Friday, August 31, 2012

Fun Friday

Above is Me at different ages.... I did not take the time to cut these out perfectly so that is not the answer to the question. Before you go to the end to see the answer, what is wrong with this photo? (other than the fact it is a dumb thing to do)

 Above is myself and my dad, do you think we look alike? see below with daddy with my hair.
And NO, I am NOT going to take a class in proper blogging, even though you might be thinking I need one.

My hair is parted over the right eye. in the 2nd shot, it is backwards. I did not notice this until I finished the photo and saved it. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ginny and Phil UPDATE

some of you have asked for another update. Ginny is still very ill, does not seem to be responding to the mega meds. Last night Phil was taken to ER with severe pain and they did emergency surgery to remove his appendix. They caught it before it burst and were able to do the laparoscope  surgery. He should be able to come home tonight. Also there new cat Simba is very ill and had to go to the vet.
Please pray for the family

Red or Pink?

the day was cloudy and I played with the faster shutter speed for capturing canine photos. I snapped Jake and there hung this fantastic and perfectly formed red hibiscus.  I KNOW I have posted tons and tons of these flowers but what can I say? it was there and you know The Rest of The Story.

As I walked away from the red, I saw 2 twin pink hibiscus, and that is the end of this story.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Did You Know?

Did you know you can blog from your email?  go to Dashboard/Settings/mobile email and create your email address. I crossed mine out with blue ink.
type your message and add your photos and click send and it will appear. you can click the circle with how you want it to
go into your post. mine go to drafts for me to check them first. With mine I have to change my fonts in email to a light color because I have a black background.

You can make changes in edit, or just let it post as it comes in, let it post directly to your blog or into your drafts. Post sent from email, but I did enlarge the photos since they come in small.

PS.... everyone is asking how we are, the only damage from the storm was another banana tree down....some wind and about 3 inches of rain is all we got.... but others in FL got 10 inches of rain. 
We are fine and praying New Orleans will be fine to. 
also, using email to post is for emergency use only, it is awkward to use and is only if you are out and want to post and update or if blogger is on the blink with uploads.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Petting Zoo - Past Post

Have you ever petted a ROOSTER? You could this one, as you can see.

Some of you asked about the goat I am holding in the header photo. I found this old post from several years ago and here it is again.

UPDATE  this was supposed to post TOMORROW, someone did not get the right date or time.....

This is a full grown bull, I hugged and kissed on him like he was a dog. He is a minature bull.

and the horse is a horse, a minature horse, not a pony.

We all love the baby goats. All of the animals are raised by hand and played with and petted from the day they are born, which allows us to pet them and hold them.

I was the volunteer, Official Photographer for a long term nursing and rehab facility for 4 years. I have 22 gigs of pictures taken in the last 3 years, due to privacy issues I can not post my favorites, but I can show how much love the animals recieve when the petting zoo comes. The little goats and chickens come with sheep and donkey and llalma and even a minature bull. A photographers dream. or mine anyway.

How She does it...Tutorial

I bought WHITE bread (shudder) and was allowed to buy it because ER nurse said White and Bland only for a few days to give your tummy time to adjust to GB removal.

NO grains NO nuts Bland ONLY...  I had Bob hold a gun on me to make me buy the loaf above.... The reason for the photo is The Price of $2.25

I saw the price and thought I used to buy this for .99 cents a loaf in the 80's and before that 4 for 1.00 when my kids were small, Way Before.... SNAP!!!! Snap!!!

 Bob and I were in the produce dept and  I spied these grapes, I waved to get his attention and pointed at the small box of grapes that was marked 3.99 and raised my eyebrows?

Since he is hard of hearing, this is sign language known as  spouse speak for Do I dare pay 4 bucks for that? He laughed and nodded OK.

Bronze Scuppernongs are hard to find, expensive and only show up once a year. He knows I LOVE THEM... as I have told him many times in the past the story of standing in my Dad's arbor in Savannah GA and pigging out on them until he made me stop before I made myself sick.

After reading the label on the inside that they are a powerhouse of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits, WOULD I have pigged out on them if I had KNOWN?

They are grown in Georgia, as was I......

 If you are having problems with finding material for a post.... here is a short Tutorial on how MadSnapper finds material to create a post like this one....

.READY? on the edge of your seat???? Here You Go

1. Keep camera close  by and snap a shot of anything/everything you beg/borrow/steal  that comes in your house

2. If you think it, write it... and to facilitate this important step, Keep pad/pen in every room to write it ON. Do Not depend on your memory because you WILL forget.

