Thursday, August 31, 2017

MadBucks Coffee

Low Cal Cheap Drink found at "MadBucks" only.. our French Roast Maxwell House is about 11 cents a cup, a big spoon of Great Value LITE cool whip, about 30 calories and also 1/2 cent each spoon.. Not only is it cheap, but it is low on calorie and no fat...

When you expresso your opinions, words can not expresso how much they mean to me.

I found the Cup from Salvation Army Store for .99 cents in 2011 in a bargain bean. I love it so much, I remember it was Augulst of 2011. Gotcha! on the memory thing, I found the date on prior post HERE... I checked my Coffee Cup label and I have 14 posts on coffee cups. oh well, make it 15

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Three Strikes and they're OUT

We have city water, for which we pay 70.00 per month. That also includes garbage pickup at the curb and sewerage. We have had it for 27 years and not many problems at all over those years.

For 3 weeks we have listened to  the sounds of  big machines ROARR..BEEP BEEP BEEP and diggers SCRAPE SCRAPE and RAT TAT TAT of  jackhammers. The sound of traffic in front of our house as it waited for the guys with slow/go signs let them past the MESS...pipes in road, pipes on yards, cars can't get in their driveways, not ours but others.

A few days ago, I said Listen! Bob says to what?   I said NOTHING! the noise is gone! I checked and sure enough they were gone. A few minutes later, I turned on the faucet in the kitchen at dinner time and NO WATER.. NONE! it was off for several hours.  When it came on, it was full of rusty dirt. We had to let it run and run to get it clean.

2 days later MORE NOISE! Different Noise! Big steam rollers and big trucks, they were pouring blacktop on the street ALL DAY! Finally they were gone and silence reigned.

Next day Bob comes back from walking Jake and said .. there is a problem, water is bubbling up like crazy out of the corner where the new blacktop starts. Later that day, we hear BIG MACHINES, Digging, for hours.... THE WATER GOES OFF... by end of day the water is back, the machines are gone.

Today, Tuesday, I go to Walmart for more Sinus Crud Supplies because Bob and I both have had what ever is going around and been sick. When I came home, I said GUESS WHAT? Its Burbling AGAIN!

Sure enough, it's 3 pm, I sit here typing and for 2 hours NO WATER!!!   OK City Of Bradenton, This is your Last Strike. Get This Right Or Else.... I know they are trembling in their boots.

As we watch the horror of Hurricane Harvey ONE GOOD THING occurred to me! I now know how blessed we are to have toilets that flush (we use pool water) and faucets that run (sometime today)...And gallon jugs of water to make coffee and to pour into dog bowls.....As I close, the dishes from today are piled in the sink unwashed, they were pre rinsed in the back yard with pool water.
PERSPECTIVE!     God Bless all who are harmed by Harvey and all who are helping them.


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Wrist Wallet

Meet My New  handy dandy zippered Wrist Wallet.

I have not carried a purse in 20 years, except to work and that was to haul all the what ifs I might need during the day.... 11 years ago when I retired, I put the purse away and never carried one again. The problem is, I carry my card case in my pockets. Now that I have lost weight I can not find pants with pockets. I have to wear stretch jeans because I am an apple on toothpicks body style and for some reason they put FAKE pockets on the front.

I found this Wrist Wallet and it works for me. I leave my phone and card case in the truck, and carry my drivers license and debit card, and a little cash in this. I have had it for a couple of weeks and love it...  

PicMonkey Mirror Made me do this one.
I bought three wrist wallets, Bob wears one on his wrist with ID inside when he walks  Jake. It stays in the drawer with the leash.  The 3rd is for when I wear out the one I wear. They make them to hold cell phones and cards but I find that to heavy. I don't need a phone to go in a store.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Curious Canine Episode

Jake 8/20/2017, 12 years 8 months old
Thursday August 10th, I came home from my meeting and Jake did not greet me at the door. I said to Bob, where is Jake, he said go look in the shower. I walked to the master bath and he was panting and shaking like a leaf, and cowering in the shower corner behind the curtain. I said What Happened?

