Friday, August 28, 2015

Baby and ME


 We rescued Baby when she was 10 months old, she has gone from this sweet face  to below sweet face and is now 14 yrs 5 months old.

Tuesday at 3:30 Pm Westbridge Veterinarian Clinc rolled into our drive way and we met Dr. Pat Campbell and her Assistant for the first time.  Baby has a growth in her ear and it needs to come out, it is causing pus build up. It is either cancer or not cancer. The problem is, Baby is to old to have anesthesia, since the last time we almost lost her. Dr. Pat said we can treat it with ear meds but it will have to be the rest of her life IF it helps... . Now we wait.

I have missed a couple of days because when Baby ran up the steps, she dragged me with her and I fell UP the stairs, causing 4 big gashes on my shin bone.... Makes it a little uncomfortable to sit for more than a few minutes. I am fine... just and update.... We loved the vet and her beautiful clinic.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Look! Can you find it?

LOOK Bob! Do you see it?   See What?    The Smiley Face!.  He could not find it, Can you?

Now can you see it?  

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Flowers, Finds and Funnies

Blooming Flower Jokes
What were King Tut’s favorite flowers? Chrysanthemummies! - See more at:
What were King Tut’s favorite flowers? Chrysanthemummies! - See more at:

 How did the dictator rise to control? He rose  to power

How did the dieter avoid eating the donuts? She kept her tulips together! - See more at:
 How did the dieter keep from eating the donuts?   She kept her tulips together

What do you call a pink flower that comes back from the dead?  A re-in-carnation

What did the grumpy gardener say to the deer? you can kiss my aster...

Why did the blonde throw her favorite doll on the grill? She thought it was a Barbie-Q.
What do you call a group of men waiting for a haircut? A barbercue.


I don't carry a purse, I use pockets only. I bought these to use for cards and cash when my pants don't have pockets.

the Fish was .40 and the parrots were 1.60... they are 5 inch by 5 inch, and have zipper tops, with long strings to hang aroun my neck and weigh nothing because they are material.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Joys of Old Age part 2

Old age means......

 you can' t remember the title to the movie you watched last night and when your friend says what was it about? UMMMM....

someone ask you for your zip code and you are silent for the 20 seconds it takes to bring your 30 year zip code up  and out of your mouth.

finding your coffee cup in strange places

you can't retrieve info that is" on the tip of your tongue"

you call your grandson by you son's name

you lose your keys, coffee cup, water when you never left the room

and most famous of ALL walk into a room and have no clue why you are there.

 and my personal one is I always buy Irons and Curling Irons that Automatically Turn OFF... because
 I don't  want the house to burn down with the dogs in it because I did not turn it off.

All of the above is NORMAL and considered Age Related Cognitive Decline

THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL POST....(I do not want to know your preferences or choice or if you are a donkey or an elephant)

Here are My thoughts about the current candidates in US Presidential Race..... 
About half of the major contenders in US Presidental Race are over the age of 60
( 5 are over 65 and 2 over 60 and 4 will be 70 by voting time, see above chart)

Overheard in the halls of the White House in 2016, the President has an important meeting

OMG! where did I leave the Nuclear Code Briefcase?

 I have an appointment with someone for something at 9 AM, which hall is it in? Good, this is the hall but which door should I open"

The president steps into the room and Stops. Why am I here, what did I come in here for?
Oh, I remember, War Council...

While speaking on the big screen with the Supreme Allied War Council, the words come out,
Sorry, give me a minute, "it's on the tip of my tongue"... you know, this meeting is about that thing that happened with one of those Korea's, you know they might have one of those things that can blow up. Now what is that called?

At the press conference next day, the President introduced the Prime Minster  David Cameron as Vladimir Putin

Thus the Need for the conference with the Supreme Allied War Council...
Now! where did I put that Nuclear Brief Case?

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Joys Of Old Age part 1

I have learned so much from my AARP magazine. This month is one of my most favorite issues of the magazine. 

Above is the article on Sam Elliott. I learned he was 40 before he married, he Married Katherine Ross in 1984 and is still married to her.
His father once told him he did not have a chance of a snowball in hell in Hollywood. 
Wow! was he wrong
Sam can sit on my chair any time...

