Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sunday Surprise

Sunday morning at 10 AM, Bob was walking Jake around the block, I was walking laps around the pool and under the power lines and I heard ZZZZZYT ZZZZZT over my head. I knew what it would be. Hustled to the other side of the yard and there it was. The neighbors 50 foot bamboo had fallen on the power line. this happens often, but usually it just fries the tip. This one was to big and did not burn through but hung down 10 feet to the ground wire causing both places it touched to flame and smoke.

I ran inside while screaming  speaking to Bob to get himself and the dog away from under the lines because it might fall.
the 6 foot piece

I called the "power line down number" for our electric company and they sent a cute young guy to cut the thing off the lines. I totally  forgot to take the cute guy's photo with the extension pole. Because
while he was STANDING on the ground HOLDING the pole and cutting the flaming bush I stood inside ready to call 911 to save him and the idiot husband who was standing next to him..

the 10 foot piece

While the cute guy was cutting the flames got higher and he ran around the house and out to the truck and back and I thought he went for HELP...
He came back and put a claw on the end of the pole saw and grabbed the flaming thing and threw it on the ground..
 I was REALLY weak from Adrenalin Rush, but I did manage a few photos...
Later inside, I said to Bob as soon as my adrenalin calms down I will finish putting our pills in the weekly dividers. 
He said WHAT Adrenalin rush? from WHAT? This from the man who said
don't call anyone, it will burn itself down. 
And I said and burn through the wires dropping them in the POOL or ON your head..
Can you say Mars and Venus????

Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day USA 2016

Memorial Day has been set aside as a day to honor all who died in service to their country. Remember!

If you want to see and learn something new about Memorial day, visit Felicity today.. I am updating my post to direct you to her Memorial Day Post Click HERE

I found these beautiful images on Healthtwit dot com, the site has some really beautiful images and it says we are free to borrow and use... CLICK HERE to see them all

Sunday, May 29, 2016

My Mind Is Going, Going Gone...

This purple bush is just spectacular right now... I took the photo and stood there trying to remember the name of the bush. I thought Emperor... no not right... Emperor Cloak, no that is not it. I fretted for about 5 minutes until finally the name POPPED in my Brain...... Kings Mantle.... see what I mean about mind is going???      Emperor Cloak/Kings Mantle, close but no banana.....
CLICK HERE for photos from the past of this perfect purple flower.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Kayak Re-run from the past...

I found these colorful Kayaks in Walmart Parking Lot in 2012...
                                                Have a safe Memorial Day week end.

Friday, May 27, 2016

ReDirection Today

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

More About when you have nothing

Some of you have commented about my eclectic mix of photo fodder... the reason is, the cameras are right by the door, the 3rd camera is on the breakfast bar...there is a camera in every room...

I do not usually PLAN my post. I just snap things when I notice them, they sit in the camera for a week or so and when I dump them in I put them in a post in draft and sometimes they sit for weeks unused.Until something POPS in my brain... Don't Laugh, a MadSnapper brain can and does POP

Isn't it cute the cameras  have their own pot holders to live on? Special Purchase, 2 for $1.00 at the dollar store. Had to have BLACK because I love Black... but then you may have noticed that before. I bought 2 burgundy just like them and they make super .sized coasters for large cups
Need a laugh? when I went to type the word Coaster, my mind went blank. I went to google and typed in What is the round thing that goes under a cup? OMW!! there are dozens of people who asked the same thing... CLICK Here if you don't believe me...


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Previously On MadSnapper

In June of 2013, I discovered PiZap.... yesterday I found these in a folder marked....

Well... PiZap... brahaha Just Sayin

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Disaster at home

We were mopping and vacuuming the floors, TV talking, Jake on the sofa watching and At 5:28 on Saturday May 21, 2016, our Cable/Internet/Phone modem went down and NOTHING worked... It was dark outside, we had 3 hours before daylight, nowhere to go and nothing to do... I could read my Kindle but then what would Bob Do???

NO TV for Bob...
NO Tablet for ME
NO Laptop for ME
NO Desktop for ME..
No Phone..doesn't matter on this one, I mean who would we call that time of the morning?
YES, we had POWER but what good is power without INTERNET?

Bob, do you think I should use the NEW SMART phone to call the provider?
No, give it a little while..
Should I call Now?
Give it a few more minutes....
The phone had a dial tone, the TV talked, the Tablet Connected...
Thank you Thank you Thank You Brighthouse.
We were without for TEN WHOLE MINUTES...What a Disaster....
P.S. we kept busy with doing the floors while waiting....

Monday, May 23, 2016

Hidden Expenses of Android Use

Saturday my left pointer finger was hurting so bad, Bob took me to Urgent Care Walk In clinic. The doctor moved it around and up and down and said... Do you by any chance have a new android device? YES! I have TWO..... his answer was you are suffering from MADTapper Syndrome, I will wrap it to remind you to take a break from tapping... Once a day for 10 minutes, remove the splint and tap away... Hidden Cost #1

wire mess borrowed from internet HERE
Hidden cost # 2 is Electricity Used For Charging...
As I plugged in my Tablet, I said to Bob, it seems like all I do is charge things these days. Kindle, laptop, tablet, phone... I need to create a Charging Station.