Bob said, I offered him a piece of soft pretzel and he started shaking and panting and ran down the hall and has been there ever since. For two days each time we went in the kitchen, or ate at the counter he went to hide in the shower. Day 3, he would go get in his chair in the bedroom, the shaking panting stopped but he would not get near the kitchen or food from our hands. We put his dog food in the bowl and whatever we put there, he would eat if we were not in the kitchen.

He has always sat on his red rug and watched us cook and sat under our feet while we ate, for over 12 years.

We waited and on Augs 15th he would get on the couch and watch us eat at the counter. All this time he refused to take anything from our fingers.
On the 19th, 20 and 21st he suddenly flipped back to his normal self, and sat on his red rug and watched us cook, takes anything we hand him, sits under our feet and has made no trips to hide. 
We have NO IDEA what this was, but I am wondering if he had canine dementia episode and saw something in his head.
This dog is our life, he is our child.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Bayshore Community Church

This is another photo of the bells I posted last week. The church that we meet in for TOPS, which is a support/weight loss group and means Take Off Pounds Sensibly..

Need an Ark? I Noah Guy!    and   Soular Energy used here! these were found on Church signs. Need a smile today, click HERE for more signs. 

Saturday, August 26, 2017


I have been MIA for two days from posting/commenting. Killer Sinus Infection sent me to the room above at the walk in clinic to get miracle drugs, antibiotics and Sudafed. For 2 days I used 2 whole rolls of toilet tissue on my nose, could not eat or sleep, headaches, sore throats .

I usually work well under pressure but NOT Sinus Pressure..

I have a question. Why does it take five minutes to get my name called, five minutes for the nurse to take my vitals and ask questions, 5 minutes for Doc to say what it is and FOURTEEN minutes for her to come back with the prescriptions.

Doc says, I will write Antibiotic and Sudafed, she will be right back with your prescriptions. Do they know how bad I felt? even though in the selfie I am smiling, that was because I felt foolish sitting there playing with my phone. it was either do that or start screaming out the door.  WHERE ARE YOU? Do they know how long 14 minutes is when nose if like a faucet, heads is like the bells in a cathedral, throat on fire? I was on the point of screaming I WANT TO GO HOME...when the door opened.
Remember the days when the doc stood in front of you and scribbled on a pad and handed it to you and you left.
But Wait, there is more. Dragging my body into Publix pharmacy, I push the scripts to the lady and say I will wait on these. She says it will be 3 pm before they are ready. That was 36 minutes. She says, wait let me see if I have the Sudafed? Really? she hunts and hunts, calls the Pharmacist and he shows it to her, she lays in on the counter, and says got it. While all this is going on, I am coughing and blowing my nose.
I walk to the chair where I can see both of them, direct sight line, Pharmacist is eating his lunch at the counter. She is fiddling around in computer, There is NOT ONE PERSON but me sitting there.
I have to admit, each time I coughed I made it louder, I blew my nose really loudly, instead of gently, I hacked and sneezed and stared.... 12 minutes later I was out the door.... He got sick of eating while I was making all my noise and grabbed a Box and slapped a label on it. Total time to fill both was 30 seconds....
cartoon by Centofante and I am Pro-Anti Biotcs, they worked fast, my drugs, not the cartoon HE HE HE

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Rewards Shopping Part 2

My eyes are green not blue, blame it on Lunapic landscape and color spotting
In prior post Rewards Shopping, I closed with this sentence.

 BUT Wait there is be continued
and so I continue. heh heh heh

I linked my prior post  Dozens Of 1st Cousins to Facebook and shared my Cousin Gary's Video of him as a farmer. .. And Suddenly....

Dan's eyes are blue, yes I picmonkeyed with his selfie.

my son Daniel commented that he needed to get off his butt and come over here to see all those Cousins.

since a lot of the cousins saw Dan's comment,  my cousin Bonnie called and said she saw Daniels comment and what do you think of a Labor Day Cousin Reunion...One of my 1st Cousins once removed has the perfect party house and  Most said YES. she sent the Facebook invite... and I received the photo above in messenger saying,  Hi Mama Bear, see you on labor day....he lives an hour away..

