don't tell the baby.

I know this is a Second Post for today, but I had to do it. Blame it on Kleinmottesraindays. She is new to bloggin and was excited about doing videos and she did one with her point and shoot so I had to try with my CoolPix and since I said no more butterflies and did not say no more pineapple post...... I rest my case


DawnTreader said...

They ARE precious. How cool to hear your voice (I guess it is your voice?). My Coolpix does not record sound. I have enough right now just getting my pictures organized. I'm not ready to start mixing sound into it all as well! LOL

Ginny said...

Two snaps up for Madsnapper!!! Is this your first movie on blogger? Don't even get me started on video cameras, ours is an old, cheap one that you put a C.D. in. Is that your voice??? I finally get to hear it!!! That's better than seeing the pineapples! I finally found out if you are going to eat it!! But I still thought you only had the one, she's grown a baby?

Kilauea Poetry said...

Oh this is funny..I should show you one -but I look so haggard in it!! ha ha.. (one of those amusing home made animal and human videos) Well, we have a voice from you now-what a kick!! I bet these are delicious, nice indeed!
Well, today my youngest son makes 28yrs. Yesterday I did some shopping and made up a bunch of lasagna (why does that spelling look weird to me (lol)..anywho (that's what he wanted)..he rented a little modest beach house for the night so we plan on carting all the food up! I'm baking a cake and hopefully some kind of bread to go with (I love bread too) grin:)) Maybe..possibly I can get a post up soon (I'm sooo pooped! Regina-

From the Kitchen said...

Sandra: Do you live in Hawaii? Pineapples in the yard. Deliciousness! Loved hearing your voice!


From the Kitchen said...

I need to keep better tabs on where my blogging friends are. I knew you lived in Florida just had a momentary lapse when I saw the pineapple. I didn't know one could grow a pineapple from a pineapple top. Let us know how it tastes.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hey Gal, You sound like you are from Kentucky --or Tennessee---or Virginia... You and me sound alike!!!! How 'bout that????? I loved your sweet video and hearing your voice!!!!!!

By the way, you can do as many Pineapple and Butterfly posts that YOU want to.... I approve...

SquirrelQueen said...

They are precious, the baby is getting bigger. It was good to hear you voice but every time I hear a southern accent mine comes back for a few days, LOL!

Congrats on the video, my camera also takes videos. When can we expect to see you on You Tube?

Anonymous said...

They are fabulous! Loved hearing you speak as well :o)

Sunny said...

Will there be a sequel showing the eating of the yummy pineapple?
Nice to hear your voice :)
☼ Sunny