Thursday, August 19, 2010

What We See! or Not

Have you ever grabbed a box of bow tie pasta and found when you unloaded bags the box contained rotini pasta?
 or have you ever looked and looked for a missing item that you laid somewhere, then went back and it was where you first looked, you just did not SEE it because it was moved to the side from where it sits?
I love raisins so I raced down the aisle and threw a 6 pack in my basket. came home, placed it in the cabinet. 2 days later, I reach for a box, and open it, look inside and there are White Things in the box. Say WHAT?

Seems they now make Vanilla Yogurt Raisins. I touched it 3 times and did not SEE the big sign on the front, I only Saw the familiar red box and grabbed it. I saw what I thought I was seeing. (does that make sense?) A friend lost her glass, she searched and did not find it. When she found it the next day, it was sitting in the window above the sink. Since she always sits it on the back of the sink, she looked on the back of the sink, and even though it was only 5 inches higher, she did not SEE it.

Please share one of your seeing but not seeing moments with us.

 Your life may be the only Bible some people read (see). ~Author Unknown

Do not repeat anything you will not sign your name to. ~Author Unknown


Ginny said...

It's the crack of dawn, so I'm not seeing ANYTHING!! In my head I'm seeing the cozy bed on this rainy day. Anyway, brain is not fired up enough to think yet. BUT, how did you like the raisins? We keep those kind here for the girls, they like them. BUT, they should have used a different color for the box, not the usual red. I think they do it on purpose so you'll accidentally try them.

Sunny said...

This is too funny...I did the exact same thing you did with the Yogurt Raisins!
☼ Sunny

George said...

Been there -- done that! In my case it usually involves a book I can't find, only to discover it within three inches of where I thought it was.

Judy said...

Speaking of glasses...
When I'm shopping, I often take off my glasses and stick them in the top of my shirt. One day at Walmart, I went to put my glasses back on but couldn't find them. I checked my purse, my basket, and even retraced my steps down the aisles. Finally,while I was in a panic, I realized that my glasses were right where they belonged - on my face!!!!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh YES----I do things like that constantly.... That's one reason I have tons of pairs of reading glasses around the house... ha ha

Do you like the yogurt raisins??? I haven't had them --but I'll bet I'd like them... I seldom eat raisins since George does NOT like them AT ALL.... I used to eat raisins in my oatmeal years ago...

Have a great day.

Catherine said...

I can relate to that! We're looking for something familiar in a familiar place & completely overlook details! I haven't tried yogurt raisins - bet they're good. I like white or dark raisins in oatmeal and the white raisins in salads.

sam said...

Well I sort of do something similar with keys and search all around the house for them, in the usual drawers on the kitchen table, are they left in the door? Maybe next to my easel?
No in my pocket 9 times out of 10! D'oh! Wouldnt mind trying those yoghurt raisins not sure if we have them over here.

Scott said...

Mine usually happens when my wife sends me to the storage room to find something - which of course simply is not there. . . until she finally comes down and pulls it off the shelf right in front of my face. How embarrassing!

I wish more people who forward stupid stuff through email would read that second quote of yours today.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Sandra!! We went through this one I'm sure? (lol).. you trying to tell me something?? I think I'll lift your Bible quote!
That happened to me with a box of cheese nips..I think it was some variety mix and it was equally disappointing (for all of us) as I love raisins but don't often get the nips! Again..this forgetting is more often than I'd care to admit! I left my dogs food on the counter this morning and started fiddling around with other things..I noticed her head between her front paws lying on the floor..with a sigh!! I said "I'm sorry honey" ..there is much worse-

Madeline said...

As you know there are things in front of me that I can't see! (If it was a snake, it would bite me!) I put things away so good, I can't find them! (STILL HAVE NOT FOUND THAT PEANUT BUTTER!!??) I often go to the grocery store, look at one thing and pick up another. I don't realize until I get home that I have picked up the wrong thing. It makes me so mad with myself for being so stupid! I do that frequently! Old age is not for sissies!!!

KleinsteMotte said...

Oh yes. This is so very familiar. But translate that to witnessing a crime???Or what we hear or think we do?

SquirrelQueen said...

I did that with pasta not long ago.

I worked for a newspaper many years ago and my editor taught me one thing that I still remember. He said, "Never proof you own work, your eyes see what they expect to see and you will miss your mistakes." We see what we expect to see and that gives our brain a chance to play tricks on us.

photowannabe said...

Habit can really make us blind. Happens to me too often.
CostCo rearranges their things every so often and I can't find what I'm looking for and wander forever.
Great post. How were the raisens?

DawnTreader said...

I never do that.
Ha. You didn't believe that, did you? The most common things I mislay is probably my glasses, if I take them off before I go into the bathroom to have a shower etc. Since I can't see without the glasses, if I forget where I put the glasses, I can't see them!
Luckily I have lots of pairs (extras, and reading glasses, and sunglasses etc) so I usually manage to find one pair somewhere that in turn helps me find the others... :)

Stacey Dawn said...

Oh yes - I do this - like looking EVERYWHERE for the remote control only to find it sitting right smack in front of you. I swear - sometimes those things just walk away and come back on their own!