BACK to the rewards shopping story. Sorry but I HAD to set up the story to share the rewards story.

I went shopping to find a blouse to wear to the reunion and found the blue one , see photo at top, and I love it. Well, I don't love the sleeveless part that shows my arm flaps. I loved it so much I wore it to Tops Meeting and in this heat wave, the flapping arms were cool. Even with arm flaps,  I got so many compliments I was more than happy.

I decided to go buy a second one, to wear to the reunion, because I want to wear this one to shop and go out and it will of course get stained or might shrink and not fit the body... Relax! none of the cousins will see it before the big day. We only see each other at funerals, weddings and reunions.

On the way home from my Kmart Rewards shopping I went in Bealls and grabbed another blouse just like it and raced to the cashier. She said do you have rewards? I said yes, but the last time it said I did not exist. She said give me your phone number and UP POPPED FIVE DOLLARS IN REWARDS. I got the blouse for 8.00..  Do you use rewards? Do they have them in your stores? They are big here in FL, in almost every store.

My cousin Gary, my mothers sisters oldest son. The video that started the whole cousin reunion thing.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Rewards Shopping...

I am so egg-cited to see you here.. and I know you are egg-cited to find out about my morning of Rewards Shopping....

Saturday AM.. email from K-Mart stated my $10.00 in Rewards would expire that day. I needed to spend 25.00 to get 10.00 off.

The week before I found a stainless steel dish drainer and since mine was on it last wire, I carried it around and then put it back. It was 12.99 but my stingy side said WHAT? that is to much for a dish drainer. (I could have justifed the 12.99 by telling myself I have lived 72 years without a dishwasher)

I decide I will go get it and find something else I needed, cause I GOT  to spend those rewards.

What to my wondering eyes did appear? a SALE sign under the drainer for $7.64.. OH NO. now what? Spend the $7.64 and go home? but what about MY TEN DOLLARS??

I walked around the end cap and WOW! there sat the handy dandy Red Copper Frying Pan that Bob and I had just seen on TV that very morning. The claim was NOTHING WILL EVER STICK on this pan. I discussed ordering one but talked myself out of it. AND THERE IT WAS.. $19.99..under a big sign that said As Seen On TV...NO stick, LIFETIME guarantee...AntiScratch, can be used in oven..

I ran to the cashier and explain about the email. She looks my rewards up on line and it says spend 30.00 to get 10.00 off. (yes, i did leave the email printed, laying on the counter at home). She says you only need Three Dollars more. she warns me, no food, no gum, no pharmacy, no clearance items, no lots more stuff. I leave the merchandise with her, run 10 feet and pick up a teeny tiny size Medium Ladies Tank Top that I could not get on my LEG, but it cost THREE DOLLARS and throw it up on the counter. It comes to 30 I pay her 20. I now have the drainer and the fry pan for 20.00 .

(NOTE: the cashier gave me a strange look when I put the teeny tiny tank top in the pile, so I said, I will donate it to our YMCA thrift store that just opened)
On the way home I entertained myself trying to decide if  I paid 10 each for my purchase, or did I pay 7.64 for the drainer and 12.36 for the pan, or did I pay 12.36 for the pan and 7.64 for the drainer...

BUT Wait there is be continued

Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse it!

Almost closed today, but here we go.... You can tell I need a hair cut. I am trying to get an appointment with my hairdresser, which is my husband Bob. He has cut my hair for 33 years now. and Yes I HAVE been wearing the same hair style for 38 years. Do you want to know how he cuts it?
Eclipse IT, silly......
Don't stare at the sun today without glasses. Mine are safe, I got them off Google Images and Picmonkeyed them on. HE HE HE we will be watching on TV or Facebook live streaming.

What did the sun say when it reappeared after an eclipse?
Pleased to heat you again....

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Ring The Bells of Heaven

A bell is not a bell  until your ring it. A song is not a song until you sing it! Love in your heart wasn't put there to stay, love isn't love until you give it away. Oscar Hammerstine II
Edit using Lunapic Space and Color Spotting

Edit using Lunapic Dark
These bells hang on top of Bayshore Gardens Community Church. My TOPS club meets here each Thursday

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Babbling Bout Batteries...

