Saturday, January 22, 2022

1863- part 3

Our train rolled to a stop, I turned  from the window, to see the volunteers walking to the door that led to the off ramp, and watched as they fled down the ramp and into the battle

The Fighting was fierce, each side firing and firing, bodies falling on both sides and the roar of the guns slowly died down to a POP! Pop! here and there,
Suddenly silence filled the air.
Both sides began to carry their wounded toward those of us waiting on the train.

A young nurse raced for the door, carrying bandages.

Both sides, began to carry the wounded toward our train

I heard moaning, and crying and a few screams

The young soldier that told me to SHHH and not let them know they were hiding bent to say thank you to me for not calling attention to them.
I heard "All Aboard" and the train began the rocking, Clackety, Clack! Clackety Clack!

Someone shouted, 30 minutes to the Field hospital as we rolled through the fields of Florida. We were told it did not matter which side you were fighting on, all would have their wounds attended.

We saw the sign out the window and the train slowed.

To be continued.......


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Oh wow... not just the spit and fire, but the blood and gore too... another cliffhanger... YAM xx

Tigger said...

So in 1863 did the field hospitals really treat the wounded patriots on both sides? Thank you for telling me what happens to all the animals. I still reckon humans should conduct all their fights like cats do - noise and posturing, teeth and fingernails. You'd be a whole lot less keen on killing each other if you had to bite your opponents to death. xxx Mr T

Ginny Hartzler said...

It's like you stepped right inside a movie!

Hootin' Anni said...

Very intense!

eileeninmd said...

Wow, they really put on a realistic show.
Great photos! Have a happy day!

Ann said...

That's interesting that they carried wounded from both sides to the train.
What I always though interesting was that any time you see these old time battles they are all standing there right out in the open shooting. It was almost like going into battle had to be a near death sentence.

My Mind's Eye said...

Wow the folks are so very talented doing the re-inactment!!
Hugs cecilia

Mevely317 said...

'So glad you documented that day!
I'm loving the way -- like in Steven Spielberg's 'Schindler's List' -- you colorized the focal points of your story!

Chatty Crone said...

Wow - very impressive! Looks like you all learned a lot and had a good time doing it.

Rose said...

I could vaguely remember you posting most of these photos before, but for some reason, these really struck my memory cords. I am so enjoying seeing them again.

Carol said...

Very real .

photowannabe said...

This reenactment is really real.
I was touched by the soldier thanking you for not exposing them..true acting
Love how you are posting this for us.
I'm pooped today.
The last 2 days have been tiring.
First day was helping our "friend"Jon with his paperwork and then going shopping. He gets on my nerves so much that there is a lot of conversations with the Lord before going to his house.
Yesterday was "lynne" time..oh the repetition is getting so much worse. The same question or bit of conversation over and over and over and over and over...
I'm glad I can do it and give her daughter some respite time every week. Then last night was time to serve snacks and dessert after their meeting at Celebrate Recovery. Big job but fulfilling at the same time. We were the last to leave the church and make sure all doors were locked. Went to put our other things away in the other building. Dave said oh no..I left my building keys on the counter where we were serving. After long time of trying all doors the facility guy was making his rounds and he opened the door for us and went on his way. Trouble the inside kitchen door was locked too. After many minutes of worry, standing out in the cold I saw the guy again and he came to our rescue..opened the locked door and then Dave came around the corner and said with much embarrassment the keys were in a pocket that I don't use at about blood pressure going through the roof!! Happy it was a good conclusion but it was so late at night by the time we got home..I was one cranky wife...and a bit concerned about the whole situation. Not the way my hubby reacts to most things.. Breathe...

DeniseinVA said...

This must have been a fascinating ride, like stepping back in time. Love your photos!