Saturday, February 28, 2015

How Did this post Happen?

How this post happened... I had a box of crayons,

I tried to burn them in a prior post and they would not burn.

 I remembered my dear friend Ann at SnapEditScrap has been posting her Art Journal Projects..  

 BAZINGA!  a POST Appeared in my Head...

I dug out an old sketch pad and a pencil and because I was sitting on the sofa, looking at the lamp by the vertical blinds, I decide to DRAW what I saw...

In a blink I had colored over the pencil,

 I blinked again  and I decided to tell you the crayons all have three names of the color on them.

NOTE:  I have had that box for at least 15 years and never noticed that..

 Earlier I had visited Dory's Backyard and she did a tutorial cutting out with PiZap and I HAD to go play. I was busy cutting me out of a photo and.....

NOTE: I have been using PiZap for a year and did not know it will cut things out

I blinked and there was the art thingy in PiZap... you know the rest of the story.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Strawberries Strawberries Strawberries

Our local strawberries are in now and I bought 2 pounds of these wonderful berries, ripened on the vines for $2.48 this week.

When I was 12 my parents were so cruel to me, they made me PICK STRAWBERRIES.. I thought they were cruel, but I paid them back by eating one and putting one in my basket and on and on....and they were FREE.. they also made me pick wild blackberries... Now I wish I had access to them

(I also had to pick tomatoes, beans, peas and dig potatoes.. and shell them, peel them and shuck corn.)

Strawberries are a big deal here, we even have a Queen and her court and I am not in that photo... how could that happen?

 This is the link to our Florida Strawberry Festival  if you would like to see all the fun they have. It is about an hour drive from us.

ADDING AN UPDATE... I just went to visit Molly The Wally and am ROFLMAO... if you need a laugh visit her today.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Good Fence Thursday49

On my 1.6 mile drive to Dollar General I passed this fence and shot it through the windshield.

 Below is the Re-max building next door to Dollar General. Photo taken from my side window. ..

Photos taken February 19, 2015......I love Florida. and living under 3 miles from every where I shop.

Joining TexWisGirl for Good Fence Thursday.. Pop on over ..

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Crayon's do NOT burn....

I tried to burn this brown candle, all it did was make a mess... and Stink.

Are you asking yourself why I would try to burn a candle?

It is my belief that 95 percent of everything that is posted on Facebook is NOT TRUE... when at all possible I try to prove it. The below photo showed up on FB and that is the answer to why.... I tried to burn a candle.

I did manage to burn a few in PicMonkey

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Why? that is the question

. Cleaning Closets was # 1 on my To-Do list. I found this monitor on the top shelf.  A Thought Popped... hook it up to the lap top. Who knows why? I sure don't. yet another because I could?

There were two oultets in the wall, I had four cords, so I went in Dollar General to buy ONLY an extension cord with 5 check out I said to the cashier..

 "I came for the extension cord, why do I have 7 items?"

He laughed and said Thank You.... Bob says I am keeping the guy in a job...

Pondering  WHY I can't shop for ONE item ONLY... can you buy just one thing?

While I have you here... can you think of a reason a woman would be in Walmart Saturday at 6:30  AM buying THIRTEEN loaves of french bread from the bakery? Special Order....I saw the ticket...

NO, I did not take a photo but I wanted to. I almost asked her why but fought it off..
You might not know WHY  I posted all this but you will know why I posted these. Puppies that belong to a friend of a friend... they make me feel HAPPY just looking at them ENJOY..

That is the Mom in the corner... are they just Adorable? Photos taken by the grandmother.. BOL

Monday, February 23, 2015

Flowers on Mosaic Monday

Powder Puffs are beautiful

Plants give us oxygen so we can breathe and Every thing either eats plants or eats something that eats plants...
  • provide us with food (vegetables, fruit and cereal crops - wheat, flour, rice etc)
  • shelter
  • fuel (oil, gas, wood are all plant derivatives)
  • building materials
  • clothing (cotton etc.)
  • And plenty of other things... taken from    Bruce Pedersen

Plants give us much beauty and joy... MadSnapper


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Shadow Shot Sunday

Saturday AM I looked out the kitchen window and saw the rain barrel

Grabbed my camera and got this and this.

Then I realized someone was WAVING at me from the bottom....

Food for thought.... Actions always prove why words mean nothing...

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fear of the Dark..

I have been afraid of the dark as far back as I can remember, about age 4 or 5.. No reason that I know of, just afraid of the dark and what might be in it. Friday morning, I went to Whisper Sweetly of Cottages and found this Post, Night Frights and found a sister in fright.... Mona's story is my story, if you have five minutes, pop over and read it.

Yes, I know this and the odd thing is, I love a dark night with stars but ONLY IF SOMEONE IS WITH ME... so what is up with that?

I check the back seat before I get in if it is dark.

I will not swim in the pool in the dark UNLESS Bob stands out there with me.
But with lights on  I can SEE whatever it is.

I typed Fear of the Dark in Google and up popped this song by Iron Maiden whom I have never heard of and after listening to the song know why... but the words are just like my life and Mona's.