His answer was... don't forget the cost of the electricity and the wear and tear on your fingers is going to cause PAIN sooner or later..It seems I had been tapping for several hours.
UP POPPED the idea for the finger shot.. I said if I had Popsicle sticks I would do a post on this.
He came in with 2 sticks and HERE WE ARE.. 
PS... he has a charging station in the garage... but that is another story

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Moss Rose Sprig

Waiting for more.... Portulaca (moss roses) are tough and versatile succulents. See what it looked like last year HERE... soon it will be back again... for now we have one little, two little rosebuds.
OOPS! these PHOTOS have been in drafts since April 22....You saw yesterday what it looks like NOW a month later...
I almost deleted this, but since the photos are taking up space on my Picasa... here you go

The Moss Rose/Porchulaca thrives in HEAT and HUMIDITY.... the one yesterday is so beautiful because we added one pink plant a week ago, and we have been waking up to 78 degrees and going to 91 yesterday.... I wish I thrived in Heat and Humidity.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Pot Of Portulaca

Above photo I took in our front yard and below I Mirror Imaged in PicMonkey. the green stripe in the photo is a hole in our neighbors fence. when I did the mirror image, it removed it.... this pot sits on our tree stump and I changed the exposure to black out the background when I took the photo

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Poinciana Tree on the way to Walmart

My first post using Cell Phone through the windshield. This is a Poinciana Tree and almost every street here has two of three blooming now...

Up close in this big tree the flowers look a lot like the one below.

 These beauties are in my back yard, this pod is about 7 inches tall and 4 wide... It is a Dwarf Poinciana. That means it will stay smaller than about 10 feet and blooms when only 1 foot. this one is about 4 feet tall and lives in our bucket garden...  I have done MEGA MILLIONS of post on this flower. Just Sayin if you want to see a few click HERE

Thursday, May 19, 2016

New Favorite Burger Joint

Oh Yum ... we now have a favorite burger place.... we got coupons in the mail and I said where is Culvers? Google Girl found not one but 3..... this one is not even a mile from home..... we got one scoop of yogurt free for donating a dollar to something or other. We split it and it is wonderful. There burger is fresh, never frozen and made in to patties daily and cooked while we wait, brought to the table...

Random Comment.... Yesterday while dipping a bucket of water out of the rain barrel, a
fire breathing dragon   spider ran right up my arm.... did you hear me SCREAM? Bob did...he said how big was it? I said big, the size of a DIME.... did you hear him laughing??? I did.

 I rather see a fire breathing dragon than a spider. How about you?

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Beware of Restrooms....

MadSnapper the MadShopper, hustled through Wal-Mart throwing things in the basket, Phooey she thought, Not The Restroom... As she left the rest room she accidently made a left turn and ended up in the TABLET aisle... The Galaxy was On.. she started to play.. a woman came over and showed her all the tricks it could do... She noticed the sign.. 299.99 with Rollback Price of 249.99..
She said I am going home and THINK on this... and started to walk away... She backed up and said I am going to BUY THIS....   Alas! they were out of stock, the mgr ordered 5 and said check back in 3 days...

3 days later..... still not there... MadSnapper visits Amazon... Same Price as Wal-Mart. she agonizes out loud for the whole morning over spending 249.99 on a toy... Hubby said in his annoyed voice... JUST BUY IT...   She clicked Add to Cart and right at the top it said... We will give you 80.00 off this order if you sign up for Amazon Credit card... WHAT?   long story short... she did it and paid 169.99 with free shipping because she signed up for free trial of Amazon Prime at the same time....(remember this for later)

The package came, was unboxed and TAPPED Madly for 2 days... MS goes to Wal-Mart for a cover, buys one, comes home, wrong one, the camera hole is covered.

MS goes on line to AMAZON of the free shipping and charge card, orders a Zebra Custom cover.. While ordering she sees the Amazon Fire Stick that her friend Lola LOVES and talks about is on sale for 39.99....

the Firestick and the cover arrive in 2 days, Firestick makes our flatscreen TV SMART.. we can stream movies and TV shows from Amazon Prime... 
(we have now watched 12 episodes of Bosch)
 MadSnapper played with the new tablet, and the SMART TV so much her head hurt.

AN EMAIL ARRIVED... it said her Tracfone that is not smart and is only used for emergencies and driving in the car, would no longer work after May 30. They were changing from 2 G to 3 G, and when I clicked the link, it said 
Click HERE to receive a FREE FlipPhone comparable to yours.
Click HERE to upgrade, MS clicked, it said we will give you 20.00 off if you upgraded to....

and the next thing I knew, the above phone appeared at my front door.... 6 hours later....it was up and running and guess what I did..????
all photos other than the above are off the internet.
Hang on a little longer, the story is almost over...MS trudges over to WM and they are have no cover for the phone.... back to Amazon....FREE shipping, 2 day delivery... The Cover Is On the way...for Wed. delivery...

Beware of Wal-mart Restrooms, if I had not gone in there, I would not now be the owner of a Smart Tablet plus cover, Smart TV and Prime in the blink of an eye, the restroom is also responsible for the smart phone because if i had not played for 3 days on the tablet and fell instantly into addiction, I would NEVER have even Thought about the phone and would still have a flip phone......... THE END... or maybe not...

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Lizard Sign Language

Lizard sign language is done with the throat. In and Out. In and Out. see below to find out what Leonard was saying this week. 

I am back, 16 of 18 of you guessed my addiction to my new tablet, Google Girl, was the reason I fell behind in my housework. ALL the curtains and valances in the house are washed and rehung..You know me so well

Click on former post Lizard Love to find out just what Leonard was saying

Saturday, May 14, 2016