Saturday, July 31, 2021

Solar Lanterns part 2


the Why and the When.
See the light bulb by the door? It has been on, 24/7 for 365 days, for the past 10 years.
The home is the rental next door. It is also the home of the famous Rocky the runaway dog.
The house sold to investors 5 months ago, and we dread the renters moving.
Because of that light by the door.

The Light went OUT... for 3 days. 
we thought they moved. I freaked out because 

This is Beau's Ball Game runaway. He only runs in the bright sun. 
BUTT every morning at 3:30 and 5 AM, I take him out to potty and this area is where he GOES.
He eats grass there, does bidness there and without that light on it is black dark.
If I use a flashlight it blinds him and he stops and will not do his bideness.
I pondered what to do. I fretted what to do.
I went to Amazon and searched for hours . 
Aha! Solar Lanterns! I clicked Buy Now 

The lanterns are solar powered. 
They need 3 to 5 hours a day of sun to keep them charged, and are auto off/on at dusk and daylight.

I will hang them in the best spot to get the most sun, the cute hanger idea is to test how much sun is where and for how long. As soon as I determine that, they will be clipped to the fence and left there.
They are heavy and waterproof and meant to be in rain, sleet, hail or snow.
PEE SSSS.... I can't test to see if they work because the morning of the day they came to our front porch The Light Came Back On....
We think the power was turned off, because the cars were there and the house was in black out.
Anyhoo.... We are happy the light is on, and we have the lanterns and they will work when they move out PLUS they are Perfect for power outages. Just charge, turn them off, put away and take out when needed.
Do you know how I know they work?
to be continued in part 3


Ginny Hartzler said...

This was the prfect solution, and they will also be good for other times as well!! We have a motion activated back door light.

CheerfulMonk said...

A great solution and backup plan. ❤️

Hootin' Anni said...

I hope they ARE waterproof as advertised.

eileeninmd said...


I like the lanterns, they are cute. I am glad you found a solution to the lighting. Our neighbor has a bright light on their deck all night it shines in our bedroom at night. Take care, enjoy your weekend!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
I do hope they prove to be all you hope of them... YAM xx

Ann said...

They are the perfect solution and they look good too. I think you should also tell those investors that you require the light to remain on since you have come to rely on it after all these years.

DeniseinVA said...

These are great! I love your coat hanger solution. I have been thinking about getting solar lamps for around the outside of the house.

Mevely317 said...

Boy, I sure missed that one. Citronella - ha?!
This is a great solution, but I'm scratching my head about the power being turned off (?) and people still living there -- inside with no light and NO a/c?
Naked and afraid (LOL).
Our weather radio has a solar-powered flashlight, but I like the idea of using these for power outages instead.

"This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine ..."

photowannabe said...

so industreous Sandra...I love your process and those solar lanterns are really cute.
I wonder what's going to happen next door eventually. At least you have a great back up.

Olde Dame Holly Rose said...

I have solar lights, lanterns, and path markers all over the yard. With the sunshine we have here, they charge up enough to stay on all night, very brightly! You are so right, they are perfect for power outages, too. We have 4 lanterns kept by the front door and we just grab them when needed. I wonder how you checked that they were working?

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Those sound like a great solution to you problem. Glad you found them.

Linda said...

Louis Dean was bitten by the solar light craze and our country yard is lit up so much he's setting us up a rug behind the camper for us to sit tonight with our wine and actually get to see the stars!
I need to get more for the kitchen deck at home....

My Mind's Eye said...

Sandra that was an excellent idea!! I'm guessing solar powered
Hugs Cecilia

Ruth Hiebert said...

Solar lights are not only decorative, but also useful.

Catherine - Mixed Media Artist said...

That was a great resolution

Grandma C said...

I like your Solar lights, great idea. Your blogs are so much fun I can't stay away. lol
I still don't have my new blog busy working on my Zazzle store.