Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What Do You SEE???

Can you find the egg and the arrow in the Fedex Logo?
Please if you comment say yes or no and let everyone play.
My husband saw a specail on TV and the man said we walk through life without truly SEEING. the logo was an example. Because of the show and my Madsnapper tendancy, my hubby is SEEING better and due to love of photography I SEE better also. he pointed out this beauty ( ok maybe not beauty) yesterday.

If you don't mind looking at Bugs,click on photo, if you do mind, pass on by.
This Creepy Critter my hubby found swimming in our pool (the reason I don't swim in the dark without the pool light on). He climbed out and came to the door and said bring your camera. I will admit I used the LONG lens.
the Point is, before the camera came to live here, we never noticed things like this. I am going to leave you with the rest of todays blog posted on What Karen Sees. Her Tuesday post Says It All.


SquirrelQueen said...

Yep, I could see it when your post came up on my dashboard. The egg is in the d and the arrow is outlined in orange. Cool bug.

Dave said...

Yes I could see where the egg and arrow are. As for seeing I agree with you. Taking pictures of things opens our eyes to things we would never have bothered with before. Great post for highlighting that. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I see them now you made me aware ... but never noticed before. Cool! Have a great day!

Judy Prosseda said...

Yes. I found both.

Sunny said...

When you enjoy photography, I think you become very aware of things around you. Everything has the potential of being the best picture you ever captured.
Yes I see the egg and arrow :)
☼ Sunny

Tipper said...

I got an email with the fed ex logo-along with others. I was amazed at what I didn't see-until they told me where to look : )

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yes---I see them both... I had seen this little 'game' before though---but I even saw them now. You are right... Blogging and Photography has helped me look for so many things which I had never noticed before.


Bird Girl said...

Yes, I see them! We notice all the bugs in our pool because we have little grandsons that want them OUT ;-)

Beverly said...

Yes...I loved your visit around the island, and your post about the fence.

i remember going to the island and picking my feet up off the floorboard of the car. I was so sure we were going to go through at any minute. Those days were good, weren't they.

Ginny said...

I see the egg but not the arrow. Yes, did you read my comment on Karen's blog yesterday? She e-mailed me back about it, really interesting! Ewwwwww!!!! I have arachnophobia, as you know from my spider posts. What IS this? Do you know? I take it you haven't seen one before. What did you do about it? Did Bob kill it? I bet you wouldn't let him!!! I have an insect identification book, but it creeps me out just to look through it! Then I have nightmares. You are right, a camera makes us see things we never would have!!! But I've also noticed something else, have you? I tend to see special events through my lens, and am not really in the moment experiencing and enjoying them.

George said...

I hadn't seen this before, but I am happy to say that I found both the egg and the arrow. It is amazing how much more we see with a camera in our hands.

Kilauea Poetry said...

I love bugs-just always fascinated me-(Gina bug was my nickname growing up, lol)..well I haven't clicked the link just yet but will.
I'm like that making landmarks, trying to remember where something is- but am a bit inconsistent? Well I saw the arrow first and realized that must be an egg in there- so true Sandra..

Stacey Dawn said...

Ewwwwww - buggaboos - I'd swim with the light on in the pool at night too!!!! ;o)

I see the egg - not the arrow.
Hrmph. :O)

sam said...

Ooo scary bugs, I saw a tv programme and they showed what insects were living in our homes, in our carpets under a microscope-now that was scary!
I just saw the egg and arrow, the arrow is inbetween the E and X Stacey)

From the Kitchen said...

I see them. You're right! Since I've become more interested in photography, I've become much more observant about what I actually see when I look!