My Battery Soap Box Sermon Rant, which is titled Just Sayin we need Battery Awareness (Babbling Bout Batteries). 
We are using batteries  to destroy our earth.
I counted the batteries in our home for this post and am Shocked to the Core.
We have 59 things in our home that require batteries
2 hearing aids
1 BP monitor
7 watches (really?)
2 clocks
9 wireless devices, (kindles, laptops, tablets, phones, mice, keyboards
3 home phones
5 TV remotes
4 Radio control transmitters
6 lithium batteries to fly RC planes
1 Cordless dust buster
2 calculators
9 flashlights, 5 in house 4 in garage
2 car batteries
3 cameras

Do  the math.
323 million in USA,
China 1 Billion,
Florida 22 million..
Multiply by what is in each home.
236 million cell phone batteries in USA alone
On our street in 4 blocks there are 6 homes with 5 cars each home.

PLUS! a few things we don't have in our home
Lighted Christmas Village
Singing Frosty Snowman
Wireless doorbell
Smoke alarms
Lego Clocks
Game controllers
Spinning Toothbrushes
Face Scrubbers
Last but not least, is there anyone that doesn't have battery powered candles? Yowsa!
I forgot I have those to...
the LIST goes on and on and on.
I JUST READ THIS TO BOB, he has several things in the garage I was not aware of.
like a battery tester that uses batteries.. OH MY!
NOPE! I don't have the answer
And don't even get me started ON BOTTLES WATER
Batteries are made from a variety of chemicals to power their reactions. Some of these chemicals, such as nickel and cadmium, are extremely toxic and can cause damage to humans and the environment. In particular, they can cause soil and water pollution and endanger wildlife. Excerpt from Clean Up Austraila PDF file HERE

Friday, August 18, 2017

Cereus Chalybaeus on Flower Friday

My neighbors night blooming cactus. Closed during daylight, open at night.

Cereus chalybaeus (named from Greek/Latin signifying A Torch) also known as Columnar Cacti

You're look really sharp, guys! I aloe you vera much.. and cacti puns are succulent. Now, go hug a cactus... sorry I am so thorny today...

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Beneficial Stuff You Should Know.. in my opinion

Bene Fiber Works! Trust Me, and I will spare the details. Heh Heh Heh
Thank you PIP for the cute bottle...

Apple cider vinegar has many uses. We found a new one a few weeks ago.

We thought our dog, Jake, had mange, but it turned out it was stress related hair loss in patches...Some of you remember the past two months health issues with my hubby, I was so stressed the dog was stressed to.

We put a spoon of cider vinegar on his dry dog food, added water and stirred. I coated the 4 bare spots on his coat with olive oil. Voilà!
Within 3 days his skin was fine. NOTE: I found this by Google Search.

I had a rash around my lips. Per same google search,  I soaked my mouth (stop laughing, it was hard to do) Cider Vinegar Water and it instantly took the sting out. Salt Water does the same thing. Cider Vinegar treats fungus and that is what the rash was. If you guessed stress related. you are right.

Go HERE for top 20 uses and below I marked with red X the ones I have tried and proved it does work. I also use it for cleaning glass and sink fixtures. the below chart is from the site at the link above.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Puma Paintings

Purretty Pumas.
Don't make me laugh, I might puma pants.
Forget that! I am lion..
I agree these puns are cat-astrophic!

Not feeling well? Can I get you a purrametic?

Merged photos from 2005, my photos of the  Puma in Bass Pro shop Savannah Ga and Hillsborough State park 2007

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Picture It Egrets

Lunapic Landscape added to photo below this one

2002 Photos merged

Warning! this post contains distracting bird edits and silly bird puns.
View at your own risk of smiling...
Bird puns just fly right over my head. I am just winging it.  Are you quacking up?
Are you emused yet?
Can you sparrow a moment to read this?
if not, Good day sirs and madams, Owl Get the Door for you...

Lunapic Landscape 2017

Monday, August 14, 2017

Guess what this is...

