Friday, September 28, 2018

Camilla in the Park Today

I cant read, can't watch TV, can't concentrate other than go into a cleaning frenzy, which I have done for 2 days. I went with Bob to Bray park to take my walk, while he flew his plane. He sent it up and right back down, the wind was to much for the plane.  We left the field and went to the part of the park with sunshine and shade and green grass and walked together.  Surprise! we saw TWO otters, no pics, I was not quick enough.

As we walked I saw a woman with this dog coming towards us and said, Will she let strangers pet her? The lady said, no, she is fear aggressive. She was not that way, but she was attacked in the off leash park and since then is afraid of strangers.

I said, That is fine, I will just look at her, she is so beautiful. We just lost our dog 3 days ago and I needed to pet a dog... Camilla's head came up, she looked me right in my eyes and walked over to my knees and touched my hand. I got a lot of loving.  The woman said, she never does that. I said she feels my pain and knows I need her to love me...  No, she is not named after Prince Charles wife, I asked. Of course you knew I would...…. I

I am not back yet, I just wanted to update you.

We are not doing well, we are devastated but keeping on keeping on..... We are going to repair our fence and get a dog or maybe two, rescue dogs Like Camilla, she was rescued while they were in Costa Rica visiting.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Remembering Jake - 2005-2018

Jake 2005-2018
This is my goodbye post to our Dear Sweet Jake. His last few days were full of pain and now he has no more pain, but we are left behind with a hole in our heart that is brimming with the pain of losing our sweet Heart Dog.  These photos remind of all all the almost 13 years of joy we received from Jake.  The page above tells the story of how we got him, under the tab of Jake's Story, We got him from the street, starving and sick with Parvo and he dove straight into hour heart and stayed there and always will.
Taking a few days off from blogging, Thank you for all your prayers and love

angel Baby and angel Jake, together again now

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Madi forever

Today we remember our dear Madi, former Mayor of Blogville and Beloved Diva of her blog friends
this is a former post about Madi... When we visited Madi on her blog, we always left feline good.
Madi was always Pawsome and Pawstively Pretty

Prior Post, I hiked the park with Madi, April 2013

Jake and Baby decided to invite Mayor Madi  and her Mom, for a visit to our beautiful Hillsborough State Park.
Baby and Jake refused to wear a leash because Madi said she is MAYOR and  a DIVA and besides that cats do NOT wear leashes.

No leashes made for a problem.

 Baby decided to lay down in the middle of the boardwalk, and would not move...Madi perched on the railing and said if Baby doesn't move I am not either.

Not to worry, Madi's Mom and Jake and Baby's Mom came along and demanded Baby get up and move on and we made it to the rapids.
Where we had yet another ISSUE....

 Madi somehow got out on the island in the middle of the rapids r and we could not get her off. How did she get there is the question?

to join Hiked for Park day, grab the badge below and hike on over to Finn & Charley Too Two

  Madi had a BOX fetish, to see all about that on my other blog, Fourpaws ETC, click HERE

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Mish Mash and All That

One of our Fire Stations, taken through my windshield while waiting at the traffic signal.

Speaking of sitting at signals,  Last week while waiting for the light to change to green, trying to leave Wal-Mart, I was first in line. I had time to eat a WHOLE PLUM.... Kid you not....

PicMonkey Creation

Monday, September 24, 2018

What IS this???

What's This?

Can you tell now?  It's a Workbench with Air Conditioning. Created with a sheet on the glass kitchen table and a piece of wood. Can you guess what the plane below is made from? I printed the pattern off the internet about 5 years ago. We bought a sheet of Poster Board at Wal-Mart, cost 2.97.
Voila! a plane for the Pilot to take to the Park and Play.

Yesterday at 10 it was 90, by 2 pm 94 and the sun was skin searing in the backyard and feels like was 102.... the garage workbench was feels like 110 at least.  Thus the Make Do Workbench. I have said before many times.  The Sun can make anything look good.

Yes it will fly well when completed, not his first time at this rodeo

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Backyard Sun Fun on Sunday

Saw Palmetto grow wild all over Florida, yet people buy them and use for landscape. this was around the base of our tree when we moved in and is now 40 times larger.
My memory is shot! I shopped from my list Saturday am, while placing everything in the truck, I realized I did not buy the meat, not one oz of meat. Had to return to get it.
Bob wanted tacos, I went back and bought the burger for it, and picked up the hard and soft taco mix box and came home and it was just the shells.

Bob asked me where the leftovers chicken was, I was staring from the breakfast bar into the fridge and knew it was behind the glass bowl with green lid with left over Brussel Sprouts.
I could not think of the words Brussel Sprouts, He kept saying Well? behind what?
I finally screamed the glass bowl with the green lids with green things in it.

He says Whey are you yelling????

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Programable Persons

The first 2 remotes control our Cable TV, 3rd is the TV not through the DVR box, 4th is Amazon Fire Stick Remote. (it takes both of these to watch Prime)

LARGE buttons belongs to Bob, the other is mine. They do exactly the same thing, to the same large screen TV and have the same buttons.

So Spectrum, WHY did you see  fit to place the buttons in different places? OR Why did I ever say yes, when they offered to let us have his and hers remotes and his would be different?

