Saturday, June 10, 2023

Palmetto Historical Park-Agricultural Museum


Palmetto Historical Park-Agricultural Museum has its own website, was originally the old firehouse.
Manatee County's top industries are tourism and agriculture. Tomatoes, strawberries and peppers are our highest-grossing crops and vegetable crop production, citrus production, livestock and forage production, ornamental horticulture, the commercial fishing industry, and forest products.
My Aunts husband was a 3rd generation farmer and now my cousins are 4th generation farmers.
They sell tomatoes to Delmonte and Potatoes to Lays Potato Chips
It is TOURISM that keeps us alive and full of people.
I love all the accents everywhere we go.
It is rare to shop and not hear German or French or British English

Saturday shopping trip, there were two handsome young men, to my young is 40ish in the aisle with toothpaste. OF COURSE, both they and their basket were standing exactly in front of the ONE that I wanted, I smiled and said, excuse me, can I reach around you/
My heart melted when in perfect British English, he stepped backwards and said
Sorry, Luv!    
You will not get a Sorry or a Luv from American males. He was probably shocked ant my southern talk of scuse me, since we never say the entire word.

Windmills needed to water the stock.

Every Barn needs a mouser or TWO


Ginny Hartzler said...

I love the windmill. Did not know they had anything to do with watering plants. And I really got a kick out of your toothpaste story!! How cool that your cousins sell to those big companies!

CheerfulMonk said...

It sounds like a great place to live! Thank you for sharing all of this. ❤️

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
I am enjoying this little series of historic viewing and the reminiscences it is prompting from you! YAM xx

Barwitzki said...

Thank you for your wonderful photos... I'm already looking forward to the first garden tomatoes here with us...
I wish you a happy weekend.
a hug from Viola

David M. Gascoigne, said...

I am reminded of Christopher Hitchens recounting that on his first trip to the United States he was told by an adoring young lady, “I love your accent.” His reply was perfect, I thought, “But I don’t have an accent, my dear, you do.”

eileeninmd said...


What a great museum, I love the windmill. Homegrown tomatoes are the best, yum! Cute kitty photos. Take care, enjoy your day!

Ann said...

Love the looks of this place. Cool windmill.
There is a pastor around here who has an english accent and when he comes in the store I just love to listen to him talk

Rose said...

So, your cousins are the root cause of one of my addictions! Tell them thanks a lot.. lol. I love Lays potato chips!

Mevely317 said...

That's cool about your cousins' link to the Big Names! I'll have to tell Tom his potato chip addiction is, in a round-about way, helping my friend! (*grin*)

I'm loving the windmill photographs. More so, the story about the Brit in the toothpaste aisle! I, too, love hearing foreign tongues. Even the difference in speech patterns here in the South. (My favorites.)

My Mind's Eye said...

WOW what a fun and interesting village.
Love the windmill
Hugs Cecilia

Chatty Crone said...

For such a small town I presume - it has a heck of a lot of diverse things there. And to sell product to those two large companies is quite awesome.

photowannabe said...

I really love the way you are presenting the sights of your area. Enjoying it.
I just went out and tried to scare the neighborhood cat away from our yard. We have a mamaJay and her baby flitting around in the bushes. the cat has been stalking them and I don't want the baby caught. Jay is just learning to fly and fend for itself. Wish I could get a picture but they just don't stay still long enough to capture them through the window.

DUTA said...

Palmetto - there is a nice sound ring to the name.
Agriculture and Tourism are intertwined. The economy of entire countries is based on this strongly connection of the two.

Susan Kane said...

The central valley in California is the big producer on a grand scale. The better foods are from the farmer's markets. Farmers in the area bring their fresh produce on a Sat. or Sun. for an open air market . Tourism definitely saved some places (like the mtn town near us).

Brian said...

There sure is a lot of interesting things to see around there!