Saturday, May 30, 2020

Everyday is a school day

My blog friend Myra, mentioned Every day is a school day, meaning We learn something new every day. I decided to share a few things I learned by accident or research. The above Mexican Petunias (photo from my archives) grow everywhere here, they are beside roads, in yards, medians. For years we had them all along the pool side. They died by drought. No plants, no flowers. Gone.

We got an inch of rain, twice in a week.

While usiing my Milk Jug Watering Spinkler, see bottom left of below collage, to water my wildflower seeds, I spied 3 tiny plants with 3 leaves each, The purple flowers above.
Every day for two weeks, I gave them one good sprinkle. I decide to sprinkle all the plants that have no blooms. 
The Miracle of Water! I could have saved them by spinkling.

See below! all the flowers started to bloom. and now there are 22 plants like the one above, no blooms yet but they will soon.
One gallon of water per day, on sprinkle per bush. Wow.
Also, it gives me exercise, instead of sitting I was filling Jugs and sprinkling and walking.

None of these plants had flowers until I started to sprinkle. I found the milk jug works best if I sprinkle and tilt, sprinkle and tilt. Now drought or no, we have flowers.
My wild flower seeds are starting to bloom, coming SOON


Linda said...

Amazing what a little water will do! With all the rain we have had - we came home to lots of flowers and green tomatoes and cucumbers ready to pick! And one banana pepper! But no rain for the next week to 10 days in the forecast and temps in the 90's. I will need to water every other day. It is good for us! Exercise and doing things outside.
Good for you getting flowers. I planted wildflower seed here and at the ranch and I got nothing....

Ginny Hartzler said...

They are beautiful; I love the color! did you decorate the milk jug? How, with paint or stickers? Hmmm, you usually don't craft.

Ella said...

I also have to water the garden almost every night ..
It is bone dry here ... not a drop of rain has fallen from weeks already!
Your flowers are beautiful, and the color of them is also beautiful!
Enjoy your weekend, Sandra!
A little BIG hug from me!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Oh yes, just a few drops of encouragement and you have set them free!!! YAM xx

Ann said...

I like that "every day is a school day" I'm afraid I don't always learn something every day but maybe I'm just studying what I've already learned :)
Amazing that a little water brought those back. Can't wait to see the wild flowers.

Rose said...

They are beautiful!

Gayle said...

Ahh, the joy of new knowledge. And your recent enlightenment brought lots of beauty. Win, win.

eileeninmd said...


It is true, we learn something new every day. I love the Mexican petunias, we had some in our yard when we lived in Lakeland. We've been having more rain lately, some sun today. Enjoy your day, happy weekend!

Mevely317 said...

Your back yard's soon going to resemble a paradise ….. and y'all won't WANT to leave! Tom's been the dutiful water-er in our household; already I don't like to go outside unless the girls need to you-know-what.

Aside: Isn't it odd how our tastes change? I used to not particularly care for the color purple, and now my bedroom's done in all purple and greens!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

How exciting. I completely understand the exercise, that's what my garden is doing for me. I'm out there a few times a day looking at! What amazes me is that flowers can come back after years of not being there. When we had the amazing flower fields of California poppies last year there were areas not to far from our house that exploded with color. Never before in the 13 years we have lived in this house was there every a poppy there before.

photowannabe said...

Yay on your flowers...
Water is LIFE...for you and the beauty all around you.
Your flowers give LIFE to the spirit too.
It's a new day..Happy Sprinkling..

Ella said...

I have come to ask for forgiveness!
I accidentally deleted your comment from my blog! I was not at home and released the waiting comments by phone! Your comment went wrong! I'm sorry, Sandra!

My Mind's Eye said...

Absolutely 100% agree...we should never stop learning and being excited about
the adventure. I love the beautiful flowers.
Hugs Cecilia
PS been watching the Space X prep had to drop in quickly

Ruth Hiebert said...

Just a little water makes so much difference . Now you have lovely flowers to enjoy.

Chatty Crone said...

Amazing what just a little water can do - beautiful!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

The flowers are thankful for their daily waterings, Sandra, and now you have been rewarded with their lovely blooms which is great for you and us.

LC said...

And the magic milk jug saga continues, creating beauty and healthy activity. You go girl!