Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Spectrum Part 3


Bing Creator AI and MS this is what she sounded like to me

continued from Spectrum Part 2  
Before I tell you about the chat, in case you are to tired to read it, the sweet girl took my bill down by 20.00 a month. The router works well.  When I got the thank you for changing to your upgrade, fine print said, you are now good for 1 year. I am thinking the 20 will come back at the end of the year. 

My chat with the Sweet Young call center girl started with words I can't remember while she ran a program for me.
She said: I can’t go anywhere without my phone. My granddad said put your phone down and handed me a map and I said, what is this? He said this is a map, to find your way where you are going. I said I just ask my phone. He said, what would you do without your phone? What if you lose it? What if it dies. 

I said to her, I am good with a map, I mapped our trip from Maine to Napa Valley CA, using an Atlas when we were driving a semi. 

Her answer “what’s an Atlas? 

I answer: It's A book with a map of a state on each page, you follow the one, to find how to get to the next highway.
She says, REALLY?? I've never heard of one. I had not seen a map until Grandpa handed me one.

I said, if I ask you for directions to McDonalds, could you tell me the streets?

she said, no, not without asking my phone. I said, do you know what street it is on, the one nearest to you? She answered I can drive to McDonalds without my phone, but, No, I would have to look it up on my phone to get the address.

Remembering the lost pizza delivery girl a few weeks ago, I said to her, if you were delivering pizza to my house, and you called and said you needed help, and I asked if you were going East or West on 17th could you tell me? She said absolutely not. I said do you know directions, North, south, east west? the answer was No… I said, if you called 911 and they said, which side of the road are you on? North or South bound, would you know?  She said I would just tell them my GPS coordinates and they would come.
she laughed and said when grandpa said, find your mile marker, I said what's a mile marker?

She is helpless without her phone. Her generation can't use a phone book, or a map, or give someone directions. 

It is not just that generation, both my sons are in their late 50's and so is the lifeguard at the Y. I once asked her where she got her hair cut and she said, next to McDonalds. I said which street. she said, it's not on the street with Walmart on it, it's on the other street that goes to the beach. I said Manatee Ave? she answered yes, I get Cortez and Manatee mixed up.  She knew they both go to the beach but could not tell me where her hairdresser was. there is a McDonalds on both streets.
The basics of knowledge are gone from 2 generations. 

I told the girl, I should start a class online, and call it What to do if your phone dies or is lost. 

 She said I would take the class. OY VEY! it has just occurred to me to wonder how the young soldiers find their way on the battlefield! Does the Sergeant say SEE that Hill? point to it and say take your jeep up that hill I am pointing at, when you see 3 more hills, turn left. No, your other left. Maybe they have GPS in the jeeps?

Does anyone know if they teach basic skills in school now? Alphabet? NSEW? Numbers? I wonder if the call center girl could walk in a library and find a book by its title? 
All this is written and pondered by a person who used Walmart App to find Push Pins Saturday morning. Who buys those anymore? I did. hey were on aisle F 29, I almost gave up finding the F but did find it. 


Ginny Hartzler said...

What do you use push pins for? Yes, I know what they are. All this is so funny, but also sad and true. AND, they have not taught cursive in school for quite awhile now. I only found this out awhile ago and still find it hard to believe. I asked clerks in a store where the potholders were, and they had never heard of them. I tried to explain what they are, and only confused them more. I guess they never have to take anything out of an oven.

Tigger's Mum said...

Ginny, I write in cursive and read somewhere that the ability to read it will be lost in a couple of generations, only academics who train in it will be able to decipher any historically important notes I leave behind (as if). I kind of laughed and kind of grimaced at your post today Sandra - kids don't join Boy Scouts any more and learn that the sun is in the south and the moss on the north side (or vice versa where I come from) and all that kind of stuff. Years ago a friend in NZ army told me that the army had worked out it needed 1 in 6 to keep people alive in desperate circumstances (i.e. 1 in every 6 should be something of a tamed rebel - enough of an independent thinker to be able to work out a solution when the trained in stuff goes all to pot - the other 5 will stick to the training and run out of ideas when circumstances fail to conform to plan). It is something like that in the general population I guess. Living in cities might mess with that but I expect there are innovators in city life as well.

easyweimaraner said...

all I know, they can leave class now without a reason if they dislike the lessons... seems some used this feature a lot ...

Ann said...

That is very sad that so many don't know basic things. I think this world has gotten too off track. Now discipline is out the window and reasoning with children is the correct way to handle things. All that has accomplished is to let loose a whole generation of adults who are less than productive.

eileeninmd said...

I did grow up using paper maps. I can not talk about others, my memory is not the best with remembering street names. I can drive almost any where if I have been at least once without having a map or my phone. Hubby is my navigator if we are going somewhere new. Take care, have a great day!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Astounding not to know what an atlas is... you make good points. YAM xx

MadSnapper said...

testing search key + shift + space to make this in a comment on chromebook
🥰 it works.

Rose said...

While this was fun to read,it is scary, too.

My Mind's Eye said...

I vividly recall 6th grade. We had a very good geography teacher. She was a firm believer in EVERYONE knowing how to read maps. Thankful I am semi-skilled at it. Now my problem is the size of the print. LOL
Hugs Cecilia

Mevely317 said...

UNBELIEVABLE! (Yes, I'm shouting.)
I didn't think anything about the Younger Generation could still surprise me, but this gal's proven me wrong. (You need a merit badge for not laughing.) I've seriously got to share this with my son.

I remember my parent's magazine rack filled with paper maps from all over the country. Just in case. And how my husband and I'd order a 'trip tik' from AAA before embarking on a road trip. This almost makes me glad to be old. Ha!

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

We keep an atlas in CeCe, and I ALWAYS plan my trips before I go...I do not like depending on my phone, although I do enjoy using it.

I'm glad the cable girl got your bill down!!

photowannabe said...

Funny, sad but true.
I find that very scary..more and more dependence on the internet...if it's on the internet it must be true. No thinking for ourselves...we do what we are told and believe what is fed to us..
A New One World design is coming faster than we can believe it will be here.
I'm not a doomsday cryer but things are going to change and everyone will get a trophy..
Ok enough said..glad you had a good chat with that sweet young thing.

Brian's Home Blog said...

That really had me laughing out loud! Yes, I can read a map and I can navigate a fishing yacht out 90 miles in the ocean and back without GPS, just a chart/map and a compass. Thanks for such a fun story.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Unbelievable! That is so sad. She is useless without her phone. My kids are not glued to their phones but no doubt they use Google Maps. Glad you got your cable worked out.

CheerfulMonk said...

Google doesn't do well up in the mountains. People need to know the roads or get a good map. Some have learned the hard way.

DeniseinVA said...

I love this! This was a fun read. Each generation says goodbye to something I guess. I remember party lines and dial phones. I always keep an Atlas available, the kind with big print. When we were traveling we drove through a lot of spots where cell phone service is unavailable. Good you got the cable sorted out.

Breathtaking said...

My husband was still driving when he was 88, and found the G P S a Godsend , but he knew how to read maps as I do, but my granddaughter doesn't, but she knows what an Atlas is because she had seen one in my house, otherwise I don't think she would have known, but she didn't know what an L P was when I showed her.