Ready, Get Set, Snap and POST

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Mag 132...Big Room - first time

Joining Magpie Tales challenge today.
Write a poem or short vignette using the picture featured in this post as your inspiration

Big Room, 1948, by Andrew Wyeth

Life interrupted and time stood still as Evie stood listening to the loud ticking of the clock and waited to hear the last musical chime of the clock she loved and must leave behind. She stood looking, listening and filling her heart with  memories from the past. Tears trickled down her face and dropped to the hardwood floor as  the shadows slowly passed over what had once been her life. The  room  spoke without words of the  emptiness in her heart that now matched the emptiness of  the big room.

Hurricane Watching

We are now in Hurricane Watching Mode. Above is our local news, below is National Hurricane Tracker.
I marked where we are on both. If it follows above track, we will get wind and rain, if it follows below we will get LOTS of wind and rain.

 IF it makes a right turn, and they are famous for making sudden turns then

The thing is...... no one knows where Isaac goes..... so we all Watch and Wait.......

In 2005, we bought this little TV/Radio and TEN batteries.... never used it yet, and the batteries expired in 2009 PLUS the TV no longer will work due to the digital changes. We checked it, radio works, car or batteries. woo hoo

Friday AM we stocked up hurricane supplies for 2 weeks, the first thing on the list, was Batteries. This morning at 5 AM we went to Walmart and bought the below batteries. 40 dollars worth.. the small one on the left was 12, those are hearing aid batteries for the aid my husband broke and glues back together that no longer HEARS very well.

I know this because the TV is blasting as I type.

I am pondering this... Why of Why do they put 8 C batteries in a  pkg when I need 10

and 4 in the D when I need 3.... Yes, someone has suggested solar flashlights, no we have not purchased one.

Tricks of the trade, see above..... I have 8 of these cans, we use them for all kinds of things from sugar to flour..... I can't bear to throw them away.... so IF Isaac heads this way, the 8 of them will be filled with water and stacked to use for flushing the commode.... that is my trick for today... write this down.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Vertigo induced Pondering

Vertigo induced pondering....

While leaning/hanging/clinging to/on the breakfast bar staring down at spinning plate that sweet hubby served my dinner on, I pondered WHY did I ever buy these plates?  I hate cherries and apples and pears around the border

This led to another ponder. Why do my  preferences change over the years?

 plain with silver border plates in 1963,

sprigged with small flowers in brown and pink in the 70's "the country look"

and  then in the 80's I preferred brown stone ware.

d sometime in the 90's I changed to the two above now and I no longer want the cherries/apples border. or the floral whatever/

what do I like now? still pondering DON"T KNOW and will not replace these anyway. I have decided to move to a hotel with room service.

If you are now pondering why I was sitting at the breakfast bar to eat during Veritgo,

 It was day7 and I was sick of crumbs in my bed from trying to eat while lying down, and sipping coffee out of a bendy straw. and pouring said coffee on sheets and my chest.

I AM NOW Pondering....  What's on YOUR plates? NOT food silly? what design or style?

IF YOU DON"T FOLLOW MY OTHER BLOG< check out See How They Sleep from yesterday

Friday, August 24, 2012

Vertigo- Lessons Learned Three

Papaya Tree in a bucket
I AM BACK to almost Normal and have been for 3 days, I went to a specialist on Tuesday and the Vertigo was caused by a virus, WHO KNEW? not me.... yesterday and today I went back to the gym. These lessons I have been posting are from last week, I did not start posting until I was better. I visited my friend Rich yesterday and his cousin and his friend are both suffering the same thing I had, so I am thinking the virus can spread. YIKES

 Interesting facts from The Burning Spinning Bed....

1. If you rent a 500 square foot apartment with a bathroom smaller than my shower, in Seoul South Korea, it will cost you 8000.00 cash down and 600 per month. If you rent a 700 sq foot apartment, the cost is 25,000 for the year. Payable BEFORE you move in. they charge rent for the lease year paid up front.

2. If you watch HGTV from 5 AM to 10 AM plus 4 movies from Lifetime Channel for Women it WILL fry your brain.  (this post proves my point)

3. If you put your laptop on your tummy while laying flat in a spinning bed, YOU WILL post it on the wrong blog.... warning. if you only have one blog, who knows where it might get posted?

