Thursday, March 31, 2011

Diggers Treasures....

Back in the mid 60's, my friend Madelines  husband Pat, better known  to you as Snapper II used to go out in the woods and dig for old bottles. He gave me 3  bottles and the rest I found myself
A man goes to the doctor and tells him that he hasn't been feeling well.
The doctor examines him, leaves the room and comes back with three different bottles of pills. The doctor says, "Take the green pill with a big glass of water when you get up. Take the blue pill with a big glass of water after lunch. Then just before going to bed, take the red pill with another big glass of water."
Startled to be put on so much medicine the man stammers, "Jeez doc, exactly what's my problem?"
                                    The Doctor says,

"You're not drinking enough water."

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mater Down! Maters Down! SOS

OH NO! the wind blew and huffed and puffed and the top heavy plant with 8 tomatoes on the tippy top tipped over.....

NEVER FEAR, Bobby Appleseed and his ball of twine tied them UP again.

Dust, Dirt & Grime, my story

I am not a fan of housework, but do like things neat and in the proper place. If you were to do a walk through with eyes only, everything would appear in order.

Do not use the white glove! I HATE dusting, really hate it. Last Saturday, The Time Had Come!

The Glass Nook (click on link for nook info) needed attention, it has mirrors, glass shelves AND holds Lots of Glass dust catchers.

I decided to "gather" all the oil lamps and old bottles into one place and dust   wash them. If you let glass collect dust for a long time WHY does it turn into Grease, Grime and Dirt... not dust that can be brushed off, but Greasy Grime. can anyone tell me the answer?

If you know the answer to that one, do you know How  the Refrigerator Gets Dirty? everything in the fridge is in a container, a clean container, so How does it get so dirty that it has to be wiped and scrubbed? does the food come out and party at night and have food fights?  Do the liquids party and gets sloshed and splash on the shelves?

How often do you DUST? How often do you clean the fridge?

These bottles and oil lamps do NOT live in the glass nook. The Rest Of The Story LATER

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another View

Remember the Library Lights from March 19th?  Friday I climbed UP, way UP two flights of stairs to get Another View.
standing 5 feet away

Q. Why does the ghost come back to the library every day for more books?
A. Because she goes through them too quickly.

Backed off and got the man reading downstairs and the people studying upstairs

Q. What did the detective do when he didn't believe the librarian's story?
A. He booked her!

moved to the other side and it changed the color of the lights, all that is different is I moved

Headed down the stairs

Q. Why didn't the skeleton come back to the library with an overdue book?
A. He was too gutless.

Aha! a work of art, the stair rail
Can you tell I am easily entertained AND distracted by just about anything

Q. Why don't elephants ever pay overdue fines?
A. They always bring their books back on time. An elephant never forgets!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Stormy Weather....

Last night the rains came, the thunder boomed, the lightniing flashed for 5 hours. the above bush is the one in the last photo on the first post today. you can see, it was beat down.
Hubby tied it all up and this is what I found on it.

Maters are all safe and sound and beautiful with raindrops
and look what it did to the baby peppers.. YIPEEE

While You Were Sleeping Part 2

 72 and counting, clusters of 7 in 3 places, none ripe yet, a few are turning a little yellow, still watching and snapping. 20 on this plant and 19 on the other, they are the plants outside our door in the sun all day, the bucket garden does not get as much sun and they have the other 30 on 5 plants.

 If you are new here, and wonder what these photos are, click on bucket garden labels

Sorry, I fogot this is While You were sleeping post and not tomato update... here you go, night shots of maters in waiting

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rising Cost of Living

As I waited for my lab work, this past week, a man bought a bottle of water out of the machine, 1.25. Another man said "do you realize you are paying more for a gallon of water than the price of gas?"

SAY WHAT? my brain kicked in gear and all the way home I was caluculatin!

128 oz in a gallon. it would take 6.4 bottles of 20 oz bottles X 1.25 (1.49 if you buy it cold in a store)

GASPING NOW 8.00 per gallon.... any one know how many oz in a Big Gulp? do the math for me.

we have two 12 packs of diet soda that have been in the cabinet for months, since we gave up all but water this past Thanksgiving. Note: isn't she pretty sitting outside in the sun? you KNOW madsnapper has to have a VISUAL...

Back to gasping.... there is 144 oz in the 12 pack above which cost 4.00 (more or less where you buy) which is more than gas is at 3.59 right now.
If I pay 1 dollar per can out of a drink box, it comes to 10.67 per gallon. (don't think it is a dollar now)

Can anyone say PERSPECTIVE? Makes milk look like a bargain at 3.21 gallon
Drink More Water
Check your per gallon before you buy
Also all those bottles and can cost a lot more than money by taking up space in the landfills

Saturday, March 26, 2011

While you were sleeping....

Saturday AM I was peering into the tomato bushes and counting. 69 and counting... one bush has 17. Bob said look at the red tree! Yowsa! it has so many blooms it looks like fur.....

Can you guess what MadSnapper was doing while you were sleeping in? at 6:30 AM? NIGHT SHOTS with a flash, what else?

this is our dwarf powder puff bush, given to us as a  gift from a bird we think. Bob found it many years ago a little seedling growing through our fence.
This bush blooms year round, it is rare for it to have no blooms, but at times, it does THIS. we can see it out of our bedroom window and our kitchen window. it glows when the sun hits it.

this last photo is our large, very large powder puff bush, it still has a few weeks of blooming, and then the green thumb will hack it down to the ground.

Forget the Buckets...

Arriving in our driveway, I waited patiently for the huge electric door to crawl up, and as I waited, I looked through the garage and out the back door that was standing open.

"WHAT is THAT" Sandra said
"That is the yellow pepper seeds, I planted" said Johnny Appleseed Bob
"I feel a POST coming on" said Sandra 


Have I mentioned we are the king and queen of recycle? click on lnk to see all the  things we re-use
the seeds are in butter tubs, on a lid from a bucket, on top of a shoe rack that I TOLD him to put in the garbage.
Are you wondering WHY this adorable face is in the pepper seed post?
Baby Girl LOVES her greens, she devoured the 6 inch tall , sweet, tender and very green plants of the papaya Bob planted.

Now he grows them in what we call our SAFE ZONE which is our area between two fences, that keeps the dogs from the electric power meter reader.
Since the sun only shines on certain places at certain times, Hubby of the Green Thumb (no photos yet of the thumb) created this contraption that can be moved to follow the sun beams.
If anyone is interested in purchasing one (the contraption, not the dog, she is FREE), just send me your check and address. HA HA

Thursday, March 24, 2011

FMTSO... Yellow

Todays theme on FMTSO (Friday My Town Shoot Out) is YELLOW



Clever Oh so Clever

I decide to give you The View from below. This is the Avocado from a seed in yesterday post.

Think "jack in the beanstalk" but where is Jack?

Are you saying "oh how clever MadSnapper is, to think of standing and shooting UP. Wow! what talent.

 this is ever so much better than the "long shot" from yesterday to show you the size.
The problem is, I did not just THINK up this trick... I learned it from fellow blogger Squirrel Queen, she does lots of clever shooting, so I thought why NOT? The Road to here is her other blog.

Do you learn things from fellow bloggers? I learn something new almost every day. Am I a copycat? What think ye? do you find ideas for photos by looking at others?

Thanks Judy for the IDEA Coming Soon! The UGLIEST flower in our garden.....