Bob and I are both Programable Persons. We are ritualistic and never move the trash can to the other side, because the trash will go on the floor.

If either of us picks up the other remote, we can't find anything on it. We both have OUR SPOT to sit...

Occasionally, while sitting in HIS spot, I will pick up his remote... In the middle of a song on America's Got Talent, I decide to check LIST to see if the next show is programming, I know exactly which button to push. Suddenly, the singing is CNN talking.

HE says WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I say, I wanted to check the LIST, your remote has the button in the wrong PLACE... that said I CAN'T find the last channel button, even though I JUST pushed it.
(he mutters under his breathe, I don't have problems with that remote)  I say I DON"T HAVE PROBLEMS with MY remote, this is YOURS and the buttons are in the wrong place.

I have to get up and find MY remote to push last channel. In the mean time, the song is finished and lucky for us, it is on the DVR and I have MY remote and can find rewind so we can hear the song.

The two remotes that control watching Prime TV and Movies are OFF LIMITS to Bob, he has no clue and doesn't want a clue... If I die, he will not know how to use the Fire Stick or how to tell Amazon to stop charging us for Prime.. HEH HEH HEH

If you are thinking, why don't they have ONE REMOTE TO DO ALL OF IT? Yes, they exist, but our TV is 11 years old and NOT SMART and if we buy a SMART TV and get ONE remote, neither of us might be able to work any of this stuff.

Once my friends husband and son, went for a 3 day week end to Daytona Races. They left her TV on the game remote. She did not have a TV to watch the whole time they were gone because she had NO clue how to use the remotes.  I have repeated this story to him, many times, or so he says.

You can say thank you now. I posted this very long post on Saturday because you should be off and have time to read it.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Time OAT For Breakfast

Take Time OAT for Breakfast, the most important meal of the day

Our Bodies need breakfast, doesn't matter what time you get up, our body needs fuel to start up after a night of resting... 

At least twice a week I have a bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter stirred in. I count calories and carbs, no more than 40 per meal, 30 per snack, no more than 200 per day.

This breakfast is 27 carbs and  Calories 250 to 350, depending on if I choose 1 TBS Or TBS of peanute butter. For me Natural is all I eat, and Quack-er Oats is best.

Do you eat breakfast? 
What do you eat for breakfast?

Do you eat oatmeal? 
 I change up to walnuts and raisins sometimes. 
What do you eat in your oatmeal?

I also Take Time OAT to play in Photoshop, PicMonkey and Sketchpad, to create these 3 pics today
I took time Oat to play in Photoshop, PicMonkey and Sketchpad, after I took time oat to play with my Samsung Tablet and Pip Camera in the tablet.. Fun is as important as Food. Almost. Shout out to Ann of SnapEditScrap for pushing me to relearn Photoshop. If you hear loud screams, it is me struggling with it. Relearning what I learned years ago. BEFORE I FORGET, I forgot to do a post today, got up to NO COMMENTS and had to create this post...

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Jeepers Creepers

Each morning, the sun comes up behind our neighbors house and I wait to see what I will see that I did not see before.. The sun paints something new every day.

How much time do you spend in your yard?

I am in and out, in and out with Jake, we can't leave him in the yard alone now... my total is maybe an hour a day sometimes more, Bob spends maybe 3 hours a day in the backyard.

Virginia Creeper gone wild

Which Roman Numeral can climb a fence? IV.

Avocado Branch against the sky, no a cloud in sight that day. I added PicMonkey sky to it in below shot
Hello, Sunshine......….You are all my sol-mates! 

Remember, when you can't find the sunshine, BE the sunshine!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Ferns in Color

Our Ferns are 2 to 4 feet high.. They grow and spread and requires pulling and tossing. My Dad's Mom used to have these ferns growing in pots on her back porch in Savannah, GA.. She took them inside in the winter months. Down here they grow like weeds when planted in the ground. One small plant, can and will take over the whole property.

This is the way they looked using auto setting on camera, the other photos same spot, but using exposure settings and zoom lens

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Travel Tales Google Earth

Above is the first home I ever owned, bought in 1970, payments were 109.00 and we had trouble paying it. 3 BR 1 Bath... The white wall was not there, that was a carport.

 Photos are all Snipped from Google Earth, all in Savannah, GA
I love visiting places from the past on Google Maps.
Do you visit places from the past on Google Earth? Or places you want to see?
I LOVE Google Earth. Yet another reason I love internet.

Second home purchased in 1976. 3 BR 1 Bath, but bigger than the other.

3rd home purchased 1978, this homes back yard backed up to the 2nd home backyard. My friends lived there and had to move. It had 4 BR and 1 full bath and Master 1/2 bath.

Above is my Aunts home, my first cousin lives in it now. It was there when I was born in 1944, we moved from an apartment in downtown Savannah, into the renovated Chicken coop in the back yard when I was a toddler. the roof of the building behind it, is where the coop was. Don't fret, we were below the poverty line most of my life, but the coop had 2 bedrooms 1 bath living room and kitchen, with vinyl linoleum on the floor. The house to the left is the one my uncle built for my cousin, the pecan trees behind that chimney are shading the house, my uncle built for us to live in, in 1952. No photos, the government took it and tore it down to build a road.