Friday, September 30, 2016

Ghost Phun

Edit in PicMonkey

I found these cute ghost on . I colored these  on line and they leaped from computer to Picmonkey.
Sorry folks, I could not wait any longer to post these.
Don't worry, I have MORE

Colored on line
What sort of glasses do ghosts wear?

Who can you call when the graveyard needs a spring clean?
​Ghost Dusters.
coloring book before

Colored on line

Picmonkey Mirror Edit
Turned into my Halloween Header.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Good Fence Thursday

Joining TexWisGirl for Good Fence Thursday..

California’s so dry…
the rain barrels have security guards.
you’re encouraged to pee in the pool!
that people are flipping water towers
and someone snatched a water bottle and left the iPhone

No fence just a tiny cute house in my line of sight out the windshield

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wal-Mart is now Foxy

Foxy cookie jars and cups at Wal-Mart Just Because they were There.

When I opened the bag at the self check out at Walmart this weekend, there was a notice in the bag.

Are your READY? Wal-Mart now has Free/Easy/Online Ordering of Groceries..

I tried it and it is easy. Go to and check your zip code. I did mine and we have it.
Add to your cart and item at a time, after you pick your time to pick it up, it tells you the minimum order in your area, mine is 30.00.
pick your pick up time, they call to remind you, you drive to the pick up area, call the number on the text/email, they bring it to you and load it.. FOR FREE and NO tipping allowed.
how cool is that.
some areas have delivery, but there is a charge for that.
I will not use this but it sure will be handy for working people or people
who are handicapped.
My zip code says try it out and get 10 percent off your first order of 50 or more.
This could work if I am sick, I can call it in, and all bob has to do is drive up and call
The thing about that is he doesn't know how to call.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Eyem back part 3

I can always find something to fret about.... while waiting for my Cataract Surgery, my fretter kicked in  when The office called to tell me I was schedules for 6:25 am for surgery. she said I could drink water and a cup of black coffee before 4:30, since we wake up at 4 YAH!  then it occurred to me... if I drink a glass of water and a cup of coffee will I wet myself while under anesthesia?

OF COURSE you know  I asked  Google Girl in my tablet .

ME: Do we pee when we are under anesthesia?
Google girl said out loud. YOU DO NOT WET YOURSELF OR SOIL YOURSELF, you are unconscious and incapable of doing that under anesthetic so you won't need a nappy

Happy Dance... I can drink the coffee and not fret.

But then Something Happened that I never thought to fret about. We left home at 11 am for my 24 hour post surgical check, it was 2 miles to the office. we had 20 minutes to drive 2 miles.

We got 1/2 mile from the office....and OH NO! Police cars and Police People and Flashing Lights and fire trucks blocking ALL 4 streets leading to the office.. OH NO!

We had to drive 7 miles around it and come up from the back, it took 25 minutes because so were all the other 87 million drivers doing the same thing. We were only 5 minutes late.

When we got home, I checked the news..
.Our Cable Guys drilled into the
GAS LINES, UNDER the intersection BY the Hospital...
as you can tell we are safe because I am typing this.
Can you imagine the fretting I would be doing if I had know what the blockade was for?
The office new it was blocked but not why.. Lucky Me


Monday, September 26, 2016

Eyem Back Part 2

I had no idea at all that I had those bags and wrinkles. not only could I not see with my glasses off, but the glasses cover the wrinkles up... See in the one with glasses they don't show. That is good news, because
I will have 20/20 vision for distance but still need glasses for medium like computer and reading.
Yet another thing coming soon in a post near you.

Because above is what I see with my new sight after one eye only. now I stand in front of the cabinets and close left and it goes dark, close right and bright white. everything is so Bright, reds and greens and yellows.

I found a letter from another lady who had surgery from Doctor McCabe and it says it all about the feelings after cataracts are removed...

Excerpt from her letter...  
When the dilation and fog of surgery cleared after a few days, I gazed at my reflection and my heart sank. I had had the lens corrected for astigmatism and distance and I was seeing a whole new me. In fact, I was seeing a whole new world. When I closed the left eye (cataract and astigmatism still in place), objects were no longer fuzzy; everything had well-defined edges and colors were vibrant. My vision was clear and I could see far into the distance. This also meant I could see every wrinkle. When had those tiny lines on my cheeks appeared? And what about my forehead? The circles under my eyes made me look tired and – there it is – old! I would have to start wearing bangs that came down over my eyes. CLICK HERE to read the rest.

