Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What's The Point?

Yesterday I pulled up to Heritage Park Care & Rehab as I have hundreds of times over the past 4 years. I sat stuned with the beauty of a simple building whose buttery yellow walls were dappled with sunlight.

This is the street the building is on, the white SUV on the left is my Vue
For some reason I wanted to share this view on my blog today. I asked me, WHY? Is anyone out there interested in seeing what I saw in an old building?

Today's post is my 268th post and  I have been asking myself, WHY do I blog? Is there a point to my post? What is it that makes me post a daily post?

I created my first blog on May 9, 2009 , Creation inspires Me. One post and not another one until 3 months later, the 2nd post  on 8/28/09 with
No Post Title (who knows why). from June of 09, I have escalted to posting almost daily. Why, what is the point? Why do I do this?

the answer I have come up with is I DON'T Really KNOW why!
A. I like to talk...... bloggin is talkin
B. I love photography and share the photos
C. I like to create projects... and share
F. I like sharing my thoughts
G. I love looking at other blogs for all the above.

My question for you today is Why Do you Post on your blog? Is there a point? a reason? Or just because. Should our blog have a point?

HI, I am back to add a PS to this post. I just visited A Brit in Tennessee and found part of the answer to why I blog in the quote she used. check it out.


Anonymous said...

I don't have a blog but I do enjoy most of the other aspects of "What's the Point?" I believe God created us to share ... our love, our thoughts, and our good actions. It's a natural part of us.

Anonymous said...

A good question why do you blog, or anyone else for that matter. I suppose each blogger has their own reasons. I do not blog, as you know, but if I did, one reason might be simply because i can, or because I want others to see and understand the joy i might have sharing beauty and compassion and information with others. I think you might have opened a new can of worms with that question. Janice

Anonymous said...

like the variety of your blog & I don't think it should have a "point". Everyday I learn something or if nothing is "learned" I'm just able to enjoy the photos & that days message. Keep doing what you're doing.


George said...

I guess I would have to say that I don't always know why I blog. I almost never have anything profound to say, but I do enjoy photography and I like to share. That's the reason behind my photo blog. I guess I do the other blog 'because'.
By the way, I did enjoy seeing the building and the street.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I've questioned the very same thing, and at an earlier time, I said I was going to stop blogging, was it really worth it ?
I'm glad I didn't, because I have found a new outlet of expression, and a hobby.
My awareness of the beauty that surrounds us daily, has been enhanced, I notice and delight in more of the wonders of this thing we call 'life'.
You on the other hand, are marvelous at your picture taking, and fortunate for your readers, you are willing to share your talent.
I blog because it fills a need, a connection of sorts, back to my roots.
Such a thought provoking post, and loved the buttery yellow building also :)

Catherine said...

I agree with what Carole said about God and sharing and it being a natural part of us. I also think that manifests itself in all your reasons, A to G!

Anonymous said...

Why do I blog?

Friendship, exchange of views and ideas, an outlet for my photography, somewhere to tell everyone how much I love my country, somewhere to vent occasionally .......

Keep blogging Sandra - I would miss you if you didn't post so often!

DawnTreader said...

I created my account to be able to comment on a friend's blog, went on to check out how it worked, and it all grew from there... I feel that I've made new friends around the world, and the exchange of ideas and the variety of topics is what inspires me. I think blogging can have all kinds of purposes. My main blog (The Island of the Voices)has no specific point, except to explore the blogworld (and my own head), and make new friends and stay in touch. My Picture Book focuses on my own photos, with only short comments. I also have a Harry Potter blog (infrequently kept up) because I wanted to collect my thoughts on those books and keep them together in one place. That's a kind of topic that attracts certain readers but is of no interest to others. I also have one blog set aside for fictional writing, much for the same reason.

Ginny said...

I knew what MY answer would be right away!! For me, it is an easy answer. Do you know how psychiatrists and everyone else say to keep a journal and write down your thoughts? It's supposed to be so good for you to put your thoughts on paper. It gets things out of your system so you don't internalize too much. Well, blogging is like that, only better. It's a journal that everyone can read and comment on, thus making it GROUP THERAPY! Not that any of us need that, but what I mean is, we can express what we think and feel; and see that there are others with the same feelings and this affirms us. And when we have a beautiful picture or a brainstorm thought, we just have to tell someone right away, we can't keep it in! Mine has an added purpose, to try to spread the word of God, so I read many of my posts on our church prayer line and put them up on the church bulletin board. Also, when we have a problem, we can put it out there and get advise, and I intend to post flowers that I can't identify and see if anyone knows what they are.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I started blogging in June of 2006... I meant it to be a journal that I could leave for future generations. At that time, I was doing alot of family history--and I wanted to share all of that for my future relatives. I was on a blog called LIGHTBLOG--and never ever got many comments (although my family and friends 'said' ???? they were reading my blog)...

In January of 1999, I changed to Blogger because I wanted to meet others with like interests. WELL--that worked WELL, and I started meeting people who loved the things I love (Photography, Birds, Flowers/Roses, Hiking/Waterfalls, Travel, etc.)...

I enjoy Bloggers whom I really get to know. Some seem so private --and even though I may read their blogs, I really may not know one thing about them. Those are the people I don't usually visit very often. I guess I wanted the friendship and relationship.

One blog is all I can handle ---and mine is a hodge podge of my life. I do try to keep my blog positive and about 99% of the time, I never bring up anything controversial --such as Politics. Whatever I am doing seem to work since I do have tons of followers and get tons of comments. Sometimes it's overwhelming --but I love it and wouldn't change a thing...

Sorry you asked??????? ha ha
Hugs my Friend,

SquirrelQueen said...

I started my main blog (The Road to Here) in March 2009 as sort of a journal with the intent of writing about my time in Alaska. But I had so many photos I wanted to share I started Squirrel Eyes in April 2009 as a place for my photography. Now both have evolved into primarily photo blogs. I do have a third blog called The Chase for Baja which I rarely post on but it is devoted to our involvement with the Baja 1000. There is also one called SquirrelQueen's Zone which is my test blog. I have posted photos on it that can at times be a little out there. I think I got a little carried away with the blogging thing.

The main reason I post is to share my photos and sometimes the stories behind them. Sometimes I want to get a message across and I try to do it with photos.

Speaking of which, I just put a new button on the sidebar of The Road. When I saw the button I thought of you Sandra, my fellow photo enthusiast. You will know it when you see it. If you want one click on the button and it will take you to the main page, click on buttons & blinkies to get the code.

photowannabe said...

I think I blog for the same reasons too. Its a way to show my photos and connect with people that I now call my friends, from all over the world. I started out 4 years ago posting every day but alas, now its down to 2 or 3 times a week. Sometimes I think I have grown roots to my computer chair. Life gets in the way now and then too. Keep on blogging its cathartic. (sp???)