4. If you have Vertigo, do NOT stand up and tilt your head back to put in eye drops.

5. Ten days of bed rest WILL cause you to PONDER... coming soon What She Pondered

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Vertigo - Lessons Learned part Two

Lizard outside my window and reflection of camera dial
When planning your attack of Vertigo....heh heh heh

Do have at least half dozen books on hand, must be page turners to overcome the dizzies caused by reading flat of your back. I HAD ONE book.... and had to go for FOUR days with no hoo

No Books = hours of watching mindless TV which includes 50 year old sitcoms and Infomercials.

The UPSIDE was.... I had time to Ponder on the Programmed Infomercials and thus POST them for YOU in case you missed them.

Did you know for 19.99 you may order a Stacker that will allow you to stack veggies/fruit in a perfect 3 inch cylinder that is 4 inches tall, on a plate of your choice. WARNING if you buy this don't plan on a really large dinner party, since it could take all day to make your designed fruit/dessert/salad plates.

Did you know there is a POWDER you can sprinkle on everything you eat and if you do this you will lose 32 pounds in 3 months without changing your eating habits? WOO HOO

Lizzie Lizard on her broom
Did you know about NUTRI-BULLET?  this is a Super-food Nutrition Extractor that will make super food of everything you eat and multiply the nutrition you can absorb. (want to buy a bridge?)

PLUS and last but not least, If you put a pad and pen on the bed that is spinning you can write down
 Stupid Stuff to put on your Stupid Blog..
Sign me Stupid MadSnapper

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Ginny is home, the docs decided to  send her home with MEGA MEDS and see if that will heal the abscess.
she is home with her new cat and he met them at the door sooooo happy to see them. 

Ginny- Let Your Light Shine UPDATE

Ginny is very ill, she is in the hospital, I spoke to her last night at 6 pm
She said I could give you this update.

She has an abscess of infection with air pockets in her colon, she has a team of 8 doctors trying to make the right decision for her. She has two options, surgery which is very dangerous for her or put a drain in the abscess with a bag and send her home for a while with home health nurses to check on her a couple of times  a day.
she said she misses all of you and to thank you for cards and emails and prayers and please keep praying for her and Phil and her family. 

Vertigo - Lessons Learned part one

If you are attacked by Vertigo.....

First.... DO have a DVR in the bedroom, preferably with flat screen viewing. We have a 48 inch HD LCD WITH DVR and 700 channels living room only and a 25 inch Square screen with 70 channels, no DVR in the bedroom..

Second....if you are on total bed rest and have NO DVR in the bedroom, you will be forced to watch Commercials, you will have no fast forward or rewind, OR pause for potty breaks. you must time your stagger trips to potty at the time of commercials.

Third ... to answer your question, no I could not lie on the sofa in front of the living room TV because for some unknown reason laying flat in bed lessens the whirling/spinning head thing, but doing the same thing on the sofa does not. Remember Doc did say BED rest.

PS... no I did not take these pics with vertigo, they were in my drafts.

PSS...Yes, I did consider getting Bob to move the bed in the living room, but then what would the Commander of the Remote to said LCD TV watch?   Men can't watch small TV with commercials. I read that somewhere.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Vertigo - Guessing Game

Can you guess the name of this movie?  Keep scrolling to find the answer.

Trivia on the movie, of the 15 cast members, all are deceased except the bride groom.

Did you guess Rear Window by Alfred Hitchcock? Starring Grace Kelly, Jimmy Stewart and  Made in 1954, I saw it then at age 10 at the drive in movie.

Stewart is a photographer in a body cast and home alone all day.

As I  watched him watching all his neighbors with his Nikon Long Lens for close up viewing, I jumped up staggered over to  my Rebel and since it had the long lens on it, i sat on the sofa and zoomed in and snapped these JUST FOR YOU.

To bad they were not running the other Hitchcock film Jimmy was in named Vertigo.... the thing is if were in a wheel chair with nothing to do all day and a camera I would have done the same thing he did. Which was Watch all the life  stories in the windows. But I would have been MADLYSnapping!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Clouded Sulphur (Colias philodice)

I AM A LOT BETTER, BUT NOT 100 PERCENT..  I have not touched my camera for 9 days.. BUT i had 11 post in my drafts. so here you go. I may be on and off a few days... MISSED all of YOU...thanks for all the emails and comments.... they kept me going.

I have tracked this bright yellow butterfly for months, and never found him sitting down. They are brilliant yellow in the air, and when he lit on the green flower, turned almost the same as the leaves.
 My research says, they change color with the seasons, from light to bright or dark. Their spots change with the seasons also

 They love nectar and wild flowers and mud puddles.

They are very common, and if you live anywhere in the gold below, they are where you are.

Map and info from Gardens with Wings