The gist of it is... with the new lens in my eye, I can see pine needles, and the gray hairs on Jakes face and the wrinkles in my face and the GRAY hair on my head that I thought was Brown and Gray

Details I have not seen in years and did not know it.
My first thought was OH NO, did I over edit photos the past few months because it looked dull?

I woke up singing this old song.. really old songI saw the light, I saw the light, no more darkness no more light, now I'm so happy no sorrow in sight. Praise the Lord, I saw the light.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Eyem Back.

I consider my left eye cataract surgery a miracle. by night fall I could watch TV without my glasses.
And it doesn't matter at all that I will be living with 4 bottles of drops for a whole month, 4 times  day. I have my trusty timer and I can SEE to use it..  In my prior post I was concerned about how I would look with no makeup or hair spray.,.. Now you know. The thing is looking like the two bad pics above I was The Prettiest Woman In the Waiting Room. I kid you NOT... I looked at everyone there, about 10 women and thought Oh Wow and I was worried about how I look....

I have been feeling depressed before my eye surgery, but they sent me to the low vision centre..

Did you make  spectacles of yourself while I was gone?  Sorry if my puns keep getting cornea...

SEE? nothing changed while eye was gone.

Friday, September 23, 2016

I am Fine

Just a note to say EYE an Fine and can SEE really well out of the left eye.. No problems, will be a couple days before I am supposed to read very much. She said limit the reading. Full Story Later.

THIS EYE PUN COULD NOT BE ANY CORNEA.... a site for sore eyes

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Closed for Cataract Surgery

See you when I can SEE
My Cataract surgery is scheduled for tomorrow Sept 22nd the left eye, Oct 6th right eye, I have the expensive 3 bottles of drops ready and waiting. and a list of things to do and not do, highlighted in bright yellow.

Eye would rather not do this, and eye don't think there are many puns eye can make with meye point of view...

Eye think I should stop, really I am seerious.... so Please don't lash out at me for this list...

Day of surgery, Do Not Come Early.. wear No Makeup , no powder, no perfume, no body lotions/creams and no pull over shirts. Dress warmly and wear  a button down the front shirt. You will not be required to remove your clothing but We must have access to your chest.


What if when the surgeon sees my face with no make up, she faints from shock? or the anesthetist forgets to push the anesthesia button when he OPENS my shirt?
The only open down the front shirts I own are from 2005, I have 3 in addition to the one above. that photo is from 2007. 
but then why should I care if I am old, fat with no makeup and a ratty denim shirt... I will not be able to SEE me, it is the surgical team that will have that problem.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Papaya Tree by Bob. A friend gave him a papaya and it has 87 million seeds in it, so he planted then in buckets. This one is about 4 feet tall, the blue is our recycle container.

It takes two to mango.
Why did the banana go to the doctor? It wasn't peeling well

I took the photo for a visit to Photoshop just because

Monday, September 19, 2016

Pool Time

Yes, I took the camera in the pool to take this. I see this while the sun comes up...

Early AM conversation... I found a  piece of paper that looked like a wipe that had dried up, lying on Bob's chest of drawers. We have no wipes in the house.

Me: Bob, what is this piece of dried paper?
Bob: it is a wipe that dried out.
Me: I can tell that, but where did you get it?
Bob: I don't know,.
Me: How can you not know where you got it.
Bob: I meant I don't know where I got it.,
Me: How can you NOT know where you got it?
Bob: Because I DON"T KNOW where I got it.
I walk into the bathroom where he is getting ready and say with slow enunciated words. ...dried wipe....

OH he says, it is the wipes we got with my hearing aids... that was 3 years ago and he has never used one and I had forgotten we had them... simple things become so complicated...

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Me and My Shadow

Look! use your eyes
look UP to the skies
look Down to the ground
Look! use your eyes
Be sure to look all around
by Madsnapper

Have you ever wondered how many mimes have actually died, because no one believed they were choking?

Every time you make a typo, the errorists win

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Blame it on FaceBook

Muffins found on internet, not mine. forgot to snap them!

I placed the 6 corn muffins in the toaster oven and had 17 minutes to wait. I only needed a few minutes to check Facebook.

24 minutes later:      "What is that smell, I thought... MUFFINS!" my mind screamed.

Racing into the kitchen I jerked the muffins out to see tops just turning dark brown, not burned but overcooked.
I took a bite to TEST the muffin and nearly choked it was so dry. I had to drink water to wash it down.

No problem, I will throw them out to the squirrels and maybe it will choke a few of them or even choke a raccoon..

Guess What Happened? Bob slathered them with apricot preserves and down the hatch they went.

