Wednesday, August 18, 2010

All By Me, Myself and I

When I was very young, I never wanted to be all by myself. I dreaded being by myself. I buried myself in books and lived life through those books. Now, that I am much, much older, the dreaded Me, Myself and I enjoys alone time.

"I" keep my cameras sitting on the kitchen table, ready to grab when "I" spy something NEW in my back yard. It changes daily.
Sitting at the table, putting the battery back in my Coopix, "I" sat it down and my Madly Snapping "Me" said to "Myself",
"take a photo of the Rebel"

"I" sat the Coolpix on the table and grabbed the first photo. Then "I" said to "Me"
"Say that was Cool! try sliding the camera around on the table and back it off and slide it sideways."
"myself" did it.

If you "bigify" ( "I" stole that word from All About Arizona-Or not because "I" liked it) these photos you can see the sutle difference just sliding the camera made.

Check out the race track caused by the curve of the table glass

Since the advent of Digital Cameras, "I" am able to entertain "myself" at any and all times.
When "I" showed these photos to my husband, he walked away shaking his head and muttering "you will take a photo of anything, make that Everything"
He is right.
Since "I" was thinking of "me" "I" started singing the old song, All by myself. If you like Celine and have a few minutes enjoy the video. If you are busy entertaining your own Me, Myself and I, pass on to the next blog and enjoy YOURSELF
by the way, I don't SOUND like her, just in case you wondered.


From the Kitchen said...

Love the photos of your camera--only a camera buff would do such a thing????? I know what you mean about alone time. I love it now!

Lemongrass is used in many Thai dishes and that's how I first came to know about it. I was excited to find it jarred at Whole Foods since I don't use it often and it will keep for quite awhile in the jar.


Madeline said...

Love the pics of your best friend, "Rebel." Good story! Your imagination is never-ending. Keep snapping....

Judy said...

It just goes to show that
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"!
And photographers see with "different eyes".
Moments spent with a good friend (i.e.Rebel) are never boring!
I, too, treasure time spent with "Me, Myself, and I" (and with you too).

George said...

I really like these pictures of your digital camera. You and Yourself did a great job. The Coolpix did a good job, too.

DawnTreader said...

I'm beginning to wonder (to myself) if Sony Music Entertainment owns the copyright to everything, because almost every video I try to access lately is blocked by them ("in your country, on copyright grounds").

Picturit said...

Interesting poset Sandra I love spending time by myself but it's nice to be with my family too.

Ginny said...

I was enjoying looking at the behemoth (isn't that what Betsy has?) when I finally noticed that the star of the show is the table, you take a picture of something, and it is something else altogether that makes the picture work! That camera would give me such a headache, and also a sprained wrist!! You are a tech wizard, and those kind can entertain themselves with their gadget knowledge, making cool things for ones like us to wonder at.

SquirrelQueen said...

Your hubby sounds a lot like mine, he usually asks if there is anything safe from my camera.

That's the fun part of owning more than one camera, I love the reflections in all the shots.

I see that adjustable flashes haven't changed all that much over the years, I use to have two of them but only one now. I hope you don't lug that around everywhere, it can give you a shoulder ache.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Your pictures and eye for different composition always intrique me. Such ever so slightly turns of the camera in one direction or another, and you have a completely different slant on the subject.
I can understand the me, myself and I logic...I was an only child until I was twelve, so I too was used to entertaining myself.
That's an OK state of mind, I think!

Stacey Dawn said...

Sometimes I like alone time - and sometimes the me in me does not.... ;o)

Kilauea Poetry said...

That is a huge difference in my life too..I value being alone..I felt this less so when very young. While raising my boys by myself- it was the best thing in the world! I was looking for a quote that connects being alone to valuing freedom but can't find it right now. Great camera shots Sandra-

photowannabe said...

Photographers do look at things with different eyes.
I remember when I first got my digital camera, a friend and I went out for a photo shoot.
We were in a touristy place and everyone was taking the typical pictures. My friend and I were taking pictures in the opposite direction and of closeups of knotholes. Talk about strange looks. Fun to look at things differently.