Friday, February 28, 2014

Billy Goat Gruff

Hey, Photographer! How's this pose?

what do you call a goat with one ear?
Van Goat

I told you to back off Buster! She wants MY Photo....

What do you call the best 'butter' on the farm?
a goat...

Why is it hard to carry on a conversation with a goat?
Because they are always 'butting' in

Below is my friends hubby, Robert, in line at McDonald's drive Ride Through. I did not take the photo, with permission I borrowed it off her Facebook

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Random Pics and Thoughts

Selby Gardens

We receive letters from our power company stating we should purchase insurance on our appliances and all things that plug into the outlets, just in case of power surges damage.

Selby Gardens

The letter comes, a few days later we have small 3 to 5 seconds where power goes down/up. wreaking havoc with timers and clocks.

Selby Gardens

Last week, power down/up.. .....I reset the coffee pot ....2nd time power down/up and coffee pot goes POW crackle....I set the clock... the auto program will not set... words pour out of my mouth,

power down/up 3rd time in 2 hours...the pot goes POW Crackle...

this time I can set the clock and the's a miracle, it still works.

Ringling Art Museum Courtyard

Bob rants and raves about power company doing it on purpose to make us buy insurance.. we have lived here 25 years and never lost anything to power surge, NOW we need insurance?

Ringling Art Museum Courtyard

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Point Pleasant -3

Our house is old (not this old), the doors hang slightly crooked, we use door stops to keep them against the wall, which means the knob has been in the same exact spot for 25 why do I whack my arm on it once a month?

My Memory and Me.... or lack there of.

I had to email my 3 friends that are listed in my contacts as 3 Sistas and say, what is the word I am looking for? what is the juice called that is left in greens or beans.... Catherine answered.

Pot Liquor.... what is UP or make that DOWN with my memory cells???

P.S. I asked Bob first.... he had no clue what I meant and did not know what Pot Liquor is.

Is this a word/words you recognize?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Random Rambling -Designer ToastD

Designer Toast by Bob

Take one impatient Hubby + toaster oven that takes 2 minutes to make toast.
Add bread held with tongs held over red glowing range element = TOAST with designs...
Let me know if you try it and please use tongs with rubber handles.. OUCH

Beware of Long may find out things you do not want to know..

Last week while standing in line at the Cashier, perusing the front covers of the magazines, I suddenly realized how Old I AM...

I did not recognize a single face on any of the dozen magazines. I wanted to list all the stars I might recognize but I can't remember their names...

Beware of PicMonkeyITIS.....Beware of BloggingITIS....Beware of MouseITIS

all three of these can and will cause your wrist to throb and your thumb to feel like someone tried to rip it off your hand.

Lucky ME...on our last trip to the flea market I saw these nifty items for a dollar each and bought 2 of them... they make my wrist feel good and the big PLUS is...

PHOTO OP...Blog MATERIAL.... have you ever tried to use your left hand only to take a photo of your right one? IT WAS HARD,.. just Call me Vanna Hanna the MadSnapper.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Mail Boxes and Flowers... Oh My

If I were flying in a helicopter with a Seal Team, and if I rappelled down into the middle of Point Pleasant...

 I could tell it was Florida.....

because of the flowers and trees....

And as I showed the Navy Seal Team these mail boxes, I could say

Only in Florida will you find flip flops and fish on mail boxes.

But after writing this, if I had rappeled down with the Seal Team, I doubt I would be looking at the mail boxes...I mean Really? Mail Boxes?

Do you think I read to much? Can you tell I love action movies and action books?
Do you even know what a seal team is????

JUST SO YOU KNOW... I chose the team that had a Canine Unit.

All photos taken on Point Pleasant Walkabout in downtown Bradenton by the MADSnapper

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Point Pleasant-Black and White

When these homes were built, any photos taken then, would have been black and white...

Oh come, let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation! Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving; let us make a joyful noise  ...

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Random Ramlings of a MadSnapper

 3 USB Cords and that is not all I have....there are MORE... so will someone please tell the makers of all things techie we need a standard size USB that fits everything?

Thanksgiving 5 years ago, the turkey juice made a trail across the counter.

I used one of these Handi Wipes to clean up the major portion. Laid it on the corner of the sink, instead of placing in the trash can,

and JAKE ATE IT... the whole thing,the wipe, not the turkey. I called the vet and he said just watch him.

we watched Jake for a month. HEH HEH nothing happened!

 and he is still alive...

Bob stepped out of the jungle into my photo.
can you find his faithful companion, Jake?
click to enlarge, look at bottom left.

they were on the hunt for a Missing Shoe....I wonder who could/would have taken it back there? your clue is name starts with J.A.K.E.
YES... they found the shoe and the Big BONE that has been MIA for weeks.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Point Pleasant...Friday Fence

My favorite home in Point Pleasant... it is old, colorful, fenced and gated, has flowers and trees and Palm trees... and this is the February "Winter" view

If you enlarge above photo, left top you can see the Assisted living that is on the street behind it... since i am not far from needing that facility, if  one of you will send my half a million.... who knows....

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny.......

The whole "photoshoot" started when I noticed this itsy bitsy teen weeny hisbicus on the bush that the flowers should be the size of my palm...

I plucked it and stuck it on my hand to pretend I am one of the singers judges on The Voice or X-Factor ...even AMERICAN IDOL...

My hand looks exactly like those of  Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera

See above NOT MY HAND... at that is where you find the BIG RINGS
NOTE: I have seen rings bigger than this flower on TV...this means I am IN FASHION...

I sat it on a fork, I sat it on a pen.... I wanted you to see how tiny it is... Because of all the wrinkles on my hand.... l give you this photo that has been MONKEYED with... The wrinkles not the flower....

PS... the next morning the ring had died overnight. PHOOEY

Hope you enjoyed our break from OLD HOUSES... they will be back tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow... KIDDING

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Point Pleasant - Part 2

Love the tree more than the house on this one..

 Love the porch on this and this one is my favorite as you can tell by all the photos of it... my favorite on this post...

This home with the cedar shake siding is also very old, built in the early 1900's and was to large to get it all in one photo.

Next door to the cedar home is this  New Orleans style home and even

And right next to it is this big surprise with an acre lot, nothing like the other homes but stunning grounds.

Above is the back view and below is the front view, the trees are magnificent and there were maybe 5 trees of about 100 years old.