Tuesday, June 30, 2015

87,000 Necta Sweet Tablets


4:20 AM, Snapper Stumbles in kitchen for first cup of coffee.

Pours creamer...opens lid to Necta Sweet.. I use 2 per cup, I like my coffee strong, HOT and Sweet.
Drop 2 tablets in coffee... tilt hand to put the 10 that fell out in my palm back in the bottle.

Bottle drops from hand, 87,000 tablets Skitter all over the counter, under the toaster and coffee pot.
(yes, I know the bottle says 500 on it)
Lid back on, stumble back to bed with my coffee.,

Bob is half finished with his and I take 2 sips and say, Does the coffee taste OK?

Bob says, mine is great. Just like usual... hummmm

I keep sipping and half way through the cup

GAAAAAAA I take a sip that is like eating a spoon of sugar. Like drinking syrup
Guess who did not STIR after she dropped the tablets in.

Had to dump that cup.....

Monday, June 29, 2015

Ghosts In My Egg Carton

Soooo... there I was, waiting... waiting.. in the kitchen while I boiled eggs...Waiting is Boring... if I leave to go get my kindle I might forget to come back and the water will boil out and the eggs will look and smell funny..the pot may turn black....... (NO that has NEVER happened before)

 The Little Red Camera is sitting on the counter.... The Empty Egg Carton is sitting on the counter

waiting..waiting...more waiting... it is true, a watched pot never boils...........

  All of a sudden I SNAP! Really! I DO!  

I aim the camera at the egg carton... I take a dozen photos.......of the creases in the egg carton.... Ghosts..in my egg carton...MadSnapper is haunted...

My snapperfication- imagination runs wild
 I see a ballet dancer, with a smiley face and a spider web skirt 

A trio of ghostly dancers appeared..
OMG my egg carton is haunted...

 Two More Ghostly Dancers..

Later: Sitting and staring at my egg carton ART on my screen , I am thinking they look like dreamy dancers..

PicMonkey grabbed me by the throat and... and.... and......... 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hibiscus Sista's

Twin Sisters
I checked my labels for Hibiscus and there are 52 former post that include these flowers. We have 8 bushes and every where I go they are THERE...
My label below says 52 but I am betting there are more than that.
do you have ONE thing you photograph over and over and over?

I am sad, we had 42 blooms like the one below, Night Blooming Cactus, and I did not see them until they were limp the next day...
I do realize I have thousands of photos from over the years, but missing that sight hurts my heart.
CLICK HERE to see the story of these blooms in former posts. HERE to see the 48 blooms we had only once in July 2013

 Can you Imagine 42 of these giant blooms, they are 7 inches across the top
they always bloom in July/Aug/Sept not in June.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Happy Hisbicus Saturday

PicMonkey Daguerreotype Plumbe
JUST MEwishing  YOU  a  HAPPY  Saturday... 

PicMonkey Daguerreotype Brady

Out of my camera, with a tad of sharpened

Friday, June 26, 2015

Keyboard or Mouse

My laptop keyboard was replaced a year ago, and now is minus 4 letters.

 So far not a problem, since I touch type, but if my memory goes.. ...

 I have replaced my desk top keyboard three times in 3 years because Bob one finger types and must see the letters.

I use the keyboard strokes instead of the mouse most of the time. Are you keyboard strokes or mouse or both?

All the letters remain on the latest one, but the CTRL key sticks because it is my most used key on the board.

I created today's  graphic with Word Clip art  and PicMonkey.

Word Clip Art is royalty free.

To find Clipart in Word...

Open Word, click on top Tab Insert/ click on Clipart /type what you want in search bar to far right and here is my keyboard I used today.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

What Was...What Is........Good Fence

TexWisGirl post opened and this is what was there.....permission granted by Tex to use her photo Click on The Runaround Ranch Report, Whistlers Wed 132 for The Rest Of The Story

This is what MadSnapper SAW...it took me 90 seconds to see what I saw and for you to see what I saw...
A two headed duck....

Walking up to Wal-Mart on Saturday what was....

NOTE: above IS a fence, because I say so
Joining TexWisGirl on Good Fence Thursday

What I saw and Why I took the photo.  Three Smiley Faces

What Was...... What MadSnapper SAW... Truly I did... I think I may need help...

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Double Exposure in PicMonkey

Double Exposure - Merging two photos, one as  a background and one as a texture 
Tutorial HERE .

 Which weighs more? a ton of bricks or a ton of feathers?    Neither, they both way a ton

Why did the pelican get thrown out of the hotel?
He had a BIG bill....

Type Funny Pelican jokes in  Google Search/Image.... there are tons of pelican cartoons that are really funny.

Above is combo of the below pics..

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pink Panther at the Mall

Pink Panther ride in the mall

We had fathers day lunch in the mall for Bob to have a Philly Cheese Steak in the Food court. Our table faced the rides for little kids... You Can Guess the Rest of this Story.

Since I am a tad embarrassed that I took these photos and that I am posting them, I decided to tell an embarrassing story with them.

Bob was watching the news and came down the hall to tell me he saw a crowded subway on the news with everyone standing holding on the the strap. He held up his arm like he was holding a strap and his nose was right in his arm pit. He said can you imagine this?

I automatically raised my arm and YIKES! I said what is up with this? then i remembered.
Yesterday I got in the shower and just as I put the shampoo on my hair and lathered, KABAM, boom a looma boom alooma THUNDER...I madly rinsed the soap out and leaped to safety from the lightning.
Without washing under my arms and no deodorant..  and PROMPTLY forgot it.
Sign me Henny Penny, Chicken Little

NO, I did not buy the dress, only because it was to small...

Monday, June 22, 2015

Aladdin's Lamp - We have ONE

I cleaned the glass NOOK and all that resides there in on my 2 day hiatus from blogging. The NOOK label might just have 87 million pics..

Bob and I were watching a movie that was set in the year 1944, and I spied an old oil lamp that looked very much like this one that belonged to Bob's grandmother. I said that makes me wonder how old that lamp is. Lucky ME... I had just cleaned it.

I leaped from the sofa and tried to read the name of the lamp which is printed on the little knobby thing that makes the flame go up and down... COULD NOT READ IT... grabbed the little red camera and Voila..

Let the Fun Begin.....Google search generate one hour of gleeful fun on my part and Bob having to run down the hall several times to answer questions like..

1st trip down the hall .... Bob! come see! I found the LAMP... It is Alladdin Model A, made in USA in the year 1932... They are still making lamps... (Bob goes back to TV)

2nd trip...Bob.. Is this the shade that was broken by your children BEFORE ME? Nope...like that but all white... I want this one,  I said it will fit and I love it. OH NO 85.00.. forget it.

3rd and last trip...... Is this the shade? YES... just like that one. Wait, don't leave look at the chimmey i found on EBAY .. he looks and leaves, no comment (this was the last trip because he refused to come again even though I begged.)
collectors items on ebay Aladdin chimneys for model A

I had a blast.... If you ever have nothing to post about pay attention while watching a movie and it might just POP OUT AT YOU....
 Here is a link to the 6 lamps I have now out of the 40 I used to have..... Lamps

For those of you still with me and still awake....History of Aladdin Mantle Lamps here and if you want to buy me anything the parts are sold HERE....on the Aladdin Lamps site....

Friday, June 19, 2015

Backyard Birding

Bob and Jake were playing ball, and I was standing staring up into the trees and sky and realized there were two birds on the top of the 40 foot piece of bamboo . The strange thing was it was a Blue Jay and  A Red Belly Woodpecker. Thank you TexWisGirl for identifying the wood pecker for me.

 The other odd thing was the fact they stayed there while I went inside for my camera and then sat there while I took 25 photos, trying to get the camera to focus that far away... The both had a seed/berry in their beaks.

I  wonder if we will have new families of WoodJay's, Jaywoods, ... a blue jay with a red head, a red head with a blue bottom?


Thursday, June 18, 2015

From My Front Porch

Through the living room window I saw a flock of Ibis land and start eating at our front yard buffet....
Ibis are common here and in our yard almost daily, I only have 4 post on them and rarely aim the camera at them. Click HERE for my favorite post on them

stepping quietly on the front porch I snapped a few shots of them, then noticed the staghorn and rose moss BEGGING me to take their photo.

As I turned to go in the house the street scene, seen through a bush was begging to. It's the little things in life that matter...

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My New Super Hero...

Good bye old friends, I will not miss you

In the past few years I have developed a Scent Allergy, perfumes, after shave, candles, fabric softeners and anything with a heavy scent and I am choking and coughing.

All the cleaning supplies I used for years, now choke me to the point I can't work with them. Above are just a few that I can no longer use. I have tried Green, Not green, expensive and cheap, it all makes me choke.

and anything with chlorine in it could be deadly. You could murder me by closing me in a small room with a bottle of Clorox with the lid off.

When Bob adds chlorine to the pool, I have to come in the house and wait a couple of hours before I can swim...

Last week I found the below video on FaceBook and Voila.. 

MEET MY NEW SUPER HERO.... Hulk -Hydrogen Peroxide. Who knew a common bottle of peroxide could do all this... I keep it to pour on cuts and scrapes.

NO SCENT and it cleans like a dream, I put full strength in a spray bottle and cleaned glass tables, glass oven doors, counter tops, bathroom tiles and tubs and showers, toasters and kitchen sinks.. and they all sparkled. No harm to me or to the environment....

25 year old stainless steel sink and drainer

It did sting when it got in my cuts on my fingers that I did not know were there, but that is a small price to pay. PLUS I paid 1.00 at Dollar General for 32 oz bottle... Cheap and Strong.. woo hooo.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

If I Die First...

If I Die First... Bob will have a few lessons to learn...

The sugar jar he uses for coffee does not magically refill itself...

Crumbs do not disappear off the counter... (eventually they become hills)

Old hearing aid batteries do not throw themselves in the trash.. (more hills)

Food does not Appear in the fridge/cabinets....

Bills do not pay themselves...which means He will be sitting in a dark house, with no TV/computer and no Phone to call for help ..

linens do not strip from the bed and reappear clean that same night and clothing does not wash/dry and reappear in drawer/closet.

Pain Meds and Tums do not get beamed into the baskets where they live.

Pills do not appear in the organizer and once a week pop themselves in the weekly organizer.

 (once back in 1990, Max the dog was on a prescription, I handed Bob the pill to give to Max because it required brute strength, and Bob popped it in his mouth and swallowed it. I said
"that was the dog pill" he said "don't worry unless I start to chase cars")

Yes, I called the vet and after he quit laughing, he said no problem.

Bob does not shop or pay bills and once I asked him what prescriptions he takes.

He said ''the ones in the green box, not the purple,'' ''those are yours.''

I said "what will you do if I die first?" He replied "I just won't take them"


Monday, June 15, 2015

Call me E- Sherlock...

I love the internet and would be lost without it. Google Search is my BFF... I love to ask questions and find answers and I love to poke around on it, flitting from subject to subject. Song to Song. I love to just type a sentence and see what pops up..

JUST CALL ME E-Sherlock, internet detective extraordinaire 

Any and everything  sends me running to the computer. You may blame this post on Gail at The Farm. Her simple statement "our rooster dropped dead today" had me off and running when she answered my question of why did he die, with "chickens don't live long, they just drop dead."

I said to Bob, did you know chickens just drop dead when they get old? He answered Yes but I don't know how long they live.

I was so amazed when I typed in "life expectancy of a chicken" ( 5 to 8 years some longer)  and zillions of fun things popped up... What a HOOT all this info was.  I spent over and hour popping here and there reading Chicken Facts... even Smithsonian has Fourteen Fun Facts about Chickens...

Who KNEW, Cockadoodle doo...

I found Top Ten Chicken Questions, a whole web site.. did I say What a HOOT? If you want a laugh go read his stories... Seems Chickens can be hilarious and make for better TALES than dogs and cats.

They replaced their Beware of Dog sign with Area Patrolled by Attack Chicken Sign... I am providing links because I do realize not EVERYONE is interested in Chickens.

Leghorn Foghorn is my 2nd favorite Chicken (Henny Penny is 1st since we share the Sky is Falling Syndrome)

.. and no you don't have to watch the whole thing or even part of of it. Pass on by.....or not.

I LOVE THE INTERNET. Oh Wait! I said That!