Can you guess what this is? I took a pic with my tablet, Just To Show YOU.. Answer at bottom of post.

Shocker fact about ME....I do not put magnets on my fridge.
But this one has center stage, since the guy below had a stroke back in June.
it is the list of what to watch for in stroke victims.

Sudden numbness or weakness of face, arm or legs, especially one side of the body.
Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes
Sudden Confusion, trouble speaking or understanding
Sudden Trouble walking dizziness, loss of balance or coordination
Sudden severe headache with no known cause.
Act Quickly, every MINUTE counts.

FAST..., Face Arms Speech Time

Playing with black and white

Here is your answer to question above,
does this guy look like someone who hangs wet towels on kitchen chairs? I used to nearly have a stroke myself, but now I just snap the photo and move the towel....

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Angel Band

I printed the lyrics for those of you who just can't listen to Bluegrass Music, I come from The South, Kentucky and Georgia, and I love this type of Bluegrass, not all of it but a lot of it... This was playing Saturday AM on the way home from Walmart.

At my age I am not ready for the angel band to come and pick me up, but I am prepared for my immortal home if the band shows up...
Angel Band

The latest sun is sinking fast, my race has nearly run
My strongest trials now are past, my triumph is begun
O come Angel Band, come and around me stand
O bear me away on your snow white wings to my immortal home
O bear me away on your snow white wings to my immortal home
I know I'm near the holy ranks of friends and kindred dear
I've brushed the dew on Jordan's banks, the crossing must be near
I've almost gained my Heavenly home, my spirit loudly sings
The Holy ones, behold they come, I hear the noise of wings
O bear my longing heart to Him who bled & died for me
Whose blood now cleanses from all sin and gives me victory

Songwriters: L. Chancler / R. Andrews
Sung by The Stanley Brothers.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

A Heliophile in Florida

See the little sunny rain cloud? that is how it rains in Florida. They float around and it may rain on one side of the street and the other is dry.. And most of the time the rain only last a few minutes to an hour, but we do have to watch out for the Zaps! and Booms! because we are the lightning capital of Florida.....

The good news is, I can go out using my cell phone radar and plan my travels by the little moving storms. Recently I saw a break and drove to Wal-Mart, while inside the rain drummed on the roof but when I left the sun was out.

Florida is known as the Sunshine state. I am a heliophile but did not know that until I read this POST on a friend Denise's blog. She posted her husband is a Pluviophile which is a lover of rain. I do not love rain, but I do know we need it.

I had to look up what a sunshine lover is and here we are with yet another post about NOTHING at all.

the reason for all my posts about NOTHING and also the reason I am using Archive Photos, is the Sunshine Is HOT and this summer I have huddled in the house in AC... I still love sunshine.
Below photo I was sitting at traffic signal, having driven through a rain so hard I could not see the cars in front of me, but 3 blocks and I was out of it completely. I drove 3 miles and ran through heavy rain 3 times and in sun 3 times. Only in the sunshine state.

NO I was not to close, here was at least 6 feet between me and the boat, unlike the other cars crammed on each others bumpers
Update on Snow Lovers...Chionophiles are any organisms (animals, plants, fungi, etc.) that can thrive in cold winter conditions (the word is derived from the Greek word chion meaning"snow", and -phile meaning "lover").

Friday, August 11, 2017

Flower Friday Hibiscus again

A lonely red hibiscus on our bush, catching the early morning sun. No leaves, only sticks, and still it blooms. About 3 inches across.

NOTE: yesterday weigh in was down 2 more pounds and a total loss of 41. woo hoo and patting myself on the back.

Orange Hibiscus the size of salad plates found at Home Depot.

La Gogh, eat your heart out, if it's Baroque I can fix it, or just let it Gogh.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Georgia PEACH

I was born in Savannah Georgia, so this is a Georgia Peach holding a Georgia Peach

All of you have a peach of my heart. When I am with you, everything is just peachy...
I feel like I can peach for the stars. I hope this peach gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. I ate the whole thing, fuzz and all..... I a-peach-e-ate all of you and I am trying to make your life as peachy as I can.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017