Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pet Peeve and the Gift Card

the above 10.00 Target Gift card came last week, with a cover letter saying Thank You for Banking with us.
the card has no expiration date and is good anywhere.
I have not been in a Target for 5 years, and it will require 3.00 worth of gas to drive there.

That is not my pet peeve..... the peeve part is....this card came addressed to Robert Hangey.

We have banked with the same bank for 28 years, I went to the bank and opened the account, took the card home and got Bob to sign it, returned to the bank and received our checks.

In 28 years Bob has never written a check, or paid a bill, or even looked at the account. He uses the debit card for auto parts and gas... that is his total contribution to our account.

When on line banking became available, I went to the bank to sign up for it, At the time SS numbers were used to log in. THEY WOULD NOT LET ME USE MY SS NUMBER.... because he is MALE he is first on the account... I raised such a stink. really I did, bob was hanging his head in mortification, she finally said I will set it up to use yours but you have to add a zero.... WHAT?

Now they dare to mail the card in his name.... not Mr and Mrs. HIS NAME..... there is no name on the card, anyone can use it, BUT they MAILED IT TO HIM....

are you picking up what i am putting down? when i tried to turn off the Electric and Water 23 years ago and have it turned on in this house, I was told The Man of The House had to do it.... I will stop now, my BP is climbing.....

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Much Ado About Nothing

 Top half taken with FILL FLASH on, bottom FILL FLASH off... makes a big difference.

If four out of five people suffer from headaches, does that mean one enjoys them?

OOPS! whose camera strap is that?

 If one spark can start a whole forest on fire, how is it that it takes a whole box of matches to start a grill.

The shinbone is a device for finding sharp furniture in the dark.

Why do Americans choose from two people for president and  fifty for Miss America?

Swallowtail Etc

Due to poor quality of photos (he would not stop fluttering) I will ask a question to entertain you and of course ME.

How many bed pillows do you have on your bed? How many throw pillows?

Do you have any sleep habits that require extra pillows?  

We have 5 bed pillows and 3 throw pillows... all of which belong to me... Bob only uses ONE.

Madsnapper Pillows.... One memory foam for my head, one to put down the middle of the bed because i am a light sleeper and if touched wake instantly and can not go back to sleep (my fretter a.k.a what iffer kicks in). And one I clutch up against my front and kind of lean on it....

that is a total of 3, the other one is used only if I am reading/watching TV in bed, it props me up used with the other 3. Two of the smallest throw pillows are used for arm rest while reading/watching....

If I give you a quiz will you know how many pillows I use and what for?

Waiting to hear about your pillows and/or sleep habits... careful this blog is rated G

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Plastic or Glass?

While juicing a grapefruit for my morning break, I started with the above plastic and ended with the glass  below.  which do you prefer? plastic or glass? or do you have an electric juicer?

Snapper wants to know:
Why? If  I am in the back of the store, the rest room is in the front, if I am in the front of the store, the rest room is in the back.
If I am in Wal-Mart, they have two, one in front, one in back. Sooo why is it when I go running to the closest one, there is a sign Wet Floor use other rest room.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Weeds and Things

 Weed found in the flower pot last week... 

Saturday AM, I found this voting sticker laying between Bob's glasses on his bathroom vanity. I went to clean off the vanity for the weekly scrub fest and there it lay.
I thought what is this? voting was more than 2 months ago.

When I questioned Bob, he said... I cleaned out the pockets to my shorts before I put them in the laundry basket....
The question is... Did he wear the shorts since November? or put them in the drawer dirty? Where were these shorts?
The answer is, he hung them on a hook inside the walk-in closet, hung his jeans over them, and when the weather got cold this week, he got the jeans to wear and there they were....

Saturday, January 26, 2013

How to make a post out of Anything/Everything/NOTHING

To whom it may concern:

I am not, no matter how it may seem to you, in anyway, at all, bored with my life...... 

I LOVE, really LOVE sitting salt and pepper shakers in shadows and merrily snapping away! Truly I DO!

Also, I was NOT bored when I found by using my friend Google Search, 
that the ONLY Museum of Salt and Pepper Shakers is in Gatlinburg, TN....
the most asked question at said museum is.......
Which shaker has the most amount of HOLES????

Kid you not... and here is the answer..

The shaker with the least amount of holes is for Salt...
...and the shaker with more holes is for Pepper.
An easy way to remember is that salt is bad for you so you need less!

Now there are always exceptions to everything. So in Europe, it’s the other way around. Pepper goes in the shaker with the least amount of holes and Salt goes in the shaker with the most amounts of holes. What’s interesting is that in Europe it was difficult to get your hands on Pepper since it’s a spice from the Orient (very exotic) but it was used to spice up meat that had been left out a little too long

Friday, January 25, 2013

Reflections on Reflections

 In August of 2007. Diane and I went to Lakewood Ranch to wander down the brick sidewalks and windowshop/shoot
 I realized I was looking at the green dress and seeing the palm and building behind me. I pointed it out to Diane and we happily took photos of reflections of reflections...

The buildings were behind my back, the mannequins in a window...

When What To Our Wondering Eyes Did Appear? see the little cart behind me in the below shot? it was a security guard telling us we could NOT take photos of the windows, we could take photos of the buildings and flowers and trees, NO WINDOW SHOTS..... I showed him these photos in my camera. He said very nice, but you cant take anymore.

