Friday, August 31, 2018

Backyard Beauties on Flower Friday

Today's photos were all taken in mid day brilliant sunshine. I lowered the exposure until the flowers became sharp and the background dark....  I have started once again playing with the camera to change the photos... for the umpteenth time.... In 2006 I took a photograph online class and over the years forgot what I learned, and every year or so I try to learn again.

Do you retain what you learn? 
What is the most important thing you have learned recently?

I think the reason I forget is because I don't keep using it long enough for it to become natural. Like putting on my shoes.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Do You Know Me?

Photo 1

Today lets play Do You Know Me?  Do you know my nickname and how I got it? Do you have a nickname?

 Can you tell me where I took each of these 3 photos from my blog archive? Scroll way down for answers..
Photo 2

Photo 3

ANSWERS..... Canine Christmas....Ringling Museum, Cadazan……… kitchen table shot of home made earrings. I created another pair today... My nickname is Samar, I wanted to be a boy, they called me Sam and it changed to Samar, every card or present I ever got from my parents was to Samar..
New Earings coming soon to a blog near you. Gone to TOPS

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Queen Of The Night - Epiphyllum oxypetalum # 16

August 22, 2018, at Jakes 3 PM potty break, I looked up in the tree and WOW!

 Twenty Five Blooms were open.
I am surprised I only have 16 Prior Posts on these Giant Magnificent Blooms

The Epiphyllum oxypetalum is better known to me as Queen of the Night or Nightblooming Cactus.

All cereus species are night blooming terrestrial plants, terrestrial plants grow on or from the land.

The pine tree that host this plant is about 3 stories high and the roots you see run from the ground to the top of the tree

Our plant at one time bloom on the ground at the base of the pine tree. Over the past 29 years it has grown to the top of the pine tree, reaching for the sun. The roots climb up the tree, and only has buds that bloom near the top, where  the sun shines on the bud. 

Each flower is 15 to 17 inches long, 12 inches across the top of the flower

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Lunapic Lunatic 1001

this post started with Opening Lunapic to PLAY.... when I uploaded the photo below, I noticed a NEW thing that said I could upload from Google Photos, which is where my cell and tablet photos auto post.
The first photo that came up was the one above, and there you have it.
I think I look thinner in sketch...and Jake looks younger.

NOTE:   A critter of Some Sort came to visit in the night and ate every single flower, only the flower. the stems are there, chomped into oblivion....Do Locust eat flowers? something did...totally decapitated every single flower.

Todays question...… What comes to your mind when I say cabbage? MY answer below the next photo. think of your answer before you read mine.

my first thought was sauerkraut.. second was Daddy who always grew a row of cabbage for mother to make slaw and sauerkraut...

Monday, August 27, 2018

Sharing What Works! for me

I am allergic to adhesive, even paper tape causes a rash. The Derm Doc said buy a bottle of Liquid Bandage. It is water proof and I missed zero pool time... It works on paper cuts like magic, on cuticle hang nails that hurt so bad, stops that pain... I broke a finger nail off in the quick, One drop on it and no pain. It will not wash off. To remove it you must paint over it again and wipe quickly before it dries.

Dramamine is perfect if you have a day of dizzy spells.... I had two days that my sinus acted up and when I stood the room spun. One Dramamine every 24 hours and no spinning.. (Plus, if you get kidnapped and they put you on a plane or a boat, you are already safe from motion sickness.)

I could easily become and FBI, DEA,CIA, Detective or PI because, YES! I do read a lot of thriller, mystery, action books..... Do you Read? How often? Favorite Genre?

Sunday, August 26, 2018

NEW in Beta PicMonkey

what better to use for practice than Freddy

PicMonkey is changing soon.. 
I needed something to play with to test the new edits in overlays. What better than Freddy? Now when we add a photo as an overlay we can edit the overlay... If you don't do PicMonkey ignore this and just be happy I have a new toy to play and learn on....
I am an avid fan of PicMonkey....Plus Freddy came for a visit.
Below I added a few of the new graphics, starting with a blank canvas. I signed up for Beta which means I get to play while they are creating. 
This is for YOU, LLB in Our Backyard. Get playing Arty, Jakey and Rosey. Tell Mama I think she can get in.


Saturday, August 25, 2018

Freddy is Back

One Frog, edit in Beta PicMonkey. The New PM is coming soon

I first met Freddy Frog of the Cuban Tree Frog tribe, about the first week of June, 2018.. He was busy making babies. Here he is in water and in his bucket... Please enlarge the below photo and tell me those are the cues ever little sucky feet... and how about those EYES....

The first gang of tadpoles were laid in May and within 4 weeks were tiny frogs.
The tadpoles now are 5 or 6 weeks and show no sign of growing legs. I checked with Google Girl and She said. they can take up to 16 weeks to turn in to frogs, depending on the type. Well Freddy is responsible for both sets.. so what does that mean?

If he wants more children he will have to find a new girlfriend, Mama leaped from the shovel right into Jakeosaurus mouth while I Screamed NO JAKE NO.... she had a proper burial.

if you like frogs, check out the ones I want NEXT...  HERE

He leaped from the bucket to hide in the leaves but it did him not one whit of good!

