Tuesday, October 31, 2017

U is for Ukulele..

Walmart Phone Phun

What is a skeleton's favorite instrument? a Trom-bone.... so why is this guy I found in Wal-Mart playing a ukulele?

It should come with a sign that says, Danger, Ukulele Area, Ear Protection Needed.  Go ahead and laugh.. Uke can do it!

Did you know the average human body contains enough bones to make an entire skeleton? heh heh heh...

Don't worry, it is going tibia ok!
Lunapic by Lunatic

Monday, October 30, 2017

Is This a Raven Party?

Walmart Phone Phun

So a crow walked into a crowbar and says 'is this a raven party?"
Is Poe dancing? Nevermore, Nevermore
When it rains it Poes, that is so raven.
Are you cray-cray?
So I wrote a bad Poemance!

What do you call a ghosts shoes???  BOO-ts... since they have no feet.  BYOB, bring your own boos because you are bootiful.

M & M Tree means  Marvelous and Magnificent

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Dog Days is any day

 I'm Back! sorry I scared some of you by not posting. My friends from Savannah, GA came for a visit and I took a couple of days off.....  Every morning, Jake grabs the shoe above, which is his most favorite toy, and walks around with it on his face covering his eyes, he carries it all over the house. I have tried a trillion times to get a pic. The moment I aimed the tablet he slam dunked it and went to watch Bob cook. in the collage you can see how difficult it is to take a pic. he suffers from camera hate. He has been carrying this shoe for 12 years... he sleeps with it when we are gone.

Above is the wait position every day while Bob cooks breakfast.. Below is our new neighbor dog, a 9 month old huskie.  he climbs on the fort up a ladder and peeks around the corner to watch us.  His name is Lokie and his little brother is a dachshund named Louie Armstrong. He is much to small to climb up there.  When we have the feeling someone is watching us, we know who it is.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Would You?

Would you keep this jam jar? I did! I love cute jars, 
and I love shaped syrup bottles, and have a small collection of bottles/jars I love.
do you collect any of these?

You are all a- mason-ing, so Please, don't bottle up your emotions, pour them out here. You are all my jam, and I want you to spread your comments below.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

What in the Sam Hill

Are you thinking, why in the Sam Hill would she post photos of a pool hose?
Just because it was there

While eating breakfast Bob said. "do you remember saying What in the Sam Hill when you were young. This started a conversation of all the ways our parent said it.

Samar What in the Sam Hill were you thinking? (Daddy to me using my nickname)

We went through lots of memories and I said WHY did you ask me this?

He said while he was cooking breakfast he kept fumbling and dropping and thought in his head, What the Sam Hill is going on?" Then he wondered what in the Sam Hill made him say it.

I picked up the tablet and said to Google Girl the phrase, What in the Sam Hill?
here is the answer she gave me and we have decided our parents used it because their parents did and it was a way to swear without saying the words. 

A possible origin for the phrase "Sam Hill" is the surveyor Samuel W. Hill (1819–1889). Hill allegedly used such foul language that his name became a euphemism for swear words.
UPDATE from Rose... this will take you to Merle Hagard singing Sam Hill

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Creative Genes

My son Dan, received at birth, quite a few 'creativity' genes. He loves Halloween and always has, at age 50 he loves all thing Horror.. Each year he is in charge of designing and setting up the Halloween House at the yacht club where he is the dock master.

He message me the photos of what he is creating now...

When complete, the coffin will be occupied I am sure. He builds all of this himself and is a talented painter.

He sent me a pic of the mannequin, see insert and now I am wondering just what she will look like by Halloween... I  PicMonkey/zombie  her to show you what I can do, but mine is in software, he has the skills to make her REAL..

Monday, October 23, 2017

A Negative Look

You can find a positive in every negative, just don't be so negative about it...

if someone tells you, you are putting to much peanut butter on your bread, you KNOW that is a negative person, get rid of them in your life...

Wait! What? What did you say?   was that sarcasm or supportiveness? You only THINK there's a difference.

Photos taken with my tablet using a setting called... are you ready for this?   NEGATIVE... now I know what my furniture would look like if I painted it white.... that is a POSTIVE...

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Ornaments @Cell phone.Wal-Mart

Why yes! I do know it is only Oct 16th and it is still weeks and weeks to Christmas. Beauty has no set time.....It is NEVER to EARLY for Beautiful things...

See anything you like? just run on down to Wal-Mart to the Christmas Ornament Aisle.  if I had a big tree I would buy the butterfly...

Home Front

A local bank is opening an ATM in a tree. If its successful, they might expand to other branches.

I used to spend lots of time with a friend in his tree house. Then we fell out.

Local police force has recruited a tree. It’s Special Branch.

Someone took my mate’s fake Christmas tree. It’s not fir.

Are you board? please don't take a fence...

Rain barrel conversation overheard...."Mama's gone, she got Toad"... brahahah

Saturday, October 21, 2017

New Neighbors and Good Things from Irma

New Neighbors 
2 days before Irma came, we watched our new nieghbors board up their home, put out sandbags. Hmmmm we thought, what is up with that?

