Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"The Fence"

More photos from Anna Maria Island Walkabout
Judy and I share a fondness for all things old, worn, weathered and rustic. I think we both "squealed" when she pointed it out to me. As I posted the photographs I thought "why" did we love this fence.

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the story told by "the fence" said "old" and the house beside "the fence" said "old". three quarters of a century have passed since the house was bright and shiny white and "the fence" stood tall and proud and the twisted vines  were once brightly colored bougainvillea.

When they built "the fence", across the street were sand dunes with paths to the glittering gulf and waving sea oats. As a child, we would drive across the old wooden bridge that had no sides (shudder at that memory) and park where we wanted and walk wherever we wanted.
"Never More"

There is little public beach and on this street room for 5 cars to park with access to the beach. there are many miles of white sand and sparkling water on this island with no access for us. A large ugly fence with no character faces this lovely old fence.

This photo is what "the fence" stares at all day now. This fence is the memories our children and grand children will see, no character but a story told that needs no words.

the "why" I think is a longing for Times Past 

Nostalgia is like a grammar lesson: you find the present tense, but the past perfect! ~Owens Lee Pomeroy
If you're yearning for the good old days, just turn off the air conditioning. ~Griff Niblack


Snapper II said...

I like the blog. If I remember right the bogenvilla has a flower when it blooms. I know thats got to be beautiful.

MedaM said...

I haven't been an active blogger lately and I missed many of your beautiful posts.
I think there is nobody who wouldn't relive something from the past only if he could. An old song says: „Those were the days, my friend, we thought they'd never end....“ :-) I enjoyed this post and your childhood memories and this lovely old fence full of old charm.
Thank you very much for your always beautiful and friendly comments on my blog. I do appreciate it a lot.:-)

Judy Prosseda said...

I love your thoughts on this old fence and its neighbor across the street.
I believe in the Native American philosophy the one cannot "own" the land. We are merely the caretakers during our time on this earth.
Money can't buy happiness, but it can sure spoil it for the rest of us!

Dave said...

Rustic charm versus Sterile metal. No contest the old wooden fence full of character wins every time. Thanks for these photos they are great and thanks for sharing your lovely memories.

Karen said...

Sandra I love your photos of this fence. As I scrolled down I would think, now that's my favorite, no that one. It was hard but I really think the last one is my favorite. I love the diagonal angle. To me it is more pleasing than the other diagonal. This one also emphasizes the crocked uneven slats that are no longer standing up straight. The large 'trunk' of the bougainvillea vine with the faded and blooms further attests of 'old' and 'aged'. Your photo tells the story even without your lovely comments!

George said...

The old fence has character and it seemed to mark a boundary more than keep people out. When I lived in South Carolina I liked the way North Myrtle Beach provided public access to the beach. Parking could sometimes be a problem, but there are public walkways to the beach every quarter mile or so.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Sandra, That old fence does have character... Isn't it sad that they have blocked off an entrance to the beach there? Are there many homes around that area ---where the locals can enjoy the beach themselves???

Life has changed, hasn't it???? That old fence makes us think about time that was and time that is.... I miss so much about our past, but I DO love my air conditioning... ha ha


Stacey Dawn said...

That last quote cracks me up. Beautiful story here Sandra. It reminds me to find things to be thankful for in the present and to cherish what was in the past....

Ginny said...

This story did NOT go where I thought it would. It was unpredictable, and so much better, with a bad surprise ending. Kinda like life. The old fence looks SO much lovlier after seeing that horrid modern one. Just a lovely, heartrending tale. In fact, I am in tears right now as it all sinks in. You created a book-like picture image in my head with your words. This is great, but now I need Erma.

KleinsteMotte said...

AC is not all we'd have to turn off. No internet,no blogs and no new adventures electronically. I just posted that video that's been around. You helped me determine to solve my issue and I posted with a credit to you. Thank you.

SquirrelQueen said...

The interaction of the trees and vines with the wooden fence is what I find fascinating. It would have taken many years for them to intertwine like that. In the first photo on the right hand side is what looks like a corner post, it is surrounded by limbs. I could spend a lot of time photographing that one post, very cool.

Madeline said...

I have been missing your blogs too. Too much running...Went all the way back to the church. All of your posts are great! Great sentiments! The Blue Bell is absolutely gorgeous. Great pics! Love the old fence too. I agree with Snappers comment. Me too! Was that one bug that you took 4 pics of? Keep snapping and blogging. You really have a talent!

Bird Girl said...

Oh boy - I do love that old fence and can just picture how lovely it would be with blooming, vining bougainvillea! If fences could talk ;-) I'm glad you talked for this ole fence...and I LOVE the quote about nostalgia - never saw it before!