Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Java Jive

It's 8 AM on Christmas Eve morning, Hubby has gone to the park to fly his RC planes. I am alone with the dogs,

I put the TV on HD Yule Log w/Christmas Music and I grab a cup of coffee

 Note... there are two photos because the first one looks like my mothers hand, I moved the fingers for a better shot....
I Tote (southern for carry) my Christmas present to me, my new HP Laptop to the sofa and dive into blogland comments. After the comments I think, wonder what jokes I can find for next week to keep my readers laughing.

Jokes about WHAT? that is the question. Aha! I know.... and here you go.... start Groaning NOW

the subject is "coffee!!!!"

I just had some coffee that was good only for its sedimental value.

Selling coffee has its perks for those who have bean so lucky.

What do people buy coffee with? Starbucks.
*The author wasn't pleased to see a review of his book on cappuccino's. It said it was all froth and no substance.
When they spilled coffee on his neck, he got hot under the collar.


Ann said...

Oh Sandra you just crack me up. These are great. Oh and by the way, I hate it when my mother's hand sneaks into my pictures :)

Lucy (aka RHarper) said...

I hate it when my mother looks back at me in the mirror!

Ginny said...

Very cute jokes! That reminds me, how are you and the new laptop doing? I hope the computer isn't a pain in the neck anymore!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well---I choose Sandra... I'd much rather sit inside on a comfy chair, drinking my coffee, enjoying a fire and music, and playing with my laptop... Your hubby can go and fly his plane--but I'll be happy being Sandra on Christmas Eve (or most any other morning)... ha ha


DawnTreader said...

Congratulations on getting a new laptop!

George said...

Congratulations on your new laptop. I enjoyed your Java Jives.

Chatty Crone said...

I have my grnadmothers hands. sandie

WhatKarenSees said...

You must have been a really good girl this year, or else Santa has been loving your Santa jokes, because he left you a really nice gift! Hope you are having fun with your new toy!

Sunny said...

A new laptop sure beats a lump of coal! Haha!
Mother's hands?...I've got them too.
☼ Sunny

Kilauea Poetry said...

Your header reflection is beautiful! Cheers- I just had my coffee and the logs burning look so cozy! We used to have a nice fire place growing up in S.Cal..I have fond memories of my dad getting the fire ready.
Glad your hubby could enjoy himself too like that too!

S. Etole said...

You found some good ones ... hope you enjoy your new laptop.

Remington said...

Smiling again in Minnesota! THANK YOU! You are the best type of friend -- one that keeps you smiling!

Beverly said...

Love your jokes, as usual. Coffee tastes very good these cold days, doesn't it.

SquirrelQueen said...

Ohhh, those are some good jokes. I have to let them brew for a moment and sink in. Congrats on the new laptop, you'll have to give us a few more details.

That yule fire looks nice but is it producing enough heat to warm up FL?

Stacey Dawn said...

Fun! Love it!