Saturday, June 30, 2018

Thank You Washington State

Living healthy means eating fruits and veggies every day. 
Saturday there were no grapes, but thanks to the State of Washington, there were wonderful CHERRIES... If you suffer from gout, cherries and fresh pineapple are the go to fruits to keep it at bay.... PLUS they are healthy and on my Not a diet food list...

I came home from shopping and about mid morning realized I left this phone  in the car. It rides in the middle console, hidden from thieves. It was not in the console, I ranted about who would break in a car, steal the phone and leave the money and other things, then lock the car again.
After frantic searching It occurred to me to use the house phone to call the phone.
 I stood in the house listening for it to ring. NADA! Nothing! I opened the garage door and listened. Nada! Nothing!
I ranted again, same rant, different time. Finally I sat in the car and called the phone. I could hear a faint song, but could not find it. I got the flashlight and stood on my head a few times, hearing the song it plays.  OH FOR PETES SAKE I said out loud.   The console has a top part and a bottom part. I did not even remember the bottom is there.. I had picked up the whole thing and dropped it in that pocket and it must be sound proof.... Today My Cell is RINGING like the old time home phones...

Friday, June 29, 2018

Tickseed on Flower Friday

Joining LLB in my backyard for Flower Friday with MORE photos of my Tickseed Wildflower in my planter pics.
today I want you to put in order, the five to 10 things you hate most about housework, with the first one disliked the most.  You don't have to use mine, just which ever five you like the least.

cooking (who kneads cooking?)

dusting (another one fights the dust)

vacuuming (housework can't kill you, but why take the chance)

laundry (I say throw in the towel)

changing the linens on human/canine beds (sheets and giggles, no I am not a ghost, I just can't fold fitted sheets)

washing dishes (to much washing up will make you sink into despair)

Thursday, June 28, 2018

No, I am NOT on a diet!

Small changes have made a difference in my eating habits, one is using this oil.
I now use avocado oil most of the time and olive oil also. Until a few months ago, I did not even KNOW there WAS avocado oil.
You may need to rob a bank before you can buy avocado oil, but it is the healthiest of all oils. OR SO THEY say! I will spare you the details, Google search will tell you and tell you.
Oils that congeal and harden are not as healthy as the ones that don't is the gist of it all.
The old wives tale of don't weigh your self but once a week is not true.
I weigh every morning and what I see effects what I choose for that day.
My wisdom is here for oil of you
Because Olive you, and Olive you alone now.
A little humor helps our health so were we go.

If they squeeze olives to get oil, where do they get baby oil????

These are the 4 cereals we eat for our health. Also included is oatmeal, not shown

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

White Wildflowers

The night the white flowers first bloomed, I held a flashlight and took the above with my phone.

This is my best two shots, they are not much bigger than a pencil eraser... these are all on one stalk at the top.

MOMENT of interest or maybe not...Bob opened the door into the house and yelled from the garage. DID YOU TAKE MY 40 Willy's Coupe?  see the coupe HERE for the story. it is a TOY..

I go to the garage and he points on the shelf where it has lived for to many years to count. GONE! he yells gesturing wildly, NOTHING BUT THE HOOD and points to the tiny one inch hood on the workbench....
I calmly yell Well it must have fallen off, did you check UNDER MY CAR?  he kneels down and says There it is, under your back tire.... I must have knocked it off when I got the airplane down..Tje car is fine and sitting back on the shelf that is has resided on for 28 years

REALLY!!!!! REALLY?????  its HIS workbench HIS garage HIS toy so why would I have it? Well, I did have it once to take photos of it but that was a year ago to create the above post.

Below I lined in red the stalk/leaves for you to help identify. they are thin and spindly and fall down a lot, tiny leaves and stem. almost like Anemones but not quite.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Wildflower Blues, My Black Thumb Miracle

As I typed Wildflower Blues I thought, these wildflowers are actual my Black Thumb Miracle... Every flower I ever planted died except for these and  rose moss and impatiens.

The newest bloom in the wildflowers looks like forget me nots, but doesn't have a yellow center.
It has wide leaves, see below for what they look like before blooming. Can anyone identify?

When  I took these photos, this was the single bloom, yesterday there are 4 of them blooming and I am waiting for 2 new blooms that are about to pop and they are white.

UPDATE! thanks to all the answers, Yamini had identified this flower. it is exactly Chinese Forget me nots or Lindelofia longiflora…  thanks for all the answers...  I checked all three names and the others are really close and might be from the same families.
Identify me please

Monday, June 25, 2018

Man Oh Mango Man

Are you wondering why I would stand and take tree photos above my neighbors roof line? That tree is

Mangos by the zillions, it is 1/2 a block from our yard, we covet the mangos. I heard a loud noise, really loud and went to see what it was. The noise was coming from the house with mangos.
As I searched for the source of the noise, my lens landed on the squirrel feeder chair hanging on the tree next door. 

The above photo has nothing to do with the story, it was there and I saw it!

 I tried for a few minutes to get the lens to focus on the man that was raping cutting the tree. The limbs and mangos were falling and I rushed in the house to tell Bob they are Killing The Mango Tree.

He rushes out and we stand in the back yard ranting about the trimming of the tree and the money mangos cost and how much we want them and the tree... yada yada  why would they do this? yada yada why would they do this? repeat this MANY TIMES

A light bulb popped in my head and I said I KNOW! I bet they are cutting the limbs that hang over that giant boat in their front yard.   I was right!   They cut the whole side of the tree off, only the part over the boat. The boat has been in the yard for 10 years and never been moved.

