Thursday, September 3, 2009

Revisit Fishtail Palm Pod

You may remember the pod featured in Accidental Jungle post on August 6th. A few days back, I realized if I stood on tippy toes, I could reach the new one that was just starting.
since I am fascinated with these things, I jerked if of and I sat it in the swing .Then I laid it on the pool deck.
Sat the camera on the pool deck, can you see the photographers TOES?

Moved the camera to another position on the pool deck

I am trying to get all the different ways this thing grows

It spews the green stringy things out of a 3 foot long cone, kind of like a cornucopia.

Even the stem is colorful, purples and browns and shades of green. The camera just does not capture all I see.
My apologies for repeating, but I do love this pod. I am watching it to see what it does removed from the host tree.


Sunny said...

Very interesting for sure. It has green dreadlocks!
Sunny :)

BeLiMi said...

Exactly WHAT is that????

Sandra said...

It is a seed pod from a fishtail Palm tree, look up at the beginning of the post and click on accidental jungle and you can see what it looks like in full bloom