Then I typed fear of the dark in Google IMAGES and OH MY look at these images of fear..HERE

Lyrics for Fear Of The Dark By Iron Maiden
I am a man who walks alone
And when I'm walking a dark road
At night or strolling through the park
When the light begins to change
I sometimes feel a little strange
A little anxious when it's dark.
Fear of the dark, fear of the dark
I have constant fear thas something's always near
Fear of the dark, fear of the dark
I have a phobia that someone's always there
Have you run your fingers down the wall
And have you felt your neck skin crawl
When you're searching for the light?
Sometimes when you're scared to take a look
At the corner of the room
You've sensed that something's watching you.
Have you ever been alone at night
Throuh your heard footsteps behind
And turned around and no-one's there?
And as you quicken up your pace
You find it hard to look again
Because you're sure there's someone there
Watching horror films the night before
Debating witches and folklore
The unknown troubles on your mind
Maybe your mind is playing tricks
You sense, and suddenly eyes fix
On dancing shadows from behind.
Fear of the dark, fear of the dark
I have a constant fear that something's always near
Fear of the dark, fear of the dark
I have a phobia that someone's always there.
When I'm walking a dark road
I am a man who walks alone
© Universal Music Publishing Group
For non-commercial use only.
Data From: LyricFind


Friday, February 20, 2015

Kindle Love and flowers

UPDATE: what kind of idiot would schedule two posts on the same day same time?   MUST BE ME... oh well.

I sit in the sun in front of our Florida Fireplace, with my Kindle. While reading my Kindle paperwhite, if I find a word that I am not sure what it means, I tap the word, it highlights and opens a window with the definition.

Last week, while reading in my Bible I came to this word. Similitude.. I tapped the word for the definition and NOTHING HAPPENED... in a few seconds I realized it was the Written Word.. and I would have to rely on the dictionary. Of course it was the On Line Dictionary.. have you ever seen this word before?

Flowers in the grocery store. JUST BECAUSE

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Do you know what this is?

Do you know what this is? 
Did it snow in Florida... 

Last week, these ferns had grown to 4 and 5 feet tall, I yanked them all out of the ground to let them start over again.. they had taken over the bucket garden. The photo's up top are the roots of the ferns that grew close to our pool pump. they are covered in Diatomaceous Earth...  link provided if you want to know what it is made of.
We just call it pool dirt when we pay 20.00 for 25 pounds and it goes in the pool filter and we MUST have it...

Now YOU know it makes pretty snow crystals on roots.. also creates MadSnapper Fodder

Did you know....One out of four people in this country is mentally imbalanced. think of your three closest friends. If they seem OK, then YOU are the ONE... 
Are you thinking of ME?? humm? are you????

Home Depot if you need it

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


A shot in the knee for pain caused by arthritis spur 

 Counted exercises ordered by a Therapist

  8 weeks, FIVE days a week

 20 minutes in the pool plus 10 minutes at home

all of the above has changed my life

The exercise that has made the most difference is walking 4 times across the pool.

100 yards a day... 
walking the equivalent of  a football field filled with water. 

 Chest Deep.....walking, lifting my feet and pushing the water...
100 yards a day...

 I know longer drag my left leg and I have not stumped my toe on ANYTHING or even stumped it on NOTHING. as in the middle of a floor or on the lip to the
shower. I no longer trip on the throw rugs, my knee is better, my hips are better.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Kissed by the Red Admiral

Today's date is 2/16/2015. For the past 3 days I have stood in wonder waiting for the kiss of the Red Admiral. Each day at 3 he comes and sits on me and I hold my breath to keep him there. I found this is the 4 year in this month and at 3 pm that they come to sit on me.
The story is the same today as it was for 4 years 4 posts.
I have been kissed by the Red Admirals 4 years in a row.

I will be taking a couple of days off to work on my To Do List.

This Post is from Feb 24th 2012
Every day for the past 5 days, this Red Admiral butterfly comes to the same place. He sits on the lip to the pool, the rod the towel hangs on and the towel itself.

These butterflies are territorial and the male often returns to the same place over and over. We were amazed the first time he swooped down and sat on my arm for about 10 seconds. He lifted off and sat in Bob's hair, back to my arm, this time for about 30 seconds. I googled and this Red Admiral is known to be friendly to visitors in gardens. whooo hoooo what JOY and PHUN

the next day, I stood very still and he came and sat on my arm until I could no longer hold it still. I made a small move and he flew to Bob and sat in his hair, several times as we oohed and ahhed. He comes at 3 and 5 like clockwork. no photos of him sitting on us, but I did get him on the towel.

His little feet feel funny, like he is dancing on my arm. Beyond Way Cool. and Guess What???
there will be MORE, he has two females and we have been watching them DANCE.... Soon we will have Catepillars... did I say whooo whooo?

On Day 3 he actually sat on Bob's Nose......

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine Day -2015

Happy Birthday to my Son David, who is 50 today. As you can tell below, I had him at age 10... my age not his...brahahaha
Happy 16th Anniversary to David and Deanna also.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine Surprise...

Thursday AM my neighbor brought us a plate of Valentine Fruit. She received a fruit flower basket and shared with us. Thank you, Kay..

Can you guess what Bob and I ate FIRST? as in Immediately?
Can You?

YOU ARE RIGHT if you guessed Chocolate Covered Strawberries.. TWO each. Down the hatch.. YUMMMM

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Good Fence Thursday -Schefflera Tree

                   Sun Painting the leaves of the Schefflera Tree over the Fence

I have expanded my skills, now I can actually forget what I am doing while I am doing it.  

I love being over 50  70, I learn something new every day and forget five  others... 
Found on Facebook and so ME

Joining TexWisGirl for Good Fence Thursday, stop over and check out this weeks fence fotos.