Monday, April 30, 2012

Awesome Art part 2

 Part two, up close and personal viewing of the Hope Family Services center that is a haven of help for abused women and children.

"Not only does it help get the word out, but it also took a building that was fairly boring and made it look beautiful," Lynch said. "It's fun, bright colors. ... What we deal with every day does not make you smile, it's sad. People who come to us are at the end of their rope. It's nice that a community of artists said 'Let's cheer you up, let's make you smile.'"

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 Ferran said the project was done by both freelance artists and some artists from VMI Media Group. Artists of diverse cultural backgrounds and ages, and from other cities including Tampa and Sarasota also participated in the project, he said.   comments from Bradenton Herald writer, Mariam Valverde

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If you enlarge the photos you can see the doors, windows, power boxes that are painted over and disappear from sight.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Our newspaper, Bradenton Herald, spotlighted this building last week. The article filled me with hope for our world that seems to be so full of bad things happening.  Of course you know the MadSnapper raced down there to see and SNAP!

The article started with these words.

Where can one find a mermaid, a fisherman and a bird carrying a guitar?

In Bradenton, the answer is on the back walls of the Hope Chest Thrift Store.

Hope Chest is part of Hope Family Services, which serves Women and Children in abusive situations.

The four walls were painted last month by 12 artists who donated their time to transform the building into a colorful mural featuring a musical, cultural, riverfront theme said Miriam Valverde writer for the Bradenton Herald

  "It's 2,200 square feet of awesome," said Hector Ferran, coordinator of the Ninth Avenue Mural Project and owner of VMI Media Group. "It's not all about graffiti, it's just art  Miriam Valverde

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The store is a division of Hope Family Services, a nonprofit organization established in 1979 providing shelter, counseling and other services to any individual in a domestic violence situation.
The shelter housed 433 people last fiscal year, with the average person staying about 23 days,

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I say Bravo to the City of Bradenton for approving this and also Bravo and Kudos to the Artist that donated their time and efforts.

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to be continued up close and personal, each piece of this acrylic and spray painted marvel.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Flowers For Leontien

HUGS! from Me to You!

Leontien, you are the most brave and most incredible person I have met in blog land. I do so admire your humor and courage.God Loves you and so do I, even though we have never met. I pray for your healing and strength.

If you want to join in Flowers for Leontien please post and link to A Rural Journal 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Baby Breaking News

somebody help me PLEASE

Baby is doing so well, i decided to do a post today after all. I had said no post today, but Bob volunteered to stay home with her and I went to the gym, one hour of walking and TALKING and I am back and raring to BLOG... she is doing great, and we are able to keep the cone off most of the time by careful watching. She sleeps most of the time.
Warning! gross photo below...

it is hard to take the photo with one hand and she hates the camera.  this ear requires care several times a day, have to press between warm wet washcloth to make it bleed to keep it from scabbing over while it regenerates the skin they removed. It makes me hurt to look at it but it does not seem to bother her at all and she loves for me to doctor it.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Baby UPDATE again

we just had a traumatic time getting the bandage off, took both of us 30 minutes just to get it off and the cone on and it is bleeding some. we had to lock Jake in the other room and he was howling about that. the tape would not come off and it was soggy with blood from bleeding for 2 days. she is traumatized and I am going to get off emails and take a day to get past this.

we did not have scissors that would cut through the tape, and I ended up using my sewing basket scissor and cutting a 1/8 at a time, we were all freaked out.  now I know why they said you might have to bring her back and let us remove the bandage. if it were not a 25 minute drive I would have.

she is upset because we had to put the cone back on. I had to sit with her for another half hour stroking her paws, she would not lay down,  she is asleep in her cone with blood dripping a little and we have to put warm compresses on. I did that but not long enough. after she calms we will do it again.

I have turned off comments on this and will see you all on Saturday. I need time away from the blog and emails to deal with her.
thanks for the comments and caring

Soon she will be back in her dirt hole that goes to China. 

Thursday All in a Row -Moss Rose

I am joining Thursday All in a Row for the first time today. to join the fun go to A view from the edge
Baby Girl Update: all four of us slept all night last night, 7 hours straight. thanks for all your thoughts, prayers and comments. We take the bandage off today.

MadSnapper Trivia continued from yesterday

Fast forward to 1985, Bob and I had been married a few months, he insisted on using the bathroom on the other side of the house, not the half bath in our master bedroom. 

He had to walk through the kitchen and living room and down a short hall. One night around 2 AM he went to the bathroom and did not come back. I am a light sleeper, so I waited and waited. He did not come back to bed.