I also learned something about one of my favorite authors, David Baldacci, 
while While working his way through college, he worked as Pinkerton Security for 4 dollars and hour. He sat in a guard shack during the grave yard shift with nothing to do but read.
He read In Cold Blood and that book made him decide to become and author.

Link to Magazine article HERE

AARP article
 10 Mysteries of the Human Body by Julie Stewart

I loved it. A few of the ones I related to...

Why have I sprung a leak? (women you know what this is about)

How come I am suddenly drenched? (who, me?)

Who moved the bathroom? (my personal favorite)

Where Did these SPOTS come from? (the pretty brown spots from nowhere)
Is it me, or is my nose getting Bigger... (my ears are to)

Don't fret yet.....
the answer is.. NO, they are not getting bigger, the bones and fat are sinking inward, making the nose LOOK bigger....same thing goes for why my ears look like taxi car doors open. The ears are drooping, the face is sinking inward, making the ears APPEAR larger.

Now don't you feel better? Just Knowing the Mysteries of OLD AGE and the reason we  have them...
Misery loves company.
BUT WAIT! there's MORE  to be continued

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Guess What I DID???

It's taking a bit longer than usual, but if should be ready soon, don't turn off your PC

 I DID IT! I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 on my laptop.. Not on the desk top yet.
It took almost 3 hours and there were times I thought I wanted to turn off the PC.
But it was easy to do... just click get upgrade and
WAIT... it does it all without help.

I laughed out loud when this screen said Sit Back and Relax...I haven't relaxed since I decided to do it. 
I HOVERED and watched and hovered and watched.
Well, I did not, even though I could have left the room and not come back.

 I love the boxes on the start menu. The thing is, it is the same but different.. I think I love it.
I did this because I intend to by a touch screen desk top at the end of the year and I wanted time to learn Windows 10 before I do...
If i missed your post, i have been fooling with this for 3 days, not the download, but the how to.
like getting photos into it from my cameras is quite the adventure.

I have yet to meet Cortan, I clicked on it and it hurt my brain.... more if I ever figure out who and where and what she is.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Light Has No Shadow

On Facebook, I saw a  photo of a candle that had Light Has No Shadow written on it. 


MadSnapper HAD TO DO IT Toooooooo.... 

I had a 10 minute photo fest with one candle and 
my tiny little flashlight.      

I don't know what the saying  means or why that person posted it.

 I don't know why their is no shadow of the flame,  I don't really care what, who or why.
I tried it


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Memory Card Corrupt?

We watched a movie last week, at the end the bad guy was trying to get away in the cutest, 4 seater, twin engine, airplane. It was all stainless steel and I kept saying how much I liked the shape. I said "I love it, it looks just like.... just like..... You know! the little camper that is all shiny and round and smooth, but it is a plane not a camper.   (neither one of us can remember the name of the movie)

Neither of us could think of the name of the RV. Fast forward to next morning, while drinking coffee Bob said I know what the camper is... Jet stream.... NO! but that is close.

Driving to the YMCA, I yelled AIR STREAM...  
It only took 2 of us 9 hours to come up with the word.
But really we were asleep 7 of those..

I said to Bob, my brain is like an 8 ball, waiting for the word to float to the top.

He said Mine is like that thing they turn round and round and take out a number and someone yells BINGO

I have come to the conclusion that our memory cards are corrupt and I am hoping they can be reformatted.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mexican Petunia's

Our Mexican Petunias have gone wild with all the heat and humidity these past few weeks, there were dozens of them calling my name.  I took these with my Canon Pocket camera, while waiting 3 weeks for my DSLR to return home.

I am going through my old CD's that are full of photos from 2002 - 2004. In 2005 I discovered external hard drives. I have a drawer full of CD's about 100 I think. This is a flower from 2004 taken with my tiny Kodak Easy Share. The T1i  is home, THEY said it needed new batteries. I bought 2 new batteries  and we shall see what we shall see...

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Fun With MadSnapper and the Avacoda

 This might look like a tiny cucumber,
it fell from on high during loud thunder.
The thunder roared, the wind was high,
And when it was over, with a sigh
I picked up these six who fell before their time.

IF Avocado's are fruit, then is Guacamole a smoothie?

If a priest blesses an Avocado, would it be Holy Guacamole?