Friday, August 24, 2018

Lookin Sharp for Flower Friday

Our backyard Orange Hibiscus  Hanging their Heavy Heads to the ground, with back side as pretty as the front side.  Joining Arty, Rosy and Jakey @ LLB in Our Backyard, for Flower Friday

Aloe, there!  You are all lookin Sharp. 

This tree has a thorn in its side... HEH HEH HEH

thorn tree in the parking lot at our vets office

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Lady Lizarad Lollygags

 We lost two of our beautiful red hibiscus bushes to some type of disease. It really looks so ugly.
But as I walked my laps on the desk I realized the sun was painting beauty on the ugly bush and ran for the camera.

As the sun moved higher each moment it pointed out  sections of the dead limbs, changing the look of everything it touched. Today is Thankful Thursday and I am thankful for sunshine and trees and lizards PLUS my camera and eyes to see all this.

I spied Lady Lila Lizard Lollygagging on her Limb, ugly and gray but well hidden from prying eyes cameras.

I thought, bad photo, another one to delete, then I had and Aha! moment, when I turned my lens to the limb above her, the sun shining on her knight in shining armor amour 💘😍💋.

The sun shone on Levi, as he sent out loving signals to his lovely lady Lila. I believe Levi is a cousin of Larry, Leonard and  Liam.  I am sure most of you have met them all, in my Prior 28 posts about our brown anoles. (there are most probably many more than 28, I sometimes forget labels)

NOTE: Liam of the missing tail, went missing for 3 whole weeks and I mourned him every time I went and checked the bathing suit he lived on. Suddenly this week he is back... I am so relieved he is alive and well. We only have 87 million of these guys, but I love them ALL. Alas! Soon I will run out of names that start with L...

I may have digressed from the point of this post... That Sunshine can make ANYTHING beautiful. NOT just yellow flowers.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Black-eyed Susans August 12, 2018

Almost Wordless Wednesday…. The Sunshine made me do it... They were Glowing at 3 pm.

Why, yes, my world does revolve around black-eyed Susans. You are all my sunshine, I am hot for you. We are Walken On Sunshine

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Black-eyed Susan August 11

Sun painted Susan's…August 11.. day 8 from first bloom

for some reason, Susan 4, has two tones of yellow, out of 7 she is the only one

when u tryna to be cheesy, but everyone around you is laughtose intolerant.

Past, Present, Future walked into a bar.... It was tense!

Someday I will STOP the photos of  yellow Susans. This is PHO REAL, MADSnapper

Monday, August 20, 2018

Raccoon Sighting August 18, 2018

These Photos are from a PRIOR POST about raccoons making babies in our yard
on May 6, 2014 

We did have a sighting of Racoon Foot Prints in Feb of this year, beside the pool.
And I have heard rustling noises on the other side of the fence. 
And The Male of our species always POOH POOH's my fears and says we have not seen them in years, they are Gone....HA!

Each morning I take Jake out when we wake up, I flip on the flood lights to scare off critters before I turn it off and take him outside. Lights OFF because who wants to see me in my gown?

 Bob just goes in the dark, but I am hot on Jakes heels with a flash light. While guarding the dog, I pick up his deposits.

 I do this because on Saturday, Sept. 3rd 2016, Jake had a terrible fight with a pregnant female. There is not prior post on it because the details were gruesome. 

Today I picked up the flashlight at 4 am and for some dumb reason, let our blind and deaf dog out, he went to the left, I started to follow. I heard PLOP! splash and ripples. Turning the flashlight to the ripples I saw a half grown raccoon swimming like crazy.
I went into panic mode. Jake is in no condition to fight. I could not call him, we use hand signals, I race to him as he is about to potty and grabbing by the collar drag him to the door, he has his breaks on because What the heck Mama, I am not done yet. Racing down the hall I tap the deaf husband on the hip, using sign language something is in the pool.
He has no idea what I am saying but comes with me to the pool.
It is GONE! thank you Lord, But then I could hardly breathe while Jake Finished what he had started because I just KNEW it would come back.

I asked Google Search if they can swim, and found that they are excellent swimmers and can swim for hours if needed. It said they are reluctant to swim because they don't like to get wet. I think we startle him/her as he/she washed the food. The food being the reason we have no nightblooming flowers... I have shown Bob the left overs of the big buds on the ground, I said something is sitting in the swing and eating all the buds, and showed him five crunched and bitten bottoms.

Now we know!!!!  A word to anyone who puts food out for these wild animals, they can carry rabies, they get distemper and they are MEAN with dogs.... Please don't feed wild animals, even if you don't care, they might hurt someone else pet.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Freddy's Back!

More Coming Soon to a Blog Near YOU... Frog Pics I mean..... Bob called out to me, come look, he had filled the watering bucket to water his Banana Tree, without looking in it first. This is what I saw when he held out the bucket.... Fred was in the bucket, possibly napping, when suddenly he was flooded....

All Is Well, but there is a 'chance' he might be a little Snap Happy!   ha ha ha Make That Snapper Happy