Sunday, May 24, 2020

TV Ads Oh Well

 Commercial ads and the people who believe them.... I saw a hairbrush ad, while walking through Bob's TV Land and stopped to see what they were saying. They showed a brush like this one, 19.99 of course, and said by using this you are helping your hair and even if you have extremely short hair, the brush would stimulate your scalp and YADA YADA BLAH BLAH BLAH.

two days later, as I searched for where Wal-Mart moved my toothpaste, I saw this set hanging there and it was 1.97... WOO HOO, saved 17.00.

HA! I pulled up Google search and typed is it necessary to brush short hair?

You gotta try it, or click  HERE to see 182 billion answers.I spent 20 wasted minutes reading nonsense.

Not necessary to brush short hair, should use a big tooth comb.
Got it. I now have the big tooth comb.

If you don't brush short/long hair, the 100 hairs a day that naturally fall out, will all come out in the shower and frighten you going down the drain.

Wash your hair daily
Don't wash your hair daily
Use boar brushes only
Only use the ones with balls on the end like above
Do you brush/comb and do you wash hair daily?
I am waiting with bated breath to hear your answers...


eileeninmd said...


I am scared seeing my hair going down the drain. I think my thinning hair is from my mothers side of the family or anxiety. I wish I new the answer on how to keep my hair from getting thinner. Wishing you a great day!

Gayle said...

Haven't had my hair cut in two years. I love it. No muss; no fuss after many years of short layered style and curling iron daily. Have used a wide tooth comb for 50+ years (same one). A little thinning on top and at temples. I use side combs which I call "Nannie" combs after my grandmother. Low pony tail and colorful scarves when I go out. Haven't colored in 10 years and Shampoo every other day.
Take Care.

Jo said...

Dear Sandra, what a lovely post! I wash my short hair daily and blow-dry it using a brush with balls on. I have very short spiky hair although now during Lockdown it's grown so much I am desperate to have it cut. Be safe and keep well. Jo

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
LOL, great post. Apart from two brief instances in life, I have always had long hair (at least to shoulders, mostly longer). It was always thick and lustrous, and I used an 'afro comb', always hanging head over and working from the back.

With 'meno', the male-pattern balding began. My hair, although still long, is now half the thickness it was - or less. You can actually see my scalp now.

For many years now I have resorted to once a month washing. The hair is dry and brittle so that once a month is also when I apply a 'masque' of oil. I no longer have an afro comb, but use a wide-tooth comb and still work from back to front (from tips to roots) and although I do this daily, HANDFULS of hair come away... so I expect to have to resort to wigs or hats before long! YAM xx

Ginny Hartzler said...

The set is pretty, and I like the fat handles. I have terrible bed head when I get up, it is all sticking up in the air. So I have to brush it. Also, I have to fix my bangs. I both brush and comb. I guess my hair will not be short much longer, no one can get haircuts. They said on T.V. that there is absolutely no way to get a haircut safely. And Covid cases continue to be on the rise her. Wish I could go to W-M. I love the coconut ginger soap, it smells so good!!

Rose said...

I have short hair and I have a big toothed comb---my fingers. Seriously, I seldom use a comb or brush. Though I guess I do always use one after it is washed. I don't wash it every day but I used to have to because my hair is so oily.

Pam said...

Its so hard when it comes to buying things these days cause if you go on line and read the comments about how good it is or is don't know if those comments are by real people or if they are all made up. We are at our own try it and see sort of life. Unless you know someone yourself that has tried it and they can walk you through it, you just have to trust. I am not one of the biggest truster!! HAHA.....

Mevely317 said...

Tho' short, my hair has a mind of its own. More often than not, I wake up to see one side of my head it's sticking straight out the side. So ya. While I don't shampoo every day, I do stick my head under the faucet. The two brushes I use most frequently, one looks like yours (only black) and a big round thing with sharp/sticky(?) ends to keep my THIN hair actually in the brush. The only massage my scalp gets is when I use my own fingernails. You've made me wistful for the days when beauticians would massage your scalp while they shampooed you.

Anni said...

I'm like Rose. I let my finger do the walking

photowannabe said...

HaHa...sorry your breath is so baited....
No I don't wash my hair every day...It's not oily and I can go a few days without any trouble.
I brush my hair to get it to go where I want it to vigerous brush or routine.
Its a slam bam thank you ma'am.
$1.97 is just my speed !!

Chatty Crone said...

Okay - I had been letting my hair grow for a couple years. It is driving me NUTS! It takes me an hour to dry my hair and then blowing it straight and then flat ironing it.
So you know what I did - I went and had a pixie cut. Shorter than what I wanted but a nice cut.
So now all I have to do it blow dry it - for about 20 minutes - and then a quick flat iron.
So I wash it every other day.
Yes I brush it.
Run my hand threw it.
I don't comb it.
Have very THICK hair.
Hey did you say Disney World was open? I told my daughter that is was and she said it doesn't show that on the internet - I think she wants to make a trip down there. lol She says the internet says it is closed with no date to open.

Ruth Hiebert said...

I do wash my hair daily and also brush it. i have so few hair that each hair has to be in just the right place to cover my head.

Ann Thompson said...

I do wash my hair every day and I use a pick instead of a comb. I don't think I even own a brush

crafty cat corner said...

When my hair was short I had to wash it everyday if I wanted it to look good, but now its long I put it up everyday bar the day I wash it. This means that I only wash the fringe every other day and the whole lot about every 5 days, whoo hooo, thank goodness for that, I hate washing my hair.
As for the brush, I have a natural hair brush, not sure what hair it is but its stiff.
Hope you are okay.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I know what you much information much of it to sell something! I wash my hair every other day...when I get home from a hike and brush it like crazy a few times a day with a plastic bristle brush. Fun to read your comments too!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Since the shutdown and closure of barbershops and salons I’ve heard and read a lot about hair cuts and hair coloring, Sandra. My husband was able to get a haircut at his preferred barbershop when they reopened with restrictions on May 11. My usual place Has opted to remain closed until sometime in June. Decided not to wait until then and got an appt at a local SuperCuts. The cut is shorter now than usual, but now it’s wash and dry and style with fingertip combing. Your set was a great deal...pays to shop around and save $.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I have no answers for you!

Cynthia said...

I can't go out to get my hair cut until they have a vaccine for this virus, so it will be interesting to see how long my stick-straight fly-away hair gets before I decide to cut it myself.