Bob is playing the waiting game for this fruit to ripen
not yet
not yet
not yet
not yet
OOPS! TO LATE.. toss it 

file this in your memory card bank under ...
Stuff You Always Wanted to Know but did not Until MadSnapper did this Post.

Avocado is also known as 'butter' fruit, 'alligator pear' , "fertility" fruit MORE INFO 


Friday, August 14, 2015

Culinary Artist? Hash Slinger?

In 1990, I worked as a Real Estate Agent. Everyone in the office Knew I Hated to Cook and that I was always ready for an easy, no recipe or measuring needed, one or two pot dish. Dollop of this and that or cans of this and that.

Today I give you my Can of This and That Pasta
Easy Peasy! no skills required
I looked up Opposite Of Chef and here you go

 cook, cordon bleu, sous-chef, commis chef, chief cook and bottle washer, cuisinier, culinary artist, gourmet chef, hash slinger, sous chef

I am now a Madly Snapping, Hash Slinging,  Bloviator
Forgot to say drain the mushrooms and lots of garlic and chick peas are also known as garbanzo beans

Poinciana Pods and flowers for See Beautiful Friday Flowers
Also known as
Poinciana, Peacock Flower, Red Bird of Paradise, Mexican Bird of Paradise, Dwarf Poinciana, Pride of Barbados, and flamboyant-de-jardin.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

While drinking Coffee this morning, I was yada yada blah blah "bloviating" to Bob about my  former post Meandering Mind of Madsnapper.....with photos of the  United Kingdom Queens Guards having guns and the comments you all wrote and............ This time I know he was 'listening'

He said, " you missed the most  famous guard of all for the president."

I thought for a few seconds and said "OH, how could I forget?

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the most famous Secret Service Agent of ALL?
Have you guessed it yet?
Scroll Down


We have watched this movie about half a dozen time in all the years since it was made and last week, Sundance channel ran Clint Eastwood back to back for about 3 days... We watchedi it Again.

I said to Bob, Clint Eastwood is 85 years old and we still love him.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

I received my Windows 10 invitation to download.. did YOU? If anyone does the download will you pleas let me know how it goes? I am scared to try it.

Keyboard Shortcuts only apply to Windows Users and these are the ones I use and have for years.  NON Windows users you are in luck today and may skip this post

Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + C = copy
Ctrl + V = paste
Ctrl + X = cut
Ctrl + S = Save
Ctrl +  Z = undo
Ctrl + F = find and you can type what you are looking for and it will find it.

Ctrl + A selects everything in the open window.
(Next 3, highlight words first)
Ctrl + B = Bold
Ctrl + I = Italliac
Ctrl + U = Underline

Top Row Function  keys

F 5 is refresh page
F 3 is find, the same as Ctrl F gives a find search bar to type in
Print screen will copy the entire screen and you can paste it into email or word doc

How to highligt words with out dragging mouse over them.

Double click on word to highlight only the word, triple click on sentence or paragraph to highlight them and Try it NOW by double click on THIS and Triple click HERE

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Meandering Mind of a MADsnapper

My blog friend Denise, author of An English Girl Rambles, went home to England and has posted her photos from that visit. Her Post Part 10 was my favorite.  The photos on that day were of the Queens Guard and all of the photos are worth visiting. Half way down the page is my favorite part, the Video she took of the Changing of the Queens Guard..... The photo above I grabbed from her video by hitting Print Screen, copy/paste in to Word doc and safe as a JPEG.  Thanks for permission to use this Denise.  Pop over to her post to see the video.

The Meandering Mind of Mad Snapper kicked in when I saw the guards with AK47 automatic rifles on their shoulders. WHAT? guns in the United Kingdom?  Yes, Denise said. It started with 9/11 in the USA and all the terrorist's threats.

 I did a Google Search for Presidential Guards and this is only the tip of the ice berg.  They are all carrying the same guns now.

Skr Lanka


And Last but not least the United States of America...

The President is guarded by Secret Service, their guns are not in sight but they are there. Guns and earpieces..

The White house is guarded with Secret Service like above and with Swat Teams below

The common factor in all these photos from Google Search is Guns, BIG and FAST Guns. The sad thing is all of this has become necessary by needs, not choice.