Thursday, May 31, 2018

Ibis Drop By

The Ibis dropped by for  visit, INSIDE the fence which they never do. The lucky thing for them is our Hunter Jake, no longer smells, hears, sees them. I took the one shot above and because we were rained in for our 3 day week end, decided to PLAY in Lunapic.

Ibis are a common sight in our yards here in Florida. Like some have sparrows and song birds, we have Ibis and Herons. I asked these birds "are you an Ibis? cause I've been chicken you out"

Since my emails from comments quit coming into my gmail, IBIS you all so much!

for photos of the 2012 invasion click HERE

Caption for this one is Flamingo IBIS, the color that is.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Bob n da Pool

In Florida the sun is OUT and in the blink of an eye it is NOT.  One minute Bob was checking the chlorine levels, the next It was pouring and he was laughing because I was hiding in the kitchen shooting through the door.
I keep an EAR out for thunder and scream out the door Get OUT of the POOL it's thundering, because he can't hear thunder. No thunder this day, just rain.

Ladies you will hate him... The more rainwater he gets in his hair The Better It Looks and gets softer than soft.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Ceramic frog

What does a frog order at McDonalds? 
French Flies
Why did the frog croak?
Because he ate a poisoned fly.
Are you thinking HOP IT! about now???

This frog is 14 long and 10 wide, about 8 inches high and on the bottom it says To HeyMom, Love David and Janice. My sister in law made it for my Mother years and years ago. Maybe 40 years. It resides in the leaves in my front yard. My brother always prefaces Mom with Hey Mom and that is what they called her. I brought it here from Savannah in April of 1990. I have no idea why, but it might be I thought it was a prince and needed to kissed. I placed it in plain sight of the road, just in case Snow-white came along and kissed the apple out of his mouth...

Monday, May 28, 2018

USA Memorial Day 2018

REPOST of Memorial Day 2015..

7th Volunteer Company, Union Army Civil War Re-Enactment at our Historical Village Saturday May, 24 2015 by MadSnapper
In 1868 the 30th of May was declared Declaration Day, to honor all the soldiers who died in the War Between The States, known as The Civil War.

750,000 died in that war, the most in any of America's history.  In 1971 the last Monday of May was dedicated as Memorial Day to honor the dead from all wars. 
That war is sometimes called the American Apocalypse 

Today we honor the fallen

This is a Link to United States military Casualties since The American Revolution, and the numbers are staggering.

And since only the dead have seen the end of war, the numbers continue to climb. God Bless our Soldiers
IF YOUR BORED click HERE to see other photos I took of Civil War Enactment at Historical Village in 2015
HEADS UP TO all of you that want your comments to come into your email... this is a workaround fix I found on a forum. It works. All you have to do is COMMENT on your own post, when you do check off the box that says send follow up emails to me. everyone that comments after that will come in your email. When the emails come in, they come as no reply, you must add the email address to reply

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Somewhere Over the Rainbow...

How'd She Do Dat???

I visited my friend Karen's blog Lily Valley, and found her granddaughter creating rainbows on paper, using sunshine reflecting off a CD...
Just sayin...

Hello, my name is Mad Overkill Snapper and I DO HAVE POPCORN CEILINGS...
the shadow is a moving fan. 

I think I heard the rainbow say   "I am OVER it".....heh heh heh

I am singing …
Somewhere over the rainbow
yada yada yada
And dreams that you dreamed of, they really do come true.

Except if the song is true, WHY do I STILL have popcorn ceilings?

Aint this AMAZING?

Saturday, May 26, 2018


If you are pondering the title, you are behind the times for your blog. EU = European Union and GDPR is General Data Protection Regulation. This has been set up by aforesaid EU...
IF you have no blog or website.. you might want to skip this post... for those of you leaving now, here is a punny pun for you before you leave completely bored. 

What do you call a bee that comes from America?   🐝  USB..... of course of course. 
PLEASE Scroll to bottom for The End...

You can thank Facebook for this new regulation or NOT.... if you missed the scandal, you might want to skip this post because you will not care one way or another.

If you don't want to read all the gobblety gook, you can TEST your own blog if you use Googles blogspot to publish your blog. This is all about new privacy laws... and info collected and whom it is given to...

To Test your own, Pull up your blog and in the address bar back space out the .com and type and it will show you what your blog looks like if you live in Europe.

When you go to your dashboard on Blogger you will see this notice and you should click that Learn More Link if you have not already. If you want you can click HERE to see what it says.

If you want to know more and have tons of time and are in need of a real headache, just type the Letters GDPR in Google search... Trust me it gave me a headache.  for now it appears we are covered but who knows what will happen next...  Please say in comments, I knew this, or I did not know this. just for me to KNOW if I was the only one that did NOT....

