Sunday, June 20, 2010

Good Fathers Reflect the Heavenly Father

The righteous man walks in his integrity; his children are blessed after him. Proverbs 20:7 NKJV (thank you Stacey for reminding me of this verse)

In Memory Of my Dad, Charles F. McCall

My Dad spent the first 40 years of his life living against the Lord, In 1952 he gave his Life to Jesus Christ and became a changed man. he lived the rest of his life for The Lord and spreading the gospel as a Baptist minister. I am blessed to have been raised by a God fearing man that taught me to believe in God, to tell the truth, that there is  wrong and  right and how to tell the difference.
Was he perfect? NO. but then neither am I. In High School I thought he was domineering and MEAN. it took a lot of years for me to realize how much he did for me and how much his life molded me into a God Fearing and God loving person.

I was also blessed to have two Uncles, Julian and Jack McCall, that loved me as much as any father could. In Memory of them on Fathers Day and of their wives, my Aunt Ruby and Aunt Evidell.

This is my Dad's father and mother on their wedding day. doesn't he look like my dad? From this father came 4 sons and 2 daughters and from these came my faith and Love of God. I never knew my grandfather, he died when I was a toddler. Just as he lived on in my Dad and his brothers, Daddy lives on in me and my brother David.

Yesterday my blogger friend paid tribute to her father. The words she wrote I could copy here for my dad.
pop on over and read her tribute to her dad Addicted to the Click Fathers Day

From the time I was 12 years old, my dad and I sang In The Garden as a duet, many times in the churches he pastored.

This one might be a little long for you, so skip it if you like, these are all the songs my daddy loved


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Sandra, I loved reading about your Dad. My Daddy died in 1969 and Mama in 1991. I miss them both so much.

Happy Father's Day to you and yours...

DawnTreader said...

Whether good or bad memories - or both - I think one often comes to look at one's parents a little differently as one grows older.

We celebrate father's day in the autumn, and also mother's day on a different day than you do in the US.

Catherine said...

Beautiful tribute. I've always said you never get too old to miss your mother or dad. I listened to all the beautiful hymns as I was sewing. Very uplifting.

Kilauea Poetry said...

A big hug to you too! I figured I'd open another dialog box (write, copy then paste/post) while the music plays!
What a lovely tribute and songs! The photos are so precious! Two people have told me
that they remember a grandparent singing this song on the piano growing up! Very touching! My dad, as I mentioned is 93yrs now..but they share the same month (his is October 28th), my mom just made 89yrs May. Maybe soon I could post a nice tribute! I love this Sandra and so much we don't really appreciate till we are well into adulthood. Anyway, I'm glad your Uncles were there for you as well- so important! Thanks for sharing such fond memeories of your sweet daddy! Hope you have a wonderful day, Regina-

Ginny said...

Wow, you really did Father's Day up right! I can see that this post must have taken a LOT of time to do. I love the picture of your grandparents,it's just charming. And cool to include your uncles. Yes, our opinions of our parents chnages quite drastically with age, doesn't it? Very good point! When we are young, we think we know everything and they are old fogeys. But when they are gone, we so much we were able to ask them about so many things.

S. Etole said...

What a nice tribute ... missing my father today, too.

Madeline said...

What a wonderful tribute to your Daddy and his family. My Daddy has been gone since 1978. He was a sweet, humble, loving man. I was 35 when he died at 62 years of age. In my ignorance I thought he was an old man. It did not take me long to change that thought. I will be 66 in August. God bless all of our fathers. They loved us, led us in the right direction and did their best for us and we all turned out OK. You are right Sandra. MC was harmonizing. Brad and I sound good together. Allen and I will sing later. :-)

Stacey Dawn said...

Oh Sandra - beautifully written and so loving. A wonderful tribute to your dad and your uncles. I see much of him in you.... Hugs!

PS: Thanks for the shout out!

SquirrelQueen said...

This is a wonderful tribute to your father Sandra, he sounds like a fine man. My dad passed away in 1983 just after I moved to Alaska.

Tipper said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful Father who taught you well-we are both blessed in that regard! In the Garden and Precious Memories are 2 of my favorite songs.

MedaM said...

This is wonderful tribute to your father,grandfather and your uncles.