Now we talk all day about Did they Save the mangos? did they sell them? did the tree guys take them? did they shred them with the tree limbs?  I Have loved mangos my whole life, Bob has since he married me and I was SHOCKED to find that most people don't like them. At a dollar a piece the fruit on that tree is worth thousands of dollars.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Ranting on Sunday???

Is it ok to rant on Sunday???  Some of you remember this past week I talked about my Timeshare Bathing suit and the lizard and frogs that live in it.
 The only mention I have ever made was the post about my bathing suit. I have never been to a website to leave cookies......

SOOOOO why am I being bombarded by Timeshare Ads in my email? They started 2 days after the post.

Rant 2. I own a TracFone cell phone for emergency use only, like when our cable TV/phone/internet goes out. I carry it with me in the car for calling tow trucks and people to fix flat tires.

I have never put it online, it is not on Google, I just don't use it. There are NINE people who have my number, they all know they can text during daylight hours only but if they want me call the house phone. YES, I said house phone.

 Occasionally I get a wrong number, or I assume they are wrong,  because I don't answer if it is not one of the NINE.

So why now am I getting ADS in my text?

 the one today said  Put sticker wraps on your bumper and get a chance to win $500.00, reply to get details...

Where did they get my number? Did one of my sons, one of my DIL's give it to them? Did one of the 5 friends that can text me give it to them? Are the NINE guilty of selling my number? What think YE?

Saturday, June 23, 2018

A Few of My Favorite Things

Seagrape Tree in our backyard this week.

Read these three sentences and tell me what happens.

Zippity Do Da

A few of my favorite things

Going to the chapel.. 
Before you scroll to bottom think about what you will say in your comment.

The new Volvo Commercial.. CLICK HERE IF YOU DARE TO HEAR is driving me NUTS... he he he get it DRIVING me nuts..
It plays 10 times a day on the never ending talking TV that Bob watches. He has it in his LOOP and he puts it in my LOOP and if we by some miracle stop humming/whistling (yes we both whistle a lot) we will hear it on TV.... I don't have to hear the tune, just saying/seeing the words can start me UP

That started me thinking about other songs that play in the background to commericals and get stuck in my head. We never know which one of us will INFECT the other with an ear worm LOOP.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Flower Friday in backyard

My love for you continues to blossom...

Sorry guys, I am suffereing from Tickseed/Shutterbug fever... 

 Bee's love Tickseed. So Do I.


How do florist make their money? by petaling their goods. 
When a florist is late delivering his goods to a wedding, he puts the petal to the metal.. brahaha

Yes that is a weed choking the statue of Pan playing his lute, but I love it anyway
This statue of Pan was bought by my husbands first wife,in 1970. We moved it from St Petersburg to  this home he has been in this place for 28 years. Dog chase each other, Pan falls over, Head rolls away,  Pan falls over, Head falls off, Three times Bob has put it back together with liquid nails concrete stuff in a thingy.... can you tell I don't know what the stuff is?  I love this photo and it is now my desktop photo of choice.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Tickseed Love

I am wild about all of you and not a daisy goes by that I don't think of you.....I think you are dandy and I am not lion..... I hope these flowers make your 'daisy'

Keep your face to the sunshine, and you can't see the shadows, it's what flowers do.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Email Resolved by Google blogger

Just got an email from blogger about the problem with comments on blog not coming to our email. this is the link

Dashboard/settings/email/delete your email address and SAVE  add it again and SAVE.
Dashboard/settings/posts, comment,sharing  remove email SAVE add email SAVE and lets all hope this works.
IT WORKED IT WORKED IT WORKED.... if you don't understand this post it doesn't pertain to you. just pass on by

Plumbago and the Bird

While MadlySNAPPING the wildflowers,  I focused on the Plumbago behind them, the bush first,

 then a close up

Trying to get a shot of Tickseed and Plumbago, Mrs Cardinal, of the silly pair that has built a nest just above ground level in our Powderpuff bush, flew through my lens and lit and stared at me.

She seemed to be wondering why I was taking photos of the door to her new home... I only got these two pics of half of the loving couple. I hope Jakeosaurus doesn't find them home.

the red x is where she sat, the end of the arrow is their front door. Both of them have been flying in and out that whole for days now.
TODAY NOTE: this has been in drafts long enough that Mr and Mrs and family have flown the coop bush safely.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Location Location Location

In a prior post you met Liam Lizard, resident of my zebra striped bathing suit condo. Sunday, I noticed he was on the wall luring Lina Lizard into his Lair.. I decided to swap the polka dot condo suit and see if he would move into it. Above you will notice, the white straps of the suit, suited him just fine. It appeared it was Location! Location! Location! and not the stripes, he loved the dots.

As I grabbed the striped suit, I held it open to check for other Lizards and started to shriek at Bob who was in the pool, LOOK! LOOK AT THIS!   What to my wondering eyes had appeared????

NOT ONE BUT Two friends had moved into Liam's Condo turning it into a TIMESHARE!!!

Can you see him now???? I have played for two days with these two frogs who took up residence in the Zebra Stripe Timeshare....

I believe they are two of the tadpoles grown up... and Monday AM I found they are female and male because they were on the ledge of the window making whoopee and at 4 AM I had to stand guard to protect them from the Jakeosaurus dog that was hunting them... After the sun came up they are GONE, but will be back when it rains again. The two of them stayed inside the suit all day Sunday.

I got these photos by jiggling the suit gently to make them crawl up and out in the sunshine... are they adorable or what?

He or She was highly indignant that I the MadSnapper was causing earthquakes to shake their time share.