This is there fence between us After Irma.They have 2 dogs, and we were out at daybreak, I walked next door to advise they have no fence.

She comes out to talk and I find out they moved here from New Orleans, thus the preparations. Her name is Sarah, his is Dennis and they have 2 small girls. We became instant friends, and now if we need help in the future, he said any time we can call on him. He offered to help Bob when he replaces the 2 sections we lost in our fence and donates a piece of fencing he did not need.

1. New Friends made, after Irma... and we found future help from both neighbors if we ever need it,

2.I had no weight gain after 2 weeks of stress, the sinus crud we both had for 10 days, was over before Irma. Plus Bob's ER trip with his arm was 4 days before Irma, not during it.

3. We did not lose power. or AC. (slight upset over 8 days without internet/tv/phone)

4. woke me up at midnight on day 3 of cleanup and put the thought of our  85 and 81 year old neighbors across the street  on my mind. I said when we woke up, I  need to go check on them, they have been in the house without power for several days.
I knocked on the door and he came to the door and said Please can you call 911, my wife fell, she is incoherent.. I called and waited for EMS to transport. the story is to  long  But I list this as a good thing. They needed help, I gave it.

no damage to house

This tree did no damage to our home... and we met my neighbors son and grandson that had come to stay with Barbara. The also offered help when/if we need it.

GOOD BYE IRMA! I am done with reporting on her. this has been in drafts for 6 weeks. OOPS

Friday, October 20, 2017

China Lights in WI

These amazing sculptures, are made from wire, with silk fabric stretched over and hand painted with Led lights added. My friend Carole took these with her phone at Boerner Botanical Gardens in Milwaukee WI. The exhibit is China Lights.  Follow the link to see a slide show of other lights. Thank you Carole, I love you watts and watts...

This LED light show is dedicated to Linda Chapman, Queen of LED LIGHTS... she has thousands of LED lights in every room of her home and they are there year round...

Thank You Carole, for sharing with us..

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Hawk Tale

Bob was walking Jake, I was walking around the pool, looking up I saw a really big hawk sitting on the wire in our neighbors yard. Grabbing the camera, I took really awful photos of him and watched.

You can see he knew I was watching, note his foot. He sat unmoving as a Blue Jay dive bombed his head, over and over. 4 other small birds flew right in front of him and he moved not one tail feather except to stare at me.

I walked around front to try another view but could not get a better one, to high no sunlight.
I told Bob I am waiting an hour, and if he doesn't move, I will call the wildlife Rescue guy Justin. I think his leg is stuck through the threads of the wire.
Suddenly after 19 minutes of no movement he flew out of my camera in a flash.
Silly thing was after my 2 squirrels .

Below is what my camera got, but with the help of Lunapic art edits I could show his beauty. Hard to believe all this detail was in the below photos.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Hostage Situation

After this posted I realized it is way to long. The short version is.. Our spring broke on the garage door, and we could not get our 2 trucks out for 17 hours... for those who don't have time to read all this blah blah. thanks for stopping by.

Behind these doors, on Thursday night, 10/12 in the year 2017, a hostage situation occurred in our home. At exactly 7:30 AM, Bob went into the garage to close up for the night, I went to wash my face. With water running I heard a LOUD BANG, since we had just watched 3 episodes back to back of Ray Donavan, I thought WAS THAT A GUNS SHOT?
I rushed to the door and said What Was That?
The spring broke on the garage door and dropped it DOWN.
Without a Spring, the 1000 pound door can not be moved by man a lone.

Inside the garage, our two trucks are HELD HOSTAGE, We can't get them out. I grab my Tablet and  said to Google Girl,  'spring on garage door broken' and get LINES of people saying the same thing, I read several articles on how to release our trucks from bondage, watch one video and then go to one of  ads offering to send out a Hostage Negotiator to free the cars. It even had an emergency number, which I called.
The young man listened sympathetically and said, I can send someone between 8 and noon tomorrow.  (I assume if the door was on Bob's foot, that would be an emergency)
The next day at noon, Gaetano the Negotiator freed our trucks within a short 35 minutes by replacing a giant spring, 10 rollers and 2 long cables. The Ransom Paid was $609.00. 

The Rest of the story.... that same day we had attempted to get our flu shots and due to a glitch in computer, came home after waiting 45 minutes. She called just before the door fell and said, it is approved, can you come now? well, no, we go to bed in an hour. we will come at 9 in the morning. She said remember, the flu vaccine disappears quickly. Can you hold 2? No, we are not allowed to hold vaccines. Next day we could not go at 9, I called and she said I think we have enough to last all day... come as soon as you can.  

Guess what? we found a way to slow down the time that has been on fast forward, waiting for him to come and for us to be freed to go, it took 87  hours for 4 hours to pass. We were held hostage by our garage door for SEVENTEEN hours...  all of those hours I spent thinking of things to be thankful for, that the door did not fall on one of us or on the trucks, that we lived where there are negotiators, that we had the money to free the door. Does this count as Friday the 13th since is started on the 12th?