Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Sink Overfloweth

I said in the previous Post, "I would rather clean up than cook!" I know not to make rash statements. Thus, the story of The Sink and The Cleanup! Or another title for these pictures could be Tools Of My Trade.

Last night I cooked (yes, I cooked) and when I let the water out of the sink after washing the dishes (note: I have never owned a dishwasher), the water would NOT leave the sink. ABOVE photo, is how I washed dishes this morning using Make Do pot wash pan.

I plunged until my face was red, Bob plunged until his was red and I demanded he stop and let me call a plumber. I called, he will be here Thursday, 2 days of not using the sink, I told him we will eat out. NOT!

While The Man plunged, the nasty water came up and out and down the white cabinets, he plunged so hard (the sink was actually moving) the trap loosened and the nasty water poured into ALL this that lives under the sink. I took it all outside, washed it off, washed baskets and after spraying with Lysol, I sat them on the counter.

The most important tool of the trade, COFFEE, while I wiped cabinets, mopped floors using Clorox and Lysol Together. Am I Germaphobic or What?

Dawn and Clorox for the cabinets and counter tops, sprayed with Lysol First. Yeppers! I am a germaphobic, but you should have seen the gunk that ran all over everything. YUCK

I know, I know, the Glade just coveres smells, but I love Cinnamon.

Proof, I did all this in the DARK.... I had to open the blinds all the way back so I could MOP the WHOLE Kitchen.....

Wash bucket is keeping our planet GREEN by recycling 75 dollar bucket of chlorine that destroys the green effect.

this picture just proves I will take a picture of ANYTHING.

Last but not Least, Who could know a Clorox bottle could be beautiful. Have a nice day, hope it starts better than MINE.


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