Mirror Edit in Ippiccy

The house was dark (remember who is afraid of the dark), so I eased through the kitchen and into the dark living room calling his name. 

His idiot male self from Mars,  was laying on the floor behind the sofa and reached out and grabbed my leg, IN THE DARK. 

HE never ever never did that again. I sat on the floor and cried like a baby for half an hour.
He said, “ Samar, it was a JOKE. “   (the last he ever played on me) NO, we did not get divorced, 27 years now.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Baby Girl UPDATE

 Baby Girl came home from surgery at 4 pm Tuesday, she is fine, she hates the cone and mommy did not get much sleep last night, but she slept pretty good.  At 4 am, i was worried since she had no fluids for 2 days except the IV, so I fed her half a Popsicle. she refused orange, took the mango. go figure.

Baby says "Woe is Me! the cone and the dratted camera."

we took the cone off this morning because she refused to eat or drink with it on. we will leave it off while she is sleeping and we are with her and use it at night or if we can't sit with her. i will be staying home with her with a couple of breaks while daddy sits her until the stitches come out. Below photo is the pain of the camera NOT the ear.

Bandage comes off tomorrow, stitches in 10 days. This to shall pass, we both say. More pain in the pocket book. 495.00 OUCH on Ear pain and Purse Pain.

Guess What!

Saturday April 21, 2012

Guess what I found  in the yard Saturday AM, Can you guess? without scrolling down?

 Now can you guess?

MadSnapper Trivia (while you figure out what this is)

We  have small night lights in the hall bathroom and kitchen. I can’t sleep in complete dark. 

When my son were 3 and 5 and I was 25, a storm came through Savannah and put the power out. I called Daddy crying because I was home alone with 2 kids in a DARK house. (I could do home alone, but only with lights)
He came over and left  mother home alone in the dark , and opened my front door, to let in little light through the screen door, and he took the sofa cushions and put them on the floor in front of the door and slept there all night, so I could sleep. God Bless Daddy and his true love for me.  to be continued


Last Chance! what is this?

Sunday 4/22/2012

click to enlarge to see the little nanas

Monday 4/23/2012

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Zebra Longwing Butterfly - Heliconius charitonia

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 Saturday AM this  Zebra Longwing,  finally sat still for a few seconds.

  Thanks to Kathy Goes a Rambling for telling me about Ipiccy another free online software edit program

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MadSnapper Trivia
My middle name is Chicken Little and I am always saying the sky is falling, even now in my OLD age.  My what IFFER is as big as a barn. 
My motto is “if it CAN happen it probably WILL"

I have been afraid of the dark since I was a baby or so I am told.  At 3 months, I screamed the theater down and that was in 1944. Daddy loved Tom Mix movies but I would not stay in the dark theater.
 (Ya think that COULD have started the whole thing? I mean taking a 3 month old baby in a dark theater with guns a popping?)

At age 8, Granddaddy took us on a two week trip from Florida to New York City. We stopped in Rock City and went in a cave, a dark cave, with a guide with torches. He said, if you want to see true dark, here it is on the count of 3. Have you ever heard an 8 year old girl scream inside a cavern?  They did.
I still sleep with a nightlight…..hubby says IT’S ALL IN YOUR MIND…. Well DUH!!
To be continued

Monday, April 23, 2012

Baby Girl Surgery

Baby Girl is 11 years old. She has an Ear Hematoma, it is 3 times it's normal size and needs surgery tomorrow. I am afraid for her at her age. I do not want her put to sleep for it, but see no way out of it. Thanks for your prayers.

Pondering Stuff

Purple Trumpet - Nightshade 
Our yard is full of brilliant colors and loving the rain we had the last two nights and I am pondering stuff.

Kings Mantle
 If I go to the store with bed head hair and no makeup, I see 3 people I know. If I am dressed and ready to meet someone, I can go to 5 stores and not meet a soul.
    Where do those green tree frogs go when there is no rain? We just had 2 days of rain and they have been harmonizing for 2 days.  Our last rain was 2 months ago, so where have they been?

Why will some people not fly in a plane and others will jump out of one?

Why does one person use a tub only and another just the shower?

 Oregano taste awful to me, but others love it. 

Onions are a no no for me others eat them in everything.

Moss rose

One loves roses the other dandelions.

One loves TV the other can’t stand to watch it.

He loves documentary’s and She loves stories

I am thinking there is no answer to my ponderings, what think ye? I think the answer is it just IS this way and really doesn't matter and go ahead ask me why I ponder these things? JUST BECAUSE