To bad they were not synonym rolls, just like grammar used to make.

Friday, September 16, 2016

I Say SHE hears...

I spend a lot of time 'talking' to my Tablet and to my Laptop. It is so easy to do. I wrote this poem

I have forgotten how to write,
Almost forgotten how to type
I might even forget how to walk
because now I sit and talk...and talk..

If you receive odd words on Facebook or in the comments I make on your blog, it is most likely I was talking to the tablet and Google Girl could not understand my Southern Accent.
I get a lot of giggles out of what I say and she hears..

In a comment I said blasting down the highway and she typed blessing down the highway. Sometimes I catch it and sometimes I don't..
My son posted photos of his elephant ears on Facebook..
I said.. all mine died and I love elephant ears.
Google girl typed.. mom and dad died and I love elephant ears.
I said I can hear the Plop
GG typed I can hear the plot and when I spelled Plop she typed plt..
Just Sayin

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Good Fence Thursday ART

Repeat after me... This IS a fence.. THIS is a fence. This is a FENCE.....

Fence Art will have to do today  since I have NO fence photos...I live in the city.

Joining TexWisGirl in Good Fence Thursday... This IS a Fence!

These were all created in PicMonkey by Madsnapper, below is The Creation, above are
Mirror in PicMonkey

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Break Time

The coffee around here is break fluid.

Coffee has been the grounds of many a heated and strong discussion

Stealing some ones coffee is called ''mugging''

Does a coffee shop have grounds to operate in the black?

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

On Edge....

 I am on Edge... and Loving IT..... Edge, the browser in Windows 10 I mean.   I love it.


Above I have
Yahoo, GMAIL and 2 Pop 3 addresses , all FOUR of my email addresses in one place and can read them all . Just tap the windows icon and click on the mail box
My start menu tiles, just tap windows icon and tap the box, or click since I don't have touch screen
I might even be On the Edge of saying I like Windows 10.. Kinda Sorta..

 NOTE: if you sit with your feet hanging down for 3 hours playing on a laptop your feet will swell and your walking shoes will be to tight.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Singing in the rain

Bob was NOT singing in the rain, he was swimming during the Hurricane Hermione.. and I was hanging out the door yelling. I HEAR THUNDER! and a few things not to be repeated here..

It was POURING RAIN...BOOM! Flash!

I snapped photos and nagged while he scowled at my camera and my Vivid Imagination ran through dozens of scenarios...

Like if the lightning hits him, do I try to get him out? or do I call 911 first? will the water fry me if I do? If he is half alive am I able to get him out of the pool? Do I even want to try?????
Just so you know...

 The Wal-Mart bag was not to keep his hair dry, it was to protect the $3600.00 hearing aids in his ears... from the rain, not the swimming. We were suffering from cabin fever, but I am the SMART ONE... Not Me Sisters. ..

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Dark forest

When I uploaded these photos, the words Dark Forest came to mind and I thought these would be perfect for a Grimm Fairy Tale...

I decided to write a fairy tale along the lines of Hansel and Gretel, in the dark forest, but I found I was barking up the wrong tree. I decided to write about a poor sap, that was a rootless wanderer but he turned out to be a dumb ash.

I decided write about board kids that got into mischief and someone had to call the copse. But then I could not think of a punch line, so you will all have to pine a bit longer.

I know you are all rooting for me and you saw this coming. The root of my problem is sometimes I can't cedar forest for the trees and if you want to turn off your comments today it is your deciduous

Remember Sept 11, 2001

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Perils of Pauline..

In a prior post I told you I spent many minutes trying to remember the name of the girl tied to the railroad tracks...
And. I don't even know why... I found there were many . It occurred to me while I researched this, just a few years ago, it would have taken hours and hours at the local library.

Sorry, my train of thought must have left the station without me... Brahaha Stick with me, you are on the right track....

Pearl White in Perils of Pauline 1914

The perils of Pauline with Betty Hutton 1947

And The Perils of Pauline with Evelyn Knapp in 1933 which is the one I remember.

All Steam Locomotives have a tender behind.

I still have not remembered why I wanted to remember the Name Pauline... but I sure did entertain myself. I went to youtube and watched a few and read up on her... She sure lead a perilous life.

Pauline also found Peril in the comics.
The 3 links below will take you to each one if you want to see what else I found...Remember I am Vintage 1944...

Perils of Pauline 1914 with Pearl White

Perils of Pauline 1933 with Evelyn Knapp

Perils of Pauline with Betty Hutton 1947