Below are photos I snagged off Google Earth to show you what Lakewood Ranch looks like.
Only the VERY Rich live there and shop there....

Above shows the condos that are above the shops these windows are in, below shows the view of the buildings from across the street... we have not been back since then...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Opossum, Oh My, Oh Me....

Isn't he/she adorable??? Really, so cute... Wed. at 6:30 AM, we came home from the gym and let the dogs in the back yard, still dark at that time. They both ran to the corner of the yard and disappeared  When Bob called, they did not come. He got the flash light and Jake had this little guy by the back of his neck.

Bob made Jake put him down, picked up the dead Opossum and put him between the fences in the plant nursery, to await proper burial.

He came in and said Jake killed a possum, and I said how do you know it was dead and not playing possum?

Brave person that I am, I gingerly opened the door of the garage and carefully peeked around the corner to see if it was dead or alive.... Bazinga! the first photo is what I saw, except the teeth were showing and there was hissing going on.
Guess what I did next?
Snap! Snap! and scared him half to death. It would have been better but not only was it dark, MadSnapper was afraid I would be attacked....

He was so afraid of the flashy beast, he hid his little face and my heart melted. Bob came out and opened the gate into our front yard, which is a safe zone from Jake the Hunter. The thing is he went and camped out on the front porch which causes barking and also could be a problem for using the front door.
My Knight In Shining Armor went out on the porch and clapped his hands and said SHOO! Shoo! this went on for a while because possums lay down and pretend to be dead when afraid.
He did finally wander off into the neighbors yard and I do hope when Barbara puts out her trash she doesn't faint.
I wonder what all the neighbors thought was going on in the dark that Bob would be out there yelling SHOO! 
Trust me, possums do not shoo!
I found a really really Cool Site, Please Be Kind, go there to read all about possums and other wild critters. a Wealth of info that Bob and I both read and now we know they are good for our eco system, will not attack, will not fight, are meek and mild and the worst predator for them is MAN... but not these MANS

JUST IN CASE you don't go there, here is the site in short...

1. Opossums are exceptionally non-aggressive and non-destructive. They will not harm people or pets. However, they are wild animals and should not be handled.

   2.  Opossums do not dig into the soil nor do they destroy property.

3.      Opossums help maintain a clean and healthy environment. They eat all types of insects including cockroaches, crickets, beetles, etc. They catch and eat rats and mice. They consume dead animals of all types. They like overripe fruit, berries and grapes that have fallen to the ground and they think that snails and slugs are a delicacy.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Yada Yada Blah Blah Blah

December in Florida
Random thoughts when I took the above photo.  NOTE update: many comments on the lemon tree. The tree above is a Golden Poinciana Tree, flowers not lemons.

Does she wear and  itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow poke a dot bikini....(five minutes to the beach)
Did she  park the car under the tree because it matched the tree?
Does she work in K-Mart or Publix and bought the car to match the tree?
Do you agree the car belongs to a SHE?  I mean do you know any men that drive an Easter egg yellow car?

The only snow we had on Christmas Eve.... but our snowflakes are REALLY BIG....

Random thoughts while snapping... will anyone notice I got up from lunch to walk to the window and snap a snowflake? a plastic one?

Will anyone care that our  Christmas cactus on the front porch bloomed the week before Christmas?
Click here for post on all our Christmas Cactus 

Sunday, January 20, 2013


I am sorry for missing your blogs yesterday, and again today. I am taking a few days off. My back is out, nothing to worry about, I have had problems like this for 40 years and bed rest is what it will take to make it better.
you will know I am back when you see the next post. I can't sit at the computer right now.
See you when I am better..

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Some things just ARE

Hubby, better known to most of you as Bobby Appleseed, has a nursery hospital for sick plants. it shares with trash cans and  Bob's treasures Junk between two fences. While taking out the trash I noticed his fine, used every day 10 speed bicycle......Take a closer look? can you guess how long since it has been ridden?

Being the MadSnapper is tough work. I saw the vine growing in the rust and had to walk all the way back in the house to get the camera. I know this will shock you , but I don't always take the camera with me to the trash can.

Yet another shocking disclosure.... I played with the photo in Photoshop, above is just a little texture.
Below is Cropping Play time in PhotoShop

I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn't work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness. unknown author
Bob did not steal this jewel, but he did find it on a neighbors trash pile about 15 years ago. He has ridden it half a dozen times....

In closing remember this: the early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese!

do you know what this means? I don't know either....

taking Sunday OFF, see you Monday, bright and early....

Friday, January 18, 2013

See BEEEautiful

there are close to 150 blooms on the powder puff, almost every puff has 2 to 4 bees on it. I put the LONNNGGG LENS on the Rebel, stood the camera on the mono-pod and fired away 

I just could not get a really good shot. I know it can be done, I see it on others blogs...

Every other year, Bob hacks this tree down to four feet or it would become a monster. I am looking forward to the hacking and the bees have to find another home. so where do they go at night?

 Above shot occurred when I was madly firing and the bees came after me, the pod slipped. I backed off a few feet and my first fire was another accident. it is a little more in focus than the bees and blurs