If you are in the USA enjoy your three day week end, if not, enjoy your two day week end. Memorial day is here bring Alberta the Tropical Storm into the Gulf of Mexico. OH NOOOO


Friday, May 25, 2018

A-Salt-ed Plus Flower Friday

Joining Rosy at LLB Backyard for Flower Friday 

Thursday lunch was a Hoagie from Noreens Deli, after my weigh in meeting at TOPS.

Thursday is our one day I allow myself to EAT OUT or BRING IN... NO cooking!!!!

The Royal wedding kept me home and in front of the TV all morning, on my regular shopping day.

Oh Well, she says to herself, LETS GO GET PIZZA.... we did! I also had Broccoli Cheese Soup.

Enough SALT for 3 or 4 days..   Alas! Sunday AM stepping on the scale I was UP 2 pounds since Thursday.

And dressing for my shopping at Walmart MY NEW RINGS DID NOT FIT. Think sausage fingers

 Can you say WATER RETENTION caused by SALT?

I drank a full glass of water, ate a banana and 2  pieces of watermelon and when I got to Wal-Mart I did a LOT of extra walking.

I knew to do this because for the past few weeks I had been researching what causes water retention and how to get rid of it if a person DOES SOMETHING STUPID...

You can stop right here if you don't need to know about foods that help.

I was A-salted by me, myself and I...…

If retaining water, add exercise, drink a lot of water. eat fresh fruits, veggies

Here is a list of a few foods that help

8 Diuretic Foods That Can Help You Lose That Water Weight
Cucumber. Cucumbers have a high water content and contains caffeic acid that helps to get rid of water retention in our body. ...
Cranberry. It is full of antioxidants and vitamin C, and helps in flushing out all the excess water. ... eat foods HIGH in potassium.
Watermelons. ... full of potassium and water content (if you know you are eating high salt for lunch, it helps to eat a banana or watermelon for breakfast)
Celery. ...
Ginger. ...
Carrots. ...
Lemon. ...
Dried Apricots..
I have lots of cinnamon on my cooked apples. 

Thursday, May 24, 2018

May Me!

Collage photos taken using my tablet, May 19, 2018
January 26, 2017, I started my journey to a new me. Today is 16 months since I gave up sugar and white flour. I still eat white flour once or twice a week, but not one sweet has crossed my lips in 16 months...

 Sixteen months later, I am down 62 pounds and I have learned so much about nutrition from friends, internet and my TOPS friends.

Take Off Pounds Sensibly is what TOPS stands for. I have lost only 6.6 pounds since January 2018.

Sensible Weight Loss  comes off slowly, but will stay off.

I am 11 pounds from my goal weight, which was set by my Doctor.

Looking at these photos taken at the beginning,  I am feeling so HIPPO-critical of my photos.

Weight a second!

I just  realized my face reduced the chances of my being kidnapped!!! brahaha
Whale, I am done here, I have scaled back a bit..
2018 -                  2017

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Who let the frogs out -The End

Sorry for the Quality, all my phone could do

Froggy went a courtin and he did ride in two prior posts... the tadpoles are soooo cute. 4 days from laying of the eggs.  There were strings of black eggs in the barrel on day one, day two they were floating black dots, day four they were swimming tadpoles..

I Overheard a tadpole say  "I want to be a tuna when I grow up"

Another replied " Tough! you're gonna be a frog, a Cuban Tree Frog in fact"

"You will be part Cuban and a Tad-polish..." another one said... HEH HEH HEH

Oaky Croaky! this is The End... until it is NOT!!!!

After watching the below "MOVIE" let me know  if you think I have a career in writing screen plays"
The golden award for Creativity? Bronze for accent?

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Who Let The Frogs Out? part 2

Collages by MadSnapper and PicMonkey
What else can I do with FORTY FOTOS of FROGS?

Cuban tree fogs size from 1.5 inches to 5 inches. The male is smaller, much smaller than the female.
The Cuban treefrog, Osteopilus septentrionalis (Figure 1), is native to Cuba, the Isle of Youth (an island province of Cuba also known as Isle of Pines), the Cayman Islands, and the Bahamas

I use a lot of puns, or so I have been toad...sooooo I will just ask you this.

What do you call a lying frog?  An Amfibian... 

Do you know why frogs are so happy? They eat whatever bugs them.

This is a decent post, even though it may not be ribbitting...

can you find 3 frogs? 

Monday, May 21, 2018

Who Let The Frogs Out??

Who let the frogs out?   A Tale of A Three Frog Night!

It all started when the drought broke and we GOT RAIN! Inches of Rain!
The Rain Barrel Over Floweth Type Rain

Picture this! I wake up to the LOUD call of a Cuban Tree frog. It' is 2:45 AM. The rain is beating on the roof like a drum, the back up singers are NOT harmonizing.   The Rain Barrel is under the bedroom and kitchen window. We are getting Stereo Singing.... Even Bob Could Hear This!

The first photo is all I could seen in the dark..... I recorded the NOISE but can't figure out how to get a voice recording on here. TRUST ME! It could easily wake the dead..

I had to wait for the sun to come up because ALL 20 of the photos taken in the dark are to dark to see.  Never Fear, MadSnapper is HERE... The Tale is this.

One Male Frog had found his lady. The other male frog was jealous. I know this because all 3 were screeching, but there was also a tapping sound, like a clicker makes when training a dog.

This went on for SEVEN hours... every hour or so I ran out to take another picture. The lonely male would jump towards the Loving Couple. Each time the male of the couple would make his sides go in and out and make a clicking noise.

I watched as the Loving Couple jumped, from side of barrel to cup, cup to barrel, dove to the bottom to get away from my clicking camera, back to the bucket. the lone male chasing them. I kid you not this went on for 7 solid hours.

Bottom of the container we water plants with. Three Frog NIGHT

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Royal Wedding by MadSnapper

Yesterday I attended the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Megan, via ABC on my Big Screen TV that my husband graciously let me have the remote from 5 AM to 12 noon... I took a few
photos of the TV screen and added a tad of Edits by my self, PicMonkey and Lunapic.

I waited and waited for the carriage ride, my favorite part of the wedding, All those horses and this beautiful couple in the carriage. 
The Bride, Megan
 Two beautiful and to me, very brave women.

Brides Mother

The Royals

Below is the Harry Look when the Bishop kept talking and talking and talking. In my opinion to long for a wedding.
If you missed the wedding, Click HERE for a link to the hour long ceremony... and HERE for amazing photos of wedding and guests

Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Wedding Of The Day

Image from Getty

Guess what I am doing today? are YOU?????

I am watching the Prince son of the Princess, Marry his American Princess.... and watching the almost King of England walk her down the aisle. What could be more fairy tale than a King walking a princess down the aisle to her Prince?????

OH YES!  And YES I watched his brother marry his princess also... Did you?

I have watched every episode of Suits, and never even had an inkling Megan would be come a princess..... I spent my childhood buried in books, in fact all my life buried in books. I loved ALL Fairy tales and until my LATTER years believed in Cinderella finds her Fella, and that Rapunzel let down her hair for the Prince, and that a Princess could not sleep because there was a pea under a dozen mattresses.  I also believed Snow White was saved by a kiss from her prince and even JANE was rescued by her prince TARZAN.... and in the wild, wild west, every cowboy had his cowgirl and lived happily ever after.....I LOVE "Fairy Tales...Magical and extremely happy"....

Friday, May 18, 2018

Flower Friday PLUS

Joining Arty, Jakey and Rosy at LLB Flower Friday...

PLUS a word for you bloggers.

You are now coming to my blog via because Debbie at Just Breathe told me there is now a place in Settings on Blogger Dashboard to change from http to https which is a more secure way to go to blogs. Simple to change and makes us more safe. LIKE THAT CAN HAPPEN.

If you have never seen Leavenworth, Washington, NOW is the time. A blog I follow has the most amazing photos today click HERE and it is not Leavenworth Prison which is the only one I knew bout.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

FIT me!!!

In the photo above you can CLEARLY see there is a difference. The one on the right, is makeup I have been using for a year, I buy it at Wal-Mart. Last week, I purchased a new bottle and when I opened it, and brushed on my face, I thought this feels different, has a slight scent. Plus I could SEE my PORES.... YIKES

Holding the two bottles side by side I saw Matte Poreless (MINE) and Dewy Smooth in the new. PLUS I noticed the FIT ME is green on one and white on the other.  I had opened and used so now I have both.   maybe my pores will shrink in the future??? with no need to cover them....

Here is my question? do you ever get home with the wrong thing? 
Cut beans not French beans,
Pinto beans not Kidney beans.
Mushroom soup not Chicken Mushroom

Hair Spray was the shocker, the only difference on the can, a 2 on the front of the old and a 4 on the front of the newly purchased.
I noticed it did not say brushable, flexible hold, but Firm Hold jumped out at me.
I have no desire to look like helmet head, which is our name for the weather person on a local channel.
At least I noticed the difference before I opened it.
Back to Wal-Mart customer service.

Over the past few months I have made a total of 5 trips back to Wal-Mart to exchange for the right thing?  I feel like Linda in customer service wants to ask Can YOU Read? I know her name because in the 20 years she has been there, we are good friends... she just shrugs when I give her my newest excuse..   Last week I returned a gown because I did not like the way the lace felt on my back... I said Linda I tried it on before I bought it, but I did not remove my bra so could not feel the lace... Can you see her shrug?????