Thursday, April 26, 2012

Baby UPDATE again

we just had a traumatic time getting the bandage off, took both of us 30 minutes just to get it off and the cone on and it is bleeding some. we had to lock Jake in the other room and he was howling about that. the tape would not come off and it was soggy with blood from bleeding for 2 days. she is traumatized and I am going to get off emails and take a day to get past this.

we did not have scissors that would cut through the tape, and I ended up using my sewing basket scissor and cutting a 1/8 at a time, we were all freaked out.  now I know why they said you might have to bring her back and let us remove the bandage. if it were not a 25 minute drive I would have.

she is upset because we had to put the cone back on. I had to sit with her for another half hour stroking her paws, she would not lay down,  she is asleep in her cone with blood dripping a little and we have to put warm compresses on. I did that but not long enough. after she calms we will do it again.

I have turned off comments on this and will see you all on Saturday. I need time away from the blog and emails to deal with her.
thanks for the comments and caring

Soon she will be back in her dirt hole that goes to China.