Friday, June 11, 2021

OUT of Control ME


I am here to confess that I have gained 13 pounds since March 15, 2020
If you count the up/down 3 lbs each month, I can't tell you how much I gained.
See that Jelly/Jam Toast waving at you? Add Peanut Butter and that is my favorite breakfast.
That is OK on my food plan, as long as I do it ONLY for breakfast
I scoffed bread daily, several times daily. Fries  and burgers and pizza were weekly.

On June 1st 
I made the decision to return to my Food Plan that I followed for 4 years.
I gave up white flour until I get back where I was.
4 years ago I gave up sugar and have not eaten any for 4 years 6 months
Bread is another story.
BREAD turns to sugar. 
I have a sugar/white flour addiction.
 If I eat it I want more. It also makes me crave other foods.
 I get out of control.

Above photos taken June 1st for documentary purposes. 

I am addicted to sugar and white flour, I am a carbaholic!
 It is very hard for me to eat meat. Unless is is burger buried in bread.
 Or salty Ham on a sandwich. 
Sausage on biscuit.

I just find it difficult to eat meat.
I eat meat, fruits, veggies but meat and veggies have to be coated in something unhealthy for me to eat them.
Purchases above are 
Tapioca Flour,
almond butter with flax, apple butter unsweetened
Raw Sunflower seeds, raw walnuts, 
3 types of Protein Crackers that are free of white flour, 
made with brown  rice, nuts and whole grains.
I am going to see which ones work best.

archive photo of me at my highest weight before I retired.
Here is a link with my journey in pictures to where I am now. I do not want to go back to this

I am hoping journaling this for all to see, seeking accountability will help me lose these13 lbs.
 I lost 64 in a 2017 and stayed with in 3 lbs, until the pandemic happened and here I am because  once the good eating habit is broken it is hard to start it again.
My struggle To be continued  tomorrow


CheerfulMonk said...

Good luck! Go easy on yourself, the pandemic did a lot of people in. And thirteen pounds isn't nearly as much as what you did before. We're rooting for you!!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I KNOW you will do it, because you have done it before. But you are pretty at both weights. It is so hard. I am finally down to my pre-covid weight, but am hungry all the time.

easyweimaraner said...

all paws are crossed ;O) our guilty pleasure is bread and ice cream... I decided to stop the bread...sure, it's summer LOL

Tigger said...

You have kept really beautiful skin for one who has lost a lot of weight in the past. F will join you - she hasn't got any scales but the mirror tells the story here (and clothes that no longer fit). She thought the daily cycling might resolve the problem, but she is going to have to address food too. I will eat all the meat, but her weakness is cheese. If I could just stop her from buying the stuff, she wouldn't feel the need to open the fridge and eat it. We have really good cheese shops here.....'walk away....' - of and the peanut butter and jam on toast thing... that too. xxx Mr T

Tigger said...

Arrrggghhh - as we were commenting the distinctive smell of burning beans drifted into the dining room (where we work). Guess who left beans cooking unattended on the first day or her amended eating regime? At least peanut butter sandwiches don't burn to anything.

Linda P said...

You've purchase a lot of healthy food so I hope you get back on track and I look forward to seeing your progress. I lost a lot of weight when our daughter was doing our food shopping as she substituted full fat products for fat free. Now we're doing our own shopping at a store (once a week) it's easy to go back to what we like and as a consequence start putting on weight. I try to do my walking regime as often as possible, but hubby can't and he says he's put on weight although you can't see it in our faces. All the best Sandra.

Hootin' Anni said...

You can do it Sandra. I was curious the other day about the hot chocolate, does it have processed sugars?

Hootin' Anni said...

PS...I personally think you look great.

Ann said...

Good for you buying all those healthy choices. I'm in your corner rooting for you. I know you can do it.

eileeninmd said...


I think the pandemic did everyone in. You look good in the photos.
You can do it, the breads do a number on me. I am suppose to eat gluten free.
I think one of my problems is less exercise, I am not out walking as much as we did before the pandemic. Be good to yourself, take care. Have a happy day!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
I just have to look at food and the pounds go on. Yes, I could probably do with reducing some carbs, but my main problem is a lack of decent movement. Mobility restrictions mean I really cannot move to the extent that I burn the calories I do put in (and I only eat twice a day, sometimes only once). since being back in the Hutch I haven't properly returned to my indoor pedals usage. Was up to an hour a day on them before having to move over to Edinburgh. Now even five minutes wears me out. But my commitment here and loud is that I will do as many minutes each day from now on as it takes to get back to that hour 'ride a day'! YAM xx

DeniseinVA said...

You know, you still look great to me but I am hearing you. I am trying hard to lose weight but for my health only. I also love all the things that I ‘try’ to keep in moderation, bread, cheese, potatoes. I have always loved most veggies and don’t have to eat meat to enjoy a meal but oh boy, it is so hard to lose weight even when eating the right kinds of foods. I can’t walk like I used to because all the bad sprains I have had in my life are finally catching up on me. I and all your fans out here will be your support team and watching your progress will be mine. Good luck!🍀

Martha said...

You can do it Sandra and I'll be here cheering you on! Looks like you got yourself some nice healthy options there to get you started.

My Mind's Eye said...

Sandra I applaud you for the post...and say you are probably not alone in this journey. Over the last 14+ months everybody got out of control. At home all the time etc you could not go to the Y etc. Good luck
Hugs cecilia

Chatty Crone said...

I think you look great myself - but I know you will feel better losing the weight.
So you go girl - I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT@

Cynthia said...

Please send all extra pounds to me. I can use them. I think I probably LOST 13 pounds during the pandemic because of my chronic lung disease. Trying to get those pounds back.

Mevely317 said...

Pretty in pink ... I'm LOVING that smile.
This is ironic: I began a personal 30-day challenge to lose weight on June 1, too. So true what you said about habits. Days 3 and 4 I nearly caved.
Anyway, portion control just doesn't work for me -- I've an appetite like a logger, and metabolism like an inchworm. So I'm doing Keto/Atkins. Ya know, whatever gets us through the day!

Olde Dame Holly said...

I wish you so much luck. I am struggling, struggling with eating right. I have gained so much since moving here almost two years ago. I will watch your progress with interest and say a prayer for you. It is hard, isn't it? Once one "no-no" food is eaten, it does trigger the desire for more. *sigh* I bet documenting this will help you stick with it.

LC said...

Ohhhhh! Feeling your pain. Only difference in your challenge and mine is that I also could eat my weight in meat, too. Got my weight back down but then diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

Doing fairly okay with careful diet so no meds yet, but Hubby for some time has been dealing with a white-flour addiction similar to yours. That famous actress was so right: Getting old aint for sissies! Best wishes on the healthy eating challenge!

photowannabe said...

Well friend...the battle is real...
Eating the peanut butter sandwiches is a killer for me.
I haven't hit my goal yet but I have to say I have only gained 3 pounds in this last year. Its up and down and I sure can feel it when I "enjoy" what I'm not suppose to eat. White flour, fruit (sugar). Too many people have given us such wonderful the diet...meals that I feel like I have been a yo yo.
YOU can do it...I know you can because you are making yourself accountable for the Blog World to see.
We can do this!!!
I agree good habits when broken are so hard to start again !!!!

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

You can do it Sandra!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Yeah for you Sandra on selecting those alternative foods, which would really not work for me, because like you I too enjoy bread and especially homemade. That said I do not make it as often as we would enjoy it as we would definitely over indulge.

Ruth Hiebert said...

I wish you well. I am sure you can do it again.

Inger said...

I know you will be able to lose as much weight as you want to. When you make up your mind, you are unstoppable. Or that's how I see you anyway.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Good luck. I know you can do it. Way to go on getting the healthy things to eat. Mark has been on a big bread kick and his glucose was recently high. I have to share that with him. Same with the ham for him. Yes the more carbs you eat the more you want! When you start to stay away you don't crave them much anymore. You go girl!