Thursday, February 28, 2013

MoJo is MIA

Above is My Stash for you know what, this might jog your  memory as to what I save the pine cones for. If photo doesn't jog it Click Here.

Above is how they look when I pick them up, closed tight. Below is what they do in a couple of days

Below is fully open. I had about 25 opened ones, I said to Bob, what did you do with my pine cones? He said I did not touch the pine cones. Well, half of them are MIA... so where are they???

the answer below.... the little devils carry them off, sit in the tree, chew until they get the seed out, and drop those sharp pointy thingy's on the ground for my bare feet to find.

(yes, MadSnapper has lost her bloggin mojo and am forced to do yada yada blah blah)
File Photo from my archives

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Almost wordless Wedesday

As I clicked my seat belt shut, I saw a bird land on the roof of the car next to me. I eased the electric window down and aimed the zoom lens and this is what I got through the passenger window. Have no clue what he/she is.

UPDATE from TexWisGirl... it is a mocking bird and she sent me this link to another blog with more MOCKINGBIRDS

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Out of bounds...

Still playing with Photoshop Elements... and I don't know WHY I wanted to learn how to do this.... I just DID...
The conclusion is.... Out of bounds is a waste of time, I can think of no use at all for these and after 2 hours of wasted time i don't even like them

Where do pencils come from?

Why did the man at the orange juice factory lose his job?
He couldn't concentrate...

Monday, February 25, 2013

Small Changes, Big Payoffs

When I posted about Taking charge of ME to alleviate back/hip pain, LC from Retirement Daze commented
that she found a post that would be a lot of help to me.
The New Sixty post really helped me.   If you suffer back pain, read what she said, if not keep on bloggin.

I now Sit like the photo above, Sit straight when watching TV, NO SLUMPING.. Stand straight with shoulders back and I do not slump on the sofa with laptop in lap...

IN SHORT Sit/Stand Straight and Tall..... it is working for me.

Sit up Straight and Tall like ME....Jungle Gardens is where I live

 AARP magazine article Small Changes, Big Payoffs, will also help with back and hip pain. Below 2 that I am attempting.

1. Tilt your rear view mirror, it will fource you sit up straight
2. Sit so you can High Five your computer screen

After 3 weeks of exercise in the pool, sitting up straight, cutting down on time on computer, the numbness is gone from my leg, and I am pain free except for OLD AGE stuff....

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Favorite commercial

My new favorite commercial.

Waiting for MadSnapper

 Can you find Bob in above photo? He tries to hide from my camera when he is "waiting" for me... as you can see, there is no way to hide...

 He holds cameras, camera cases, or just paces.... these are from four separate trips, same beach

 The photos on the tower and in the dark navy shirt are a trip to Emerson Point Preserve.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Captain Scratchy....Fun Friday

It is rare for me to post anything that is not my photo or something I created. But I saw this Nervous Dog magazine cover and laughed myself silly. Those of you owned by pets, it is a must to go to 
Captain Scratchy blog above  and his Chuckle Up....   for the cutest cards ever.

Below is something for those of you who don't have pets....

Something for you,
Something to view,
Bob and Sandra and their Vue

This is an OLD photo from 2006, we bought the Vue when I retired in 06... found the pic while transferring to new hard drive....

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hollyhocks -Up Close and Personal

I looked these up and I think they are pink Hollyhocks. they are towering over the driveway of a home not to far from us.

Althaea rosea Pink Hollyhocks is what I on The Garden Pages the thing is they have been blooming like this for at least 2 months maybe more.

I Love Pelicans

 A wonderful bird is the pelican,
His bill will hold more than his belican. 
He can take in his beak
Food enough for a week,
But I’m damned if I see how the helican. 

American newspaper editor Dixon Lanire Merrith wrote this limerick in 1910:


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Live and Learn with Sandra

you might remember my wonderful EGO external hard drive I purchased 2 years and 14 days ago.
if not see Where's My Ego  my photos are trapped forever in the little red eGo... Staples says NO, can't get them off....

Early AM I received Staples email 75 percent off for presidents day and wonder of wonder, they had a Toshiba on for half price.... I will get two, I says to myself....

I have LIVED AND LEARNED, put photos on TWO back up's not one...

Staples has ONE of said Toshiba's. I pay for two, bring one home, with a promise the other will appear in 5 days at my front door....(why do they only have one on sale day in stock)

I plug it in and immediately I hate it... I go GOOGLE which is always my first stop that I forgot to do BEFORE I bought... the reviews are horrible... and  I find that the EGO is made by Toshiba and new one will do the same thing the ego did... which is quit 14 days after the warranty went out.

I run drive back to Staples and Manager says I can return it so I purchase a little black Seagate at 26 dollars more, BUT they can't stop the order, I have to return it when I get it......I am out my money for 7 days..

MORAL IS... Back up your back up.... and if you use the CLOUD to back up, read the book Cloud Crash... a technothriller by Phil Edwards, I got it free for my KINDLE... and YIKES

Our microwave lives on a shelf in the place where a dishwasher should be but is not.... He is watching his  bowl of oatmeal go round and round JUST in case it might boil over...

There is 480 gm of sodium in THREE olives.... YIKES

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What is Bob doing now?

What is Bob doing now? Answer tomorrow......I came down the hall to fix my breakfast and this is what I saw.

Do you know how much sodium is in THREE olives? the ones in a jar stuffed with pimento.

Monday, February 18, 2013


out of the camera

If you get a paper cut or a small slit/slice thingy that stings like fury..... CHAP STICK! rub in on, instant pain relief

Never use chap stick on your lips, it is designed to dry your lips so you need it more. My doctor told me this. She said use Vaseline, the little round thing in the pic is Vaseline in an empty lipstick thingy...

Ugly green thing is from Aloe plant.... if you have a cut that will not heal, pick aloe, and put the slimy stuff on. Heals it every time... also heals burns.

Texture added, no, I don't know WHY
Thursday AM I took a sip of coffee and said YUCK. my coffee taste terrible.... Bob said Mine is Fine...
another sip. "I CAN"T drink this, are you sure yours is fine?  Yep! mine is good.

I get out of bed, pour the offensive, nasty brew in the sink and make another cup. YUM! this is good.

Get back in bed and say. wonder what was in my cup? this one is fine....

BAZINGA! the thought hits me.....

The day before, I had a cup of tea in the middle of the afternoon, put fresh squeezed lemon in it, sat the UNWASHED cup on the tray by the coffee pot.... 

Are you picking up what I am putting down?

Do NOT, I repeat, Do NOT put coffee in a cup that had lemon in it without washing the cup first, it curdled the cream, OH YES IT DID....

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pelican Play-N-Photoshop

 Photoshop Line drawing above, below with added texture.

Line drawing above, Texture added below

Can't remember what I did to the last one, I did it when I was first learning Photoshop 7 with my friend Rich, about 3 years ago 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Plane Creations by Bob

Hubby likes to design build and fly his own radio control airplanes with anything he can find to recycle.

Above creation includes a wings of Styrofoam found in trash, the fuselage is the roll that the plastic shrink wrap comes on, the blue is from a sheet of foam insulation.

Above was made from a fishing rod, Styrofoam meat trays, pieces of balsa wood and the plastic shrink wrap that was on the roll.

they all fly.

and fly well.

I was about to say he has 40 plus planes, so why does he need more..... but I flashed on the fact I have 10,000 photos and keep taking more.

When I see him sitting on the sofa with a blank stare, I say "What are you building?"

When I  say, "What did you say? I wasn't listening"

He knows I am planning a post.

Does your spouse have a hobby?