Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Not Feeling Well..comments off

not feeling well, comments off, I will be back when I feel better.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Tree of Life -Gulf Fritterary

Above is our Dwarf Powder puff bush, we had a bad storm last Thursday and the wind blew it over and the top fell into the pool. It is in a pot, and is alive, but the leaves all turned brown. UPDATE: I created the post a week ago, the tree is now dead.

Late in the afternoon, I stood looking at the leaves, and broke a piece to see if it is green inside. A gulf Fritterary almost sat on my camera a couple of times, then landed and just hung there.

Soon there were three of them hanging and settling in for the night. My friend told me several years ago to watch where they land at night because that is their roost and they will return again and again.

Standing 10 feet away with wings closed, they were perfectly camouflaged. The one below kept beating its wings and I managed one decent shot of them open. With the small camera I had to get to close and it upset them.

Come Home to Mama Rebel  DSLR.. I am waiting. (waiting two weeks now)

Monday, July 27, 2015

Jurassic Wal-Mart

Bob went with me to Wal-Mart at 5 AM Sunday because he needed Pool chemicals that are to heavy for me to pick up. I patiently led him to the  Windshield  Washer Fluid, The Pool Chemicals, The lawn mower spark plugs and last but not least the Windshield wiper blade for my Kia.

He impatiently waited at the end of the aisle while I madly snapped the 4 inch Jurassic Park figures.  He actually shook his head in amazement when he walked down to where I was and saw the object of my camera lens.

NOTE: When we entered the store, I said you go get your items and I will get the canned air I need and come meet you in automotive. He said no, I need you to read the tiny print for me. (He never remembers his reading glasses)

The good news is.... I would have missed Jurassic if I had not followed him to automotive.. and YOU would have missed this POST...

Saturday, July 25, 2015


2008  photos

At the YMCA I noticed a new poster on the board and stopped to read it. It said Camp Talk-A-Lot and I was so excited thinking... AT LAST! a new program I can handle.... Alas, the fine print said 3 to 5 year old and I am just a TAD past that.

The above collage is my 64th birthday celebration in 2008, that Heritage Park Rehab home surprised me with. I volunteered for 6 years there and my JOB was..... are you ready? Talking, talking and telling tall tales. If you look closely, the one thing you will see if in every photo, my mouth is OPEN...

Camp Talk-A-Lot brought up these 3 stories from the past. Bob so kindly reminded me of them when I told him about the camp.

1. In 1984, my husband and I worked in Sears automotive.. I was greeter dispacher for all the mechanics jobs. Bob and his friend Mel were standing at the counter and Mel said... "Bob, its a good thing Sandra doesn't work outside" and I said WHY? Mel said "because with all the talking you do, your tongue would be sunburned."

2. Hubby and my 25 year old son and myself were leaving church and as I stood in a group of people TALKING, with the two men waiting impatiently for me, My son said to the group "my mom has a black belt in conversation".

3. When I first joined the YMCA in 06, Bob was talking to the lifeguard and mentioned me. Renee said "Isn't your wife the one that talks alot?"

Now you know why my post are so LONG and full of verbiage... I write like I talk... And all this Bloviating is not my fault. I was  born to be a bloviator...and to bloviate in person or on line. The funny thing is, a few days ago, while reading a book in my kindle, the word bloviating appeared in a sentence and I thought WHAT? tapped that word and this is what came up... It is a for real word and fits me perfectly.

I may just change the name of my blog from MadSnapper to Bloviator...

Friday, July 24, 2015

Make Do Post....

One of our bathrooms has a shower, the other a tub, the shower has a hose, the tub does not. 
My Make Do hose is this empty Dawn Detergent Bottle . Fill with water and squeeze and you have a sweet little hose to rinse tile and tub.

I have added 2 more German Saccharine Pill dispensers. Thank you to Lola's friend for donating two of these to my stash. 

Just so you know..... the weather here is and has been at the OPRESSIVE limits for humidty. Since April. THEY say that the month of JUNE was the hottest ever all over the world....

UPDATE: Bird Lovers, don't miss Time Stands Still today... so beautiful

Sitting at the table making out a grocery list... could not help myself when I saw the reflection in the table.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Did you know?

 I forgot to wash these grapes, Bob and I ate a few and while watching TV I said my fingers smell like matches. Bob put his to his nose and said "mine to, they smell like sulphur.". 
We decided it had to be the grapes.

Did you know
 they spray grapes with sulphur dioxide?  They use the same thing that makes a match strike, as a preservative on commercial grapes.
It is easy to remove, just wash them with water, and per my search will not harm us.

Do you know?

When you're born, you have about 300 bones. By the time you're a grownup, you've only got 206.  
CLICK here to verify

Do you know

Scams are on the up-rise, especially for Seniors. Did you know you can receive Scam Alerts from the Federal Trade Commission..  CLICK HERE to sign up for the alerts.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Along Came A Spider

4 days earlier....

MadSnapper enters bathroom, flips on lights and there on the wet wash cloth sat a spider the size of a VW Bug fifty cent piece......stepping backwards keeping her eye on the GIANT spider, reaching up for the spider fly swatter, she watches in horror as he/she glides through the crack and inside of the vanity. Not Seen Since....

Next day...

MS stands brushing teeth, feels something on her foot. Startles, looks down ..Nothing is there. (this happens 3 times that day)

The Continuing PROBLEM: 

In the bathroom in the dark, I wonder is IT sitting on the TP or in the sink when I get water in the middle of the night? If I reach in the vanity to get a new roll of TP will IT be on it?

Did SHE have Babies and now there are lots of them running around in there in the dark?  I keep FEELING things crawling on me when I am in THERE.... WHAT IF IT comes OUT into the BEDROOM? In the DARK....While I am sleeping.................. I am allergic to bug spray... thinking about what kills spiders?
FIRE! that might do it.... I looked up brown recluse which is a really bad spider here in FL and THEY say if it is more than a half inch it is NOT a recluse, they are small.  this one was a GIANT... or was it?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I'M back with yet another Dwarf Poinciana

Both computers are ready to roll when I get the email from Microsoft and it only took about 7 hours...  Photo's today of our Jungle yesterday.

 Last week I accidentally hit the up arrow on the round thingy that makes a camera go up down and sideways... does anyone know what it is called?

The top of that thingy is for wireless use of the camera which I have never touched.

The hidden thing is the Exposure Compensation... with the little slide up i can hold the camera up and watch the photo change BEFORE I push the button

.... I am driving Bob nuts showing him 3 exposures of each photo. We were eating lunch and I took 3 shots of HIM eating and said Look What This does?

He said "YES you showed me this yesterday"....

Did I? she asked innocently..  "But look at THIS ONE"

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Gift Wrapped Anole?

Yesterday while admiring a flower, I realized someone was staring at me. A male brown Anole that appeared to be wearing a rain slicker or maybe had been gift wrapped.... I have 16 Former Posts of our cute guys and in 30 years here have never seen a lizard losing its skin. 

I watched in amazement as he rubbed his head back and forth, tearing off the skin. Per research, Anoles are the only lizards that shed in pieces and not leaving behind the whole skin.... below I cropped really close to show you the skin..  The other amazing thing is I manged to get these with my little pocket camera.


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Saturday Critters - Iquana

Iquana from my archives... take at Sarasota Jungle Gardens.

There were two of them, and I think they were male and female.. The color difference was the setting on my camera and I do not remember what I used.

he has such amazing details
if you love dogs and need a smile click HERE

Friday, July 17, 2015

Archive Dive for Ducks 1

no clue what kind of duck this is
UPDATE! Theresa and Eilleen have named the ducks.. Juvenile Wood Ducks.

What did the detective duck say to the other detective duck?
I hope we quack this case

What do you call a crate full of ducks?
A box of quackers

Moorhen I think

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lamp from 1930's

Above is a re-creation of my list for shopping.. if it were a photo of the list you could not read it.
Can you guess what it means where I wrote Not Thera? 

Answer to Not Thera.... I accidentally bought Thera Tears drops for dry eyes a couple of months ago.
 I wanted to add the correct one on the list but could not think of the name, so I wrote Not Thera...

It worked, I came home with Tears au naturel


This is my 1904 oil lamp. Can anyone tell me what the shade is called? I am trying to find one online and so far have not... it just sits on the chimney. I have tried shade and can't find one.

UPDATE: my first comment this morning was CatTales and she was right. Thank you Mildred. I found a TON OF SHADES by searching for filigree chimmey shade... HERE 

 1930's electric lamp that is a match to the 1904 lamp, electrified in the 1930's. 
Both of these  lamps sit on our bedside tables.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

OY VEY ... oy vey!

This is  my kindle page of the new book I am reading....

 the margin is sliding off the page and it is driving me crazy....

 instead of reading words my eyes go to that wide margin, oy vey!

 it is like staring at a painting on the wall that is hanging sideways...

Could you read it? Or just move on to another book?


UPDATE: it is under 6 month warranty for the same repair... it is draining the battery while sitting on the table. they emailed me a shipping label and it cost nothing to send it back....

Monday, July 13, 2015

Can You Guess what Came in The Mail

Can you guess what I recieved in the mail?
Guess before scrolling or reading comments and then tell me in comments if you guessed right

Now can you guess?  Gail at the Farm said in an email "my sister Marcy brought be seeds to send to you our our big Sunflower" I did the happy dance and waited only 3 days and Bob comes in with a really big Box with 87,000 inches of tape.

I hacked my way through the tape and lifted out this gionormus thing with the back up and said LOOK! she sent the whole thing...  I thought she was sending a few seeds in an envelope.

I emailed Gail and said the seeds are here...
1. Do I have to dry this and wait for them to pop out?
2. Do I have to pry them out? 

Her answer was after you manage to pry out a few of them it will get easier... HA! MadSnapper says... I did 10 and my fingers are already sore.. But don't worry Gail, I will moan and whine while doing it and Bob will feel sorry for me and say Let ME DO THAT!   Heh Heh Heh

 maybe NEXT year I will bombard you with photos of My Giant Sunflowers....
Thank you Gail and Marcie, for the seeds, the fun and Blog Fodder for a POST.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Old Pics- A Good News Story

These photos of the SunTrust Bank in our downtown, were taken last year. This Story in our newspaper today is about  the Branch Manager of this bank going above and beyond the call of duty.

A 90 year old lady parked in a tow away zone and went in the bank, her car was towed. Her knight in shining armor is what she called the Manager when instead of  calling her a cab to take her 8 miles to pick up her car, he drove her there himself.    Note: 8 miles in Bradenton is about half an hour drive.

When they reached the tow shop, it was Cash only. He drove her to an ATM to get the cash and made sure it was one that would not charge her for using it and back to the towed car where he waited until she drove off in her car...

There are Still Good People In this World. Thank you Bill Beverly for helping this lady..

Saturday, July 11, 2015

I had Nothing..

I had nothing to post today... I intended to skip a day or two and see what happens. I visited Eileen at Viewing Nature and while gasping at the beauty of her Florida Birds, I thought I have Folders Full of Florida birds.. all from the  past.. Here are a few from 2007.


Wild